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  1. I see, so it looks like shareplay works but its got region restrictions. Well in that case I'd say PC remote play is the best bet if a second controller and shareplay are not an option. It was pretty easy to do.
  2. I looked it up and looks like it does actually.
  3. I don't have a 2nd controller or a PS Vita, and the App is not on the Google store anymore. So I'm wondering if remote play from a PC could work? Other than that share play would be my only solution right?
  4. Never been into the MLB games or even sports games in general. And this one's MP trophies make it hard no for me. Last of Us Remastered I like but I already own that one so this month is pretty disappointing for me.
  5. I got it without problems following the same Playstation trophies PS3 guide I used years ago for the PS3 version. I did actively get out of the drowning scenario.
  6. Well, good for you, I guess. This method is meant for people who don't have extra controllers or a PS VITA.
  7. Add me on PSN. I'd like to get this done too.
  8. Its possible to do this without a second controller or PS Vita. Remote play on PC and use the PC as the second controller. I did it this way since I don't have a 2nd controller or a Vita. You'll need an alt account. Connect to the alt account using remote play. Use your controller with your main account and win the match. Done. I guess this can be done with share play using another player as well if you don't have a PC.
  9. Thanks. Worked for me too.
  10. For me its not working for a few days now. It was wroking just fine before that. Anyone else have this problem? Is the site down?
  11. Yes you have to get 10 more Bullet pen kills now. I had 11 already too and it didn't unlock on the 12th. Same goes for the 5 flawless ranked matches trophy.
  12. Did the charge explode? If not I think you just got a bonus for destroying his breach charge.
  13. Only manual update works for me even now. Are automatic updates once a day still not back yet?
  14. A little short but I really enjoyed it. Finished in 2 days (≈ 4-6 hours). Still have to finish 100%. Can't wait for the rest. At first I was worried when I heard it was really short but I guess those people did not see some of the "DLC" initially released in Arkham Knight (Harley/Scarecrow DLC). This was nothing like that. P.S. Not hating, I love the Arkham games.
  15. Maybe he just didn't like it and that's fair. I love the Arkham games. I prefer Batman but I still really liked Spider-man too. Anyway the sales numbers and reviews seem to hint that most people did not find it to be an "atrocious" game.