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  1. Only manual update works for me even now. Are automatic updates once a day still not back yet?
  2. A little short but I really enjoyed it. Finished in 2 days (≈ 4-6 hours). Still have to finish 100%. Can't wait for the rest. At first I was worried when I heard it was really short but I guess those people did not see some of the "DLC" initially released in Arkham Knight (Harley/Scarecrow DLC). This was nothing like that. P.S. Not hating, I love the Arkham games.
  3. Maybe he just didn't like it and that's fair. I love the Arkham games. I prefer Batman but I still really liked Spider-man too. Anyway the sales numbers and reviews seem to hint that most people did not find it to be an "atrocious" game.
  4. For the beat rival trophy and coop badges in general. Add me if you're interested. No blank requests please.
  5. Yeah,the game is fun. Only problem is that you won't be able to 100% it anymore. The leaderboards are down and one trophy requires you to beat a friends time.
  6. I already have a friend with a gold time. My problem is that the leaderboards are not even opening. Nothing happens when I select the leaderboards option.
  7. I think you have got your games mixed up. This game doesn't have co-op.
  8. Yeah I edited the post to make it clear that I meant the in-game leaderboard. So, you guys are able to enter the leaderboard? For me it doesn't even load. And I haven't read anywhere that the servers are down. Update: I also just checked the EA online service list. Warp isn't listed for shutdown.
  9. No. Just got the game 2 days ago. I couldn't access the leaderboard from the start. Tried re-installing, Resetting router, but nothing.
  10. Nothing happens when I try to enter the in-game leaderboard section. Is it just me?
  11. PS4 (399$)........ Looks great... Has great specs.... Cheaper than Xbox One.... Awesome games.... I would buy both PS4 and Xbox One if Microsoft didn't introduce all these limitations like "always online" and "no used games".... The Xbox controller is still the best I think.... It's the most ergonomic, atleast for me. But this time, it looks like the PS4 controller has been improved a lot.