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  1. The 2 platinums below are for Vita's 7th anniversary event hosted by Crimson Idol #55 Job done ! Tetra's Escape Difficulty: 1 Enjoyment: 5 = Just a uneventful ordinary game. #56 You've Gone Platinum Sound Shapes Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 8 + The most rewarding game for Vita. + Excellent sound track, especially deadmau5 ones. - Death Mode trophies are luck based in how the dots are placed. - It's syncing function and logging server has never worked for me. Ever. #57 Platinum Thief Daggerhood Difficulty: 1 Enjoyment: 6 = With that many levels in game, but can get 100% trophies in just 12 levels (25 minutes according to trophy guide). Now trying to complete its story...
  2. Tetra's Escape Sound Shapes completed. Tetra's Escape is easy is uneventful. I enjoyed sound shapes soundtracks. Some minor rant: I have never be able to get cloud sync working. So if I somehow get its PS4 version I have to replay it all over there.
  3. I just started Tetra's Escape .Shouldn't take too long to get it ready.
  4. Sound Shapes is ready to pop.
  5. Please add Sound Shapes to the list.
  6. I joined vita's 5th anniversaary so I join again. I'll update game list later. Feeling dried of my lists.
  7. Mine is Kancolle Kai, 123 achievers out of 5753 owners (2.14%). Still not my rarest platinum though - that goes to Toukiden: the age of demons ~ 1.77%
  8. KanColle Kai. Took me more than 5 months to beat the game once.
  9. Gundam Breaker 3 Platinum 1 month, 1 week, 3 days 100% 2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks I thought GB3 was bad and didn't deserve earning DLC trophies. But when the ultra mega crappy New Gundam Breaker released (Thanks NGB didn't release on vita & steam version is delayed!), It managed to make GB3 looking decent.
  10. #50 Master Thief Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Difficulty: 3 Enjoyment: 5.5 Third Sly game completed. Good news: Get 50 platinum yay Bad news: I don't know what to play next...
  11. Treasures of Montezuma Arena Lingering death Kill your enemy with poison Fits pretty well I would say.
  12. #48 Completion Final Fantasy X HD Difficulty: 5.5 Enjoyment: 9 After 20+ years of gaming, my first ever main Final Fantasy game finally completed. However Lightning Dancer is simply stupid (Although the trophy is easy for me, I end-up dodge 700+ lightning strikes before picked up the reward when I didn't bother to count while in commute) "I hate lighting! I hate thunder!" ⛈️ Strikes near Rikku ⚡
  13. EA said it: EA games challenge everything. Players are part of everything so they are challenged too. Just don't play anything made by EA , or in some extent those big names (maybe except free giveaway).
  14. Fortune Street: Dragon Quest & Final fantasy 30th Anniversary guide is published. ☺️