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  1. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the valuable information it is the last platinum that I miss from the knights of the zodiac, I just hope to be lucky and to find it on ebay, since I buy from Italy and I can only find it on Amazon or more easily on Ebay.
  3. ok thanks, update me please i am interested in the purchase and the last platinum i miss, but as i already wrote they did it also with the ps4 version i checked here on the site, but i bought the ps4 version and it didn't given no new trophy list, hopefully at least on the PS3, I'm waiting for your update to go safe.
  4. Hi sorry, I have already platinum, the European version of the game and also the Chinese one, I only miss the Brazilian platinum, but are you sure that if I take the PS3 game, it will give me a new trophy list? because On the PS4, it didn't work, could you answer me for sure? thank you.
  5. thanks for the reply, but it is the same as the PS4, I don't think it gives me a new list, trophies, I just have to try to recover the PS3 and see, if it is still available on the Brazilian PS3 store, but I have my doubts, why year removed from the PS4 store, but I'll try anyway, thanks for your invaluable help.
  6. hello would you be kind enough to give me a link to the PS3 game disc, North American version, so that I can buy it thanks, but be sure, give me a new trophy list, or can you tell me for sure, if it's still available , on the Brazilian PS3 store, so that I can download it? I really hope that you will answer me with certain news, thanks.
  7. and then I have to say goodbye to the double platinum, of other versions of the game, because as I have already told you, they removed it from the stores years ago, thanks for everything.
  8. hello thank you for answering me, but I saw the profile of some ps4 users, here on psnprofile, who have platinized both the European PS4 and the American PS4 versions, I think that the North American one is only downloadable from the store, but now the year removed from time I have already checked being a great lover of the knights of the zodiac and being a trophy hunter, I wanted to platinum all 3 versions, but now after 7 years they are no longer found, neither on the store, nor on the disc, I left late, not I knew I could platinum the game several times, with different versions, otherwise I would have bought all the versions on the first day, you would be so kind, if you can at least put me a link of the PS3 version I would be happy, if it is still available somewhere part, or it is not the right version and I have to make the return, as before, let me know if you can help me and thanks.
  9. Hello sorry, I would like to double platinum, of the game, North American version, as I wrote in previous discussions, would you be kind enough to put me a link, where to buy it from? if you read the discussions already bought it 2 times once on amazon and the second on ebay, but none of the 2, gave me the second trophy list i was looking for, could you help me please put the link so that i can finally buy it but must be 100% sure, that it gives me the second platinum, not like the previous times I had to return the game, I really hope you can help me, because by now I have lost hope thanks for everything.
  10. Hi sorry, I bought, this game that you linked me for the second time, the first I got it, on amazon, and the second I got it on ebay, but neither, gave me the second trophy list, which I wanted to like never? yet I took the version of ebay Latam that you linced, and it didn't give me any second trophy list, can you tell me why? thank you .
  11. Hello, thank you for replying, I beg your pardon, but I got a bit confused, and I wouldn't want to go wrong in buying a game, because I already bought 3 games, and I had to make 3 returns, because nobody gave me the second North American list, for the second platinum. So I have to buy this LATAM version of the game on ebay, as you just put the link, and will it give me a second trophy list? because I have already platinized the European version, let me know and I can proceed with the purchase thanks. I would like to know, please where can I also buy the Chinese version of the game, I can't find it anywhere, could you put me a link where to buy it? thank you very much, I await your reply.
  12. hi sorry, I have already platinum, the European version of the game, and now, I wanted to double platinum, with the North American version, platinizing that too, I bought the game on the Amazon link, which you indicated on the forum, today I the game arrived and installed it, and it didn't give me, no double trophy list, practically it was always the same trophy list as the European one, which I had already platinum, why? where do I find this North American version and what does North American mean? I really hope you will help me, I am a big fan of the knights of the zodiac, thanks for everything.
  13. Thank you for the confirmation .
  14. Thank you hopefully, you don't need the plus.
  15. Thank you very much for your reply, but you need the playstation plus you have to be a subscriber, or just have an internet connection? to take the trophy?