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  1. I am so looking forward to this game. I’ll be playing the FemC route as my main and then back through with Makoto. Trophy list looks good and fun, though admittedly happy not to see a 250 Navigator lines trophy.
  2. I am so excited for P3P. I’d personally be happy to get a trophy list similar to Goldens as I just enjoy being in the world and the 100 lines didn’t bother me too much. I’d be curious to see if the list requires two plays for Male and Female route though.
  3. Take From the Rich & Bountiful Rob or loot $250 & Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states. Two more trophies off the list not related to the story. Finished these up on a separate save to preserve Arthur's honour, though I could have played a little longer to get the Extreme Personality trophy done too.
  4. Mine is from the song Young Cardinals by Alexisonfire.
  5. Grin and Bear It Survive 18 bear attacks and kill the bear each time in Story Mode. My fiancé bet me that I won't commit to completing RDR2. So I am going to show him that I can. Currently 'grinding' as much of the trophy/completion requirements that I can do early in Chapter 2, so that I can continue the story and enjoy it properly. Glad to have this done, I was getting pretty fed up of hearing bears roar and shred Arthur to pieces.
  6. I used to get a fair amount of abuse when playing ranked Overwatch when it was new. I won't repeat here, but plenty of it about what they'd do to me as I'm female. I quickly dropped attempting to play ranked and keep my mic muted these days.
  7. I think I only saw it happen once naturally for me on my previous account and I think it was when someone launched a stranger request to assassinate me. If not, it’s easy to boost. I used the mailbag delivery mission from the post clerks. Have one posse leader start the mission and deliver one piece of mail, then the pop up should come up for the second posse leader to be able to take it. Get the second posse leader to take the bag and complete the mission. Trophy should pop after that.
  8. Yeah, I have 2 PSN accounts and 2 consoles. Got both into the same lobby, put posse's up on both characters. Started the mail bag delivery off of Hector in Blackwater and delivered one piece of mail and dumped the bag. Then ran the account that needed the trophy to take the bag and finish the mission off. If you don't have anyone to boost with, send me a message on PSN and we'll see if we can make timezones work and I can do the same as above and hopefully that'll work for you.
  9. The easiest way I found to do the Real Deal was to play the Elimination Series. Doesn't matter your level, everyone is on a 1 hit kill and lobbies tend to be smaller. Took me a week, but I was very much only popping on here and there. With All's Fair, I managed to boost this myself today, one of the easiest missions I can think to do is the mail bag mission from Hector/Alden. Let one piece of mail be delivered by the rival and then take the bag from there and finish the delivery off. I only had posse leaders, no members so it's easy if you have a friend.
  10. I did finally manage to get around them. Can't remember how, but did it eventually. Sleep never worked for me though.
  11. Good to see yours popped today! Good thing @Nicco555 knew what happened. Any tips for level 198 of the battle tower? I keep getting stuck with the two Monokoppas just healing for 35k every couple of turns and getting nowhere.
  12. Looks like you've done the story, based on your trophies. I completed the story and then ran around with the U cards farming squares. As long as you see the Monocubs event's before the bonfire event on the last week you should trigger the My Future events. If you're confident everyone has all of their events complete you may have a glitch at my best guess.
  13. I've still got to grind out the final 2 levels in the battle tower and then craft all the weapons/proofs left. Currently stuck on level 198 with the two Monokoppa's in a war of attrition. While I enjoyed this to begin with, the grind has been numbing at times.
  14. I would echo the feedback above. You have a great voice for narration and it's great to see a different take on trophy hunting content. Music at the start was a little loud, but as you say, you're aware and working on that middle ground. I really enjoyed it! I've given you a sub and I'm looking forward to what you do next.
  15. I had no idea this game was coming and will no doubt purchase it as soon as the store lets me as I'm really enjoying the franchise.