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  1. I have a cheesy Christmas one going on right now haha, switching back to my Zombie theme after next week
  2. I own both consoles, but I can see why more people are going for the PS4. MS practically advertise the Xbone as a multimedia device rather than a game system.
  3. Outlast was a pretty gory messed up game. And I think Left 4 Dead was banned in a few countries if I remember right.
  4. I tend to be pretty antisocial haha, damn anxiety That's really all I can think of haha. As someone else said above, I generally play my games on Easy or Normal too first playthough then I do the harder difficulties later. I just like to take in the story first time around.
  5. So many good games this year I guess I'd have to go with either Fallout 4 or Just Cause 3.
  6. I have the newer model one I believe, its the Taken King edition PS4 that came out a few months ago. To be honest it actually seem to stay cooler than my old launch console did.
  7. Finally back on here haha!

  8. I could use some new friends to play with or talk to on PS4. Feel free to add me MoshedBrotatoe.
  9. Rikku and Yuna from Final Fantasy X/X-2 Or Moira from Resident Evil Revelations 2
  10. Jak and Daxter series. Resident Evil Outbreak 1&2. Okami.
  11. Just pre-ordered Murdered: Soul Suspect
  12. Heavy Rain dynamic theme.
  13. Any of the music in this game. So many memories.
  14. Awesome! I loved the 3rd one
  15. Possibly. I wouldn't mind seeing like a co-op missions or wave type mode, that could be pretty fun. When I think of Tomb Raider I just personally dont really think of PvP type stuff.