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  1. Hm, can you specify this? I'm new to the Atlas and don't really got into it right now. I only cleared the Story & Epilogue and found a few Maps during this before the Patch. Now i've done two Maps and still have 0 / 159 progression. I did a white T1 Alleyways Map and find nothing on my Atlas. I also did a white T1 Haunted Mansion Map which now shows in the left bottom corner as a white dot. But back to your Info: When i sell a T1 Cursed Crypt Map to Zana i.e., i get a T1 Sulphur Vents Map. For a yellow T1 Alleyways Map i get a yellow T1 Ivory Temple Map, and so on. So the maps you get for selling are random i guess and not the exact same counterparts?
  2. But the new League with Patch 3.7 rolled out a few days ago with some changes. Maybe the Build is still good, or maybe it needs an update like a lot of others too.
  3. The same tip goes for swords or other weapons as well i guess? Just stick to one and upgrade it to +10 and gain XP for it 🤔
  4. Another question to this build: How can you get up the 3 Auras used in the Guide? Wrath: 50 % Mana Discipline: 35 % Mana Enfeeble with Blasphemy: 35 % Mana in Total = 120 % Mana I can't get up them all at once. I'm still low level with 49 and got Eldritch Battery long time ago. What am i missing?
  5. I really hoped there is a better way than switching Skills via the Menu or R3. It takes time and is verry frustrating to do it every time
  6. I'm running this Build and following the guide since the beginning. I'm now in Act 4 at lvl 41, finished the first Labyrinth and got Elementalist. But now i'm running low on space for my Skills. It says in Act 4: ‣ Get Passive Skillpoint and Summon Lightning Golem in town But all of my Skills are full at the moment 🙄 So to use the Lightning Golem, i have to replace another Skill, cast the Golem and replace it with my previous Skill to use it. But when i die, logg off, etc. I have to do it all again to get the Golem. May i have missed to throw away another Skill? 🤔 I'm currently using these 8 Skills, which is the Cap on PS4 Controlls: Arc, Lightning Spire Trap, Decoy Totem, Storm Brand, Flame Dash Auras: Herald of Thunder, Enfeeble, Discipline edit: I wish there were a way to use the Auras without needing them to be in the Skillbar. Wrath is still not enabled and only mentioned in the guide to get and level, not to use in Act 1 - 10
  7. Are Cavas the Forgotten Spirit and his Fragmented Memorys relevant for the No Loose Ends Trophy, or maybe for another one? edit: Now i've completed one of his Memorys and got the Quest "Figments Reforged" but don't know what exactly Fractured Items are. Nothing works in the Synthesise Device 🤔 How can i complete that one? I want it out of my sight from the Quest Tracker on the right 😒
  8. Please use the already existing threads:
  9. Same to me. I had to kill 5 Enemys (Yellow, Purple and Red) with the Sniper till the Trophy finally popped.
  10. Thanks @kierkegaaard! 😘 Got the Trophy the same way (with the Hive Revive). Took me about 3 hours while watching Stuff on YouTube and many trys (can't count them). But in the end, i got it: Opened Map, no Call, went to LFG Tab and "Answer Call", got into a game, no one was down, threw my grenade, downed, got rezzed by hive ... 20 seconds later the Trophy popped 👍
  11. Is it possible to do this with a friend? For example when he goes to some enemys, got himself shot down and then "calls for help"? Do you see his call or is there no chance? 🤔
  12. For everyone who still needs the Shiny! Trophy (150 Premium Cards), this is your Weekend News:
  13. Maybe it's not a bug, it's a ... oh, wait ... There is no level 20 Trophy, only level 15 and 40 (and Prestige 1, which is level 61). But there is a Trophy called "Reach Rank 20", which you can get in competitive season.
  14. How much Kegs did you open now in total to get the Trophy? Where did you get them? Bought in the Shop or from the Reward Book?