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  1. #59- Undertale Don't You Have Anything Better to Do? Obtain all other Undertale trophies. W/ True Pacifist Route completed. I brought JP vita version while traveling Japan earlier this month. And yes, the JP version still came with English language installed. But why this game isn't ever released in HK region (not even for PS4)? 😡
  2. The 2 platinums below are for Vita's 7th anniversary event hosted by Crimson Idol #55 Job done ! Tetra's Escape Difficulty: 1 Enjoyment: 5 = Just a uneventful ordinary game. #56 You've Gone Platinum Sound Shapes Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 8 + The most rewarding game for Vita. + Excellent sound track, especially deadmau5 ones. - Death Mode trophies are luck based in how the dots are placed. - It's syncing function and logging server has never worked for me. Ever. #57 Platinum Thief Daggerhood Difficulty: 1 Enjoyment: 6 = With that many levels in game, but can get 100% trophies in just 12 levels (25 minutes according to trophy guide). Now trying to complete its story...
  3. Tetra's Escape Sound Shapes completed. Tetra's Escape is easy is uneventful. I enjoyed sound shapes soundtracks. Some minor rant: I have never be able to get cloud sync working. So if I somehow get its PS4 version I have to replay it all over there.
  4. I just started Tetra's Escape .Shouldn't take too long to get it ready.
  5. Please add Sound Shapes to the list.
  6. I joined vita's 5th anniversaary so I join again. I'll update game list later. Feeling dried of my lists.
  7. Mine is Kancolle Kai, 123 achievers out of 5753 owners (2.14%). Still not my rarest platinum though - that goes to Toukiden: the age of demons ~ 1.77%
  8. KanColle Kai. Took me more than 5 months to beat the game once.
  9. Gundam Breaker 3 Platinum 1 month, 1 week, 3 days 100% 2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks I thought GB3 was bad and didn't deserve earning DLC trophies. But when the ultra mega crappy New Gundam Breaker released (Thanks NGB didn't release on vita & steam version is delayed!), It managed to make GB3 looking decent.
  10. #50 Master Thief Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 5.5 Third Sly game completed. Good news: Get 50 platinum yay Bad news: I don't know what to play next...
  11. Treasures of Montezuma Arena Lingering death Kill your enemy with poison Fits pretty well I would say.
  12. #48 Completion Final Fantasy X HD Difficulty: 5.5 Enjoyment: 9 After 20+ years of gaming, my first ever main Final Fantasy game finally completed. However Lightning Dancer is simply stupid (Although the trophy is easy for me, I end-up dodge 700+ lightning strikes before picked up the reward when I didn't bother to count while in commute) "I hate lighting! I hate thunder!" ⛈️ Strikes near Rikku ⚡
  13. EA said it: EA games challenge everything. Players are part of everything so they are challenged too. Just don't play anything made by EA , or in some extent those big names (maybe except free giveaway).