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  1. Does it autopop now after the game came out a week ago?
  2. If you do it in one sitting, the 50 wins take between 12-15 hours minimum if you win all of them quickly, Personally it took me about 3 days playing with randoms for a few hours. If you play consistently then it will come pretty quickly. But you have to track your progress like getting 2500 points with each class or reviving 50 teammates.
  3. Finally finished 100% today got all online trophies and finished the intercept standalone as well. Still got about a week or so to finish up everybody.
  4. The elite playthrough can be done after the servers close so it doesn’t matter when you do it btw.
  5. Thanks for the responses I figured it out by having him join through me and then it worked.
  6. Yes but I need to know how to let my friend join since every time I invite it he always is on the other team and the switch faction option is blocked even though it’s set to on.
  7. I have 2 systems and accounts ready to go but how do I get my other account to be on the same team as me. I try to switch faction but it won’t let me.
  8. I’m still working on Jack of All Trades but after that what would be the best way to boost points quickly with bots?
  9. Thanks for this video I heard people say it was a boring grind to get the turret and air drone kills so this will help out a lot.
  10. You can only do the map maps in an online warzone for it to count. It’s really easy to do though since there are only 10 maps. The DivideThe SpireThe ParkThe StationThe WallThe PenthouseThe FactoryThe ForestThe RemainsThe Slums
  11. You should definitely do this first to get it out of the way, then you can either do co-op or base game multiplayer trophies after that.
  12. Heads up just finished the co-op dlc not too bad it only took me 3 days to finish it all including the five extra trophies since I did the intercept standalone. It’s not hard but a little grindy for the 50 wins and 500 headshots if done in standalone.
  13. Yeah the coop mode also takes some time too but it’s really easy to finish the 50 wins and get everything else in the process so at least a few days for that mode. Almost done as I speak.
  14. Wait so if I complete the intercept dlc standalone game, if I go to the base game will it pop cause I didn’t buy the intercept dlc for the base game just the standalone.