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  1. Hi hellmut badass from hell trophy lists are wrong way around i have disc version and its saying its the digital version thanks
  2. Hi its says this is digital version but am playing from the disc anyone know anything about this
  3. Hi, can anyone please tell me if this is glitched
  4. i wish i knew how to use this
  5. what solver did you use? the browxy 1 i dont understand at all and the other doesnt load anything now, am on hardcore level 2. if any1 could run one of the solvers for me to get even these last 3 hardcores done that would be really nice (please please pretty please xD) my psn id is weej87 any game u need help with in return if its in my list np (coop online etc)
  6. am having same problem as you it always has 2 numbers wrong
  7. hi avengedevil, any tips on how to copy code and transfer it to browxy i keep getting errors etc
  8. i cant get this to work, can you write a step by step or maybe a youtube video, iv never used anything like this b4 thanks