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  1. Pokémon Red 🙂 Every kid back then was watching the cartoon, collecting the cards, and of course playing the game. But I was the only odd one who actually catched them all and completed their pokedex. Except for Mew of course, you had to either hack the game or attend official Nintendo events.
  2. I'm so happy about this news. Kudos to the developpers of this game. I'm glad it is getting picked up by so many mainstream video game outlets. Not just in this community anymore. Sony won't be able to ignore it anymore. Their PR teams have already started including these media articles into their weekly reports as we speak. Reading the comments is also interesting because it shows that non trophy hunters have started noticing the multiplication of shovelware polluting the PSN store.
  3. The correct analogy here would be skateboarders complaining about something that has a negative impact on skateboarding itself and an even larger negative impact on the action sport industry as a whole.
  4. The solution above still works and is still required unfortunately. Don't let the game update to version 2.0
  5. Pretty sure it's boostable with two teams of 5. I'm missing one victory on Yavin and its going to be a nightmare to get considering the time it takes to matchmake. Then the odds of getting the right map. And the odds of actually winning a match which is actually below 50% because of god tier level players that join in as teams.
  6. PSNProfiles needs to come up with new alternatives to the current leaderboard to future proof itself. The leaderboard is super central to the website, world and country ranks are plainly there in your face when you visit a profile. But when you listen to new generations of trophy hunters, youtubers or reddit, nobody seems to even want to talk about it. Or when they do it's always with mockery or disdain. The leaderboard needs to go away or younger generations of trophy hunters will go away.
  7. To anyone reading this in 2022: There are no more other secrets or secret techniques to this trophy other than what you see here and on the trophy guide. GIT GUD. There is no point attempting this before you reach a consistent 1.5 K/D or more in dogfight.
  8. Looking good, will finish watching and subscribe tonight 👌 I'd like to submit my profile as well: WildZubatAppears