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  1. never heard of this game in my life until now....
  2. oh god! do they really have to bring back the stupid casino related trophies and the tedious alchemy trophy? 😡 trophies wise this is one of the most annoying and tedious platinum I ever attempted on the ps3, never had fun unlocking it at all, the second game was more enjoyable to plat in comparison to this but game play wise NNK1 was far more memorable.
  3. this is why I waited for a price drop, I heard a lots of people complaining the fights in the tournament is really stupid, unbalanced and mostly unfair, and the story in this DLC is mediocre. I love this game so much and wanted to get everything out of it, i put around 350 hours in it.. the far away forest dreamer maze is just too addicting to me lol!
  4. already got Sekiro, and my shipment of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash: No Shirt, No Shoes All Service just arrived from Amazon US 3 days ago I just haven't started them yet. but WTF? why the hell Japanese games are too darn expensive even on special sales? even old games are still freaking high, $35 for Blue Reflection? I won't gonna call that a discount unless it's $20 or $18. guess i'll just gonna pick Ni no Kuni 2's DLC Tale of Timeless Tome and be off my way.
  5. the trailer on Playstation's YouTube now got 2 thousand dislikes and five hundred likes 😂 they tried to damage control their cringy trailer by making a game play video and from the looks of it the deslike bar is winning again, I think the reason for that it's because of the actual game happen to be another walking simulator.
  6. before someone throw the blame to Sony. this is all made by Square Enix, the Switch, XBONE and even the PC version is also got these redesign or censorship if you wanna call it that, though on PC the modding community managed to alter the looks back to the original ps1 looks.
  7. a bit late response since I already have the game and plat all three games last year but thanks anyway.
  8. yeah I just watched the digital foundry analysis five hours ago, the game is definitely not optimized well not just on the base ps4 but across all consoles, I have seen games with twice the graphics seen in control and they ran at native 1080p and 85% solid 30FPS on the base ps4, seen this game with less stuff on screen and the resolution is at 900p and the base ps4 runs it even worse than the base XBONES is baffling, here hoping for a fix before I get it.
  9. I don't think it got anything to do with the video games, the break up deal is about the movies.
  10. yup!
  11. I believe we already have some sort of relationship simulation games somewhere......
  12. I really hated the story tournaments key challenges, it's always about this stupid goal of one of your drunk A.I teammates to get first place on every race, I just wonder how everyone is doing it. I tried to do them with my brother on couch co op and suddenly the CPU racers became way much faster despite the difficulty is set to normal and my brother is not very skilled on this game, and then there's these assholic tournament key challenges that ask the same requirements above but now you need to finish the tournament while collecting 170 or something rings and the CPU is always have the earthquake or lightning wisps to let you lose all the rings you have collected before passing the finish line, just WTF? sumo digital is really among the worst devs I ever seen that love this BS about get more controllers, and they really suck ass when it comes to time limits, speaking of time the time attack menu is among the worst I ever seen... so thankfully there's no frustrating sumo ghosts to beat in this game but now you need to beat one of your friend's time. the problem is that none of my friends who own this game ever bother to set a time record on a course, they just move on to play CTR, so I had to use my brother's account to set a time then went to my account to beat it...... wait a minute.... there's no freaking " find your friends on the leaderboard ".... so I need to find my brother's name the tedious way and........ WTF? there's no page quick jump button too? so now I had to scroll all the way down to find him and it took about half an hour or so to find him all the way to 3400 place in the leaderboard then I beat his time and the trophy didn't pop up, I looked at the trophy guide and it say you need to beat your friend's ghost.. not the time.... **** this game and **** Shitto Digital!
  13. well, this came out of nowhere.
  14. nuf said! this basically said it all and better. I bet if there's a sequel Rocksteady will gonna makes it center around the Batwing and all of a sudden all the enemies now fly planes and most of your time you will be spending it on Dogs Fights and flying through rings and the stupid riddler will hide his puzzles in the clouds and on birds nests and flood the sky with drones that you can only get rid of them by shooting them down with the Batwing.