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  1. I had completed this game a few times (PS2, VITA etc) and finally decided to finish off my PS3 platinum run (which was part of my ever growing pile of shame/unfinished games). To hasten this, I tried the debug mode (I was already at around approx 75% completion so it wasn't needed at all! laziness more than anything). At the final area, I used it to allow me to make Jak "float"around the environment to bypass some platforming and in doing so, somehow broke the level (the sages never spawned, so I can't rescue them). I also managed to get the lurkers to spawn after teleporting away from, then driving the bike back to the final area. But after the ambush, no trophy popped for that. Not sure how many other's playthroughs have been affected in similar ways, but be wary of the debug mode!
  2. Sadly had to remove two games from my trophy list, one of them I absolutely adore too (Mirror's Edge) from being flagged (they do look suspicious too! Annoyingly). Something happened when I moved saves from my ancient piano finish PS3 to a newer unused Slim. A bunch of trophies popped with weird timestamps and some one after the other! All out of sync from when the were originally earned to boot. I'll likely have to take photos and send them to staff on the site, though being save related, I'm not sure if it will be looked at. Time will tell :(

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Oigha . This hurts me inside :/

    3. DaivRules


      Definitely follow Cleggworths's advice and get that piano finish PS3 online and re-sync. It'll overwrite your weird timestamps with the originals and clear those titles. In the future, cloud-save transfer only or start from scratch. But only if you get any kind of shits about the Leaderboards. If you don't, then do whatever you want! It's your life and your hobby, don't let others ruin your fun.

    4. Mutescot


      Thank you all for your advice and such thus far, really appreciate it! Cleggworth, I will try syncing the original PS3 and see if that fixes my wonky trophies. JorgeSleep, I think if the latter doesn't work, then I will err on the side of caution and just start from Scratch. Thanks for the tips :)

      PooPDeePie, this is exactly my initial feeling. I spent a very long time trying to get through the trials and obtaining the stars on Mirror's Edge, a ridiculously long time actually (YouTube helped me finally get those times, from the many unsung heroes I learned from). So the hiding of the trophies on such a gem of a game is sad. But, I played it a lot and most definitely got my entertainment value from it (along with an appreciation for making up new profanities from every failed attempt at trials). :D

      Thank you DaivRules, it initially annoyed me a little at being flagged for suspicious activity, but it's just others trying to keep the leaderboards clean I guess. Back to enjoying this awesome hobby anyway! You are all awesome! Cheers :highfive:

  3. No problem at all!! Hope it helped!
  4. Agree on the "last standing in the team", that seems a little more feasible. I haven't even come close to seeing this happen in a normal match :/
  5. Hi So, just pop up to the garage in the Bat Cave and choose your preferred vehicle (I had the Batwing active). I got this trophy by pressing the "Move" button on my move controller, which activated the thrusters on the Batmobile I was viewing. I did have the vehicle spun around so the rear of it was facing me too, most likely not a requirement but just in case it doesn't work, try this. On a controller, I imagine it is the touch pad that would activate the thrusters? Hope this helps ^^ Mutescot
  6. Eek, I have 13,374 unearned trophies lol. I guess I may get some in due time, but then maybe not, games just keep coming and time keeps on slipping
  7. This is pretty awesome news, looking forward to seeing people make use of it and create some truly wonderful guides (Heck, I may one day give it a crack myself and create one lol). Looking good ^^
  8. Welcome to the forum! Have an awesome time here
  9. Thank you everybody!!!! Seems like such a cool community here, so I'm pretty keen to join in! Thank you haha, and about the games.... I'm a little embarrassed to say that I haven't finished quite a lot of them... my pile of gaming shame, which I'm working on right now lol
  10. Hi everybody, I just started using the forum side of psnprofiles and thought it would be good (polite even, haha) to post a quick introduction here. I come from Scotland, though now live in Australia and I have been gaming for quite some time. I play quite often so I thought it would be nice to expand my circle of gaming friends and this forum seemed like a natural place to do so. Of course I have quite a lot of other interests which include but aren't limited to: Travel, Illustration, Cultural Exchange, Reading, Sports, Martial Arts, TV/Movie/Anime, and so on. Gaming is top of the list though, so feel free to message, add me on PSN (if you do then please introduce yourself and maybe mention you are from this site) and we can game on or chat about anything and everything. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it! Feel free to say hi or comment, looking forward to it! ^^ Mutescot
  11. Hi DayZee! I am new to the forum side of psnprofiles, and I'm also in the age bracket you are looking for (34 here). Feel free to add me, just mention in the message that you are from this site and I'll add you (or anyone else that reads this, you are welcome to add me lol). I'm a Scottish gamer, living in Aus, and pretty much love my old-school gaming as much as current and upcoming stuff! Drop me a line ^^
  12. Gaming Scot right here! Good to meet you all