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  1. Probably not gonna happen they are too focused on banning players in 2K23 right now so I doubt they would open this mode back up again for a single trophy.
  2. Of course they drop so much xp in a season you’ll have more then enough to get to 40. At the moment of writing this there is about 278,000 xp to get but that’s way more then enough since some of the bigger challenges require the most expensive cards so you do the easiest challenges you can do like do all 3 spotlight challenges or buy all the purple cards cheap and get around 4500 for doing all 3 card challenges.
  3. Yeah but when the game is installed and the disc is in the ps5 there is no icon in the ps store that says “free ps5 upgrade available” and I tried ejecting and inserting the disc a few more times still nothing.
  4. Curious since I rented from GameFly and wanted to stack it with the ps5 version since it’s very easy.
  5. Can you join a random person if they already started a floor and it still counts or do the floors have to be done from the beginning each time?
  6. Adding onto this but do the Jordan challenges autopop or do you have to do all 15 games twice.
  7. Yes you do according to everybody above doesn’t matter if it’s PS5 to PS4 or vice versa.
  8. I think they might have patched this method. I just tried it but I got hit with an idle timer and then the guy was able to quit out and get an easy win. You might have to sit there and move the stick at certain times but you can’t completely walk away. Can someone else confirm this?
  9. Alright someone confirmed that the NBA Today games are now live on 2k23 so you should be able to do the achievement on 2k22 as well.
  10. Yeah I know I’m definitely low on time cause I was focused on hitting 40 quickly as possible so I can work on this now but I’m gonna have to no life this game for the next 2 weeks. Thanks for the info and yes I’ve been using the lock in SF but I’ve also been playing the games.
  11. Is there a fast way to get as many games done as possible quickly. I’m only at 2,183 points and have played around 12 games. I don’t care if it’s a win or loss. I know its gonna take some time which I do have with 2 weeks left in the season but is there any way to do them quickly without just a quit from somebody or do I always have to do full games?
  12. There is already lots of xp out there but I don’t know if you’ll make it if you start from scratch right now, you really should have been playing from the start of Season 1 since there was loads of xp only available for a week. I’m already at level 38 so I can easily make it but if you start now with 20 days, it’s possible but you would have to do almost every challenge out there including the pink diamond ones. I’d say wait for the next season and keep doing your daily’s everyday.
  13. Ok go to lineups management and then have the cursor on your preferred player and click down on the left stick. Then play one of the skill challenges that is 12 minutes by playing the first quarter and then winning the game. Should be as simple as that.
  14. Unlimited back in the older games always had 12-0 in order to rank up tiers. I mean you can still play it without any new seasons resetting anything in the older games if that is what you mean? I’d also say you should do that asap because in the later seasons you will be going up against opals and dark matters which will make the grind a lot harder and more annoying.
  15. Also does anybody know how many times to prestige? At least once or twice? Also I noticed that I got 169 points after a loss but I got the minimum 150 plus extra for having a lower overall team then the guy I went up against. I think you can easily lose your way and still get points but it’s way less and I noticed that a guy went 100-0 and he only had 12,000 points or so while another guy went 124-6 and had around almost 20,000 points. Mainly though you can play your way through it’s just very grindy.