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  1. I'd take that Demons' Souls platinum. I'm rubbish at that series.
  2. Dark Souls, definitely. I've found that I kind of suck at that series, lol.
  3. Having a tough time figuring out the best approach for this one. I found a Youtube video for it, where they detailed two different methods. One was to use the Minecraft "block tower" method, but I'm guessing that only works on the PC version, because when I tried it for the PS4 version with wood frames like they suggested, the tower would just start breaking down underneath me after so many blocks. The second was to build a skyscraper, which I attempted to start with concrete blocks, but after working on that for a bit, the top of THAT started crumbling after a certain height. So now I'm just left wondering what the heck I'm doing wrong; if I'm using the wrong materials, or if I just suck at being an architect. XP Any suggestions or links to helpful building tips would be greatly appreciated. ^__^ EDIT: I figured it out. The Minecraft "block tower" method does indeed work. I just didn't have a sturdy enough bottom. I was building my tower on top of a funeral home roof before. When I made a metal base outside on some flat ground and tried building my tower on THAT, it actually worked. So the answer was; I suck at being an architect, lol.
  4. White Knight Chronicles. -__- I was working on getting all of the online trophies for this game, but I guess I joined the bandwagon a bit too late, because POOF! Suddenly, the online servers shut down.
  5. Looking to add people who own this game in the hopes that we can help each other out with some of the multiplayer trophies. Please write "Diner Dash" somewhere in the friends request so I know what's what. I tend to delete blank friends requests. >w<
  6. Finished watching all of Dexter recently. The ending was dramatic, and yeah, I get the poetry of it all, but it was still frustrating as hell. >__<
  7. Just finished Red Dead Redemption. Kudos to Jack Marston for ending that son of a bitch. xD

    1. McJacs2


      You shouldn't post that kind of a spoiler in a status update

    2. serialzero1979


      This isn't all that specific. It's vague enough so as not to give away too much. By the time anyone gets to that point in the game, they pretty much know what needs to happen anyway.

  8. Greetings! Here's some Stephen Gammell fan art I have up on my DeviantArt account. ^w^
  9. Does anyone know if this trophy is glitched? I've harvested a crap ton of every type of reagent, even went out of my way to collect extras for some of the rarer reagents such as prismere dust and essence of fate, but the trophy still hasn't popped yet. Ah, geez. I didn't notice there was already a topic for this until after I already posted mine. I guess it's possible I'm missing one of the more common reagents, although I don't see how, considering I have double stacks of most of them. I suppose I could try finding more seaflax, since that's the only single stack I have a smaller number in. Any recommendations on the best areas to find those in?
  10. I've been having a lot of issues with online co-op as well. The game either keeps freezing on me, or just plain fails to connect to my intended target in the first place. Also, has anyone else had bad luck with the people they're connecting with? On more than a few occasions, the second I arrive in another person's game, they and/or their partners will instantly become hostile and begin attacking my character shortly before booting me. I can understand only wanting personal friends in a match, but manage your slots appropriately, don't just be an asshat right off the bat if the other person doesn't know they aren't supposed to be there. ---------- Tried again a few days later. Still not having any luck. Might it have anything to do with too many devices in the house clogging up the WiFi? I'm not terribly knowledgeable about the technicalities of online usage. ---------- This is getting ridiculous. I got lucky and had someone help me with Into The Light, but how am I supposed to get People Person if I can't even play online for more than 5 minutes? It freezes constantly. I just want to plat this damn thing already.
  11. Cheers. I appreciate the info. I actually got the level 50 trophy before I went to the prison for the first time. The second they said, "Once you go, you can't come back", I thought, "Well, I don't even know if there's an EX game to speak of, let alone multiple save files, so I'd better do this now just in case."
  12. I recently finished getting all of the offline trophies except for this one, and I was curious as to how the save system works before I go ahead with it. I went through a lot to get the level 50 trophy, and would like to keep all of my stuff for as long as I can with my first character, because I intend to use him for the online trophies. If I start a new character, does it overwrite my current one? I didn't really see a blatant load option, so I wasn't sure if there was only one save slot. I would save him to a flash drive as a backup, but unfortunately, this game is one of the few titles you can't do that with. You can only backup your Dead Island files on Playstation Plus, which I had to unsubscribe from a little while back due to personal financial issues.
  13. Dead Island is another game that wasn't as "meh" as I was expecting. Truth be told, I skipped the story bits because I just enjoyed questing and causing destruction. Kind of like Skyrim, but with zombies.

  14. The only trophy I need help with now is defeating the Ender Dragon. I was setting everything up to do so in my home world, but I think I may have screwed myself out of it. I misunderstood someone's instructions on how to dupe my world in order to seek out dungeons more readily, and ended up changing the settings in a way that more than likely deactivated trophies. So unless someone without the "On A Rail" trophy wants to come in and test out my railway to confirm this one way or the other, I'm afraid I probably screwed everyone else out of trophies as well.
  15. I'm willing to assist with co-op trophies, so long as my partners aren't aggressively bossy.