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  1. The Gwent list needs to be rescanned, the platinum is listed on PSN as being titled "Living Legend", but on this site it's "Medalist"
  2. It had been fine for awhile, just got two within a handful of page loads on my Android phone while viewing my profile. The ad redirected to the same site as the quoted post both times. Around 12:15 AM EST in Atlanta, Georgia viewed on Android with Chrome.
  3. Yeah it hurts for Ulta rare trophies, they slowly get less rare as more people hack the game and get banned. My space hulk Vita plat is now reporting 1.17% when it should be 0.52%. Would love to see this get fixed.
  4. This does seem to be an often requested feature, I would like to throw another wrench into it. I think that one of the primary problems w/ backlog sites is manual user entry of both games you own and games you have completed... but there is another way that I haven't seen anyone attempt yet. I use PSDLE to help curate and figure out what games I might already have purchased from the playstation store, and they support the ability to export your entire catalog of digital games that you own. If PSNP was able to accept a CSV upload of games that a player owns you could auto fill your backlog of digital games, and know which ones you have an have not played yet (kinda a pain with stacking trophies on multiple systems sometimes). At the moment I have something like 400 games played across all systems, but I know from the PS4 alone I have 400+ games that I haven't even played that are purchased (yes I'm a sale whore). Being able to have a single source to look at to see what games I own, yet have not played, with the corresponding rarities (or even a flag if guides are available) would be an awesome feature, and something that I think could even be pay-walled behind premium access. I know I would pay for it. I talked w/ the maintainer of PSDLE to see if he was interested in doing something like this, but they have no interest. I would build it myself but would be starting from ground zero having to build a whole trophy tracking site as well as incorporating the backlog. (
  5. Make sure you are using the latest version v1.3 (at this time). It solved this for me in less than 10 seconds...
  6. Hello, I've been trying to platinum Energy Balance on Vita using your solver and it has been working great up until level 8. I've reset it about 20 times now with no luck. Is there anything else I can try that you might know of?



  7. U indicates that the answer is for the numbers above it. L is an answer for the numbers to the left. You can put them on any answer, but they are really only needed if your answer block is directly touching more than a single non answer space. Hope that helps.
  8. There is only war! Kill 40 000 enemies My current nemesis is the above trophy for Space Hulk (Vita). 40k kills in a game that you can complete everything else in under 1k. This grind has been mind numbingly boring especially since on Vita unlike PS4 you can Max only get ~10-14 kills / minute. Been grinding for 20+ days 3-5 hours a night of boring repetition and it hasn't popped. (There is zero stats or kill counter in game so i have no idea how far I am or if the way I have been grinding has counted at all) At the point where I need to make a decision of do I keep trying or cut my losses and move on...
  9. hello don't know if you're aware of this energy balance solver 1.2 is not working anymore program closes itself when solving any level i tried reinstalling everything can you you sort this out please

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    2. LegolasRanger


      it's on all levels brother i press solve and then it just closes don't know why lol i'll give this a try you're very responsive thank you i will check now and update you in a few minutes 


    3. Imyanub


      Did that fix it for you?

    4. LegolasRanger


      thank you very much yeah that solved everything worked like a charm apart from level 4 square which got stuck a few times so i had to restart the puzzle other than that good software apart from level 12 and 4

  10. The v1.2 release is now posted on Github. I will be out of town for a few days following the 4th so I will be unable to run puzzles until later this month, hopefully the new release should work well for everyone. Release notes: This release should improve upon the solve times for most all puzzles, as I have used this version to test and solve many peoples problem puzzles on Known Issues: There is a case where the % complete bar can report 100% before the puzzle has been solved (or even immediately). Please ignore this and allow it to run as long as you are comfortable for before attempting a new puzzle. The puzzle will continue to run until it is complete regardless of what the % complete reports. This version addresses the following: Worse performance on story level 12 in v1.1. High memory usage (most puzzles should use far less memory now). Changes to how the % complete is calculated. Attempting to provide general guidance to how difficult the puzzle is in terms of total number of combinations that need to be attempted with: Easy, Medium, Hard, Harder, Impossible. NOTE: Just because a puzzle says its impossible doesn't mean the solution will take forever, but it does mean that if it has been running for awhile, it might be a good time to generate a new one. Also even easy puzzles can sometimes take awhile to solve (less likely but I have seen it happen). General performance improvements, most puzzles should solve within 5 minutes or less. As always if it seems to be taking too long (over 40 minutes is where I would kill it) try to generate a new one in the game.
  11. Hey man sorry I was busy today, in case you are still on this puzzle here is the solution.
  12. ~ 29%, but % completed is calculated differently in the new version that I'm testing with.
  13. It's been running for 43 minutes w/ nothing yet.
  14. Ooops! Sorry man, will run it again, give me a few.