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  1. Jim Ryan once helped me to across the street then gave me a copy of Gran Turismo 1, what a champ.
  2. it's a matter of time before the rest of the ps3 games to follow suit.
  3. if they wanna remastered Sonic Lost World and bring it to other platforms they could just port or remastered the PC version, since sonic lost world was also released on the PC, that way they could avoid the Nintendo contents.
  4. Knack: The Ultimate Invention / KNACK 2 BAAABYYYYYYY! i was having this game on my PS Plus Library for quite a while and decided to give it a shot and i likes it. i never played the first game before i heard it was one of the worst ps4 exclusive... don't shoot me, i just heard this from my friends and people online but i have to play it myself one day to judge it, though i heard Knack 2 was a better game it didn't set the world on fire and still rated kinda lower than any ps4 exclusives but it did rated higher than the first game. they did say it was inspired by the classic crash bandicoot and such but gameplay wise it felt more like being a kiddie god of war game than a crash bandicoot, heck they even brought the god of war writer to do the story, the human characters and the goblins are kinda boring and uninteresting to me but knack himself is a very interesting character, i like how the goblin enemies think they're so tough when they seen little knack, but get on the defense when he's about their size and tries to run for their lives when knack is giant, but the robot type don't have feelings and fight knack till the end regardless his size, that's a good touch. i can't speak about the difficulty if it's harder than the already insanely difficult first game or not as i played Knack 2 at the highest difficulty possible across the entire game from start to finish, and i can't say stuff like the game is cheap and you get killed in two hit's most of the time since i choose the highest difficulty myself. graphically from what i saw it was a bit downgraded in comparison to the first game, Knack 1 used to show knack's reflections on glasses and glossy surfaces and walls and it was so colorful, in knack 2 they got rid of the reflections ( i believe it was called screen spacing? ) and the graphics looks slightly bland, but i like the effect of all of knack's parts filled the ground when you switched to little knack, it was so cool to look at all the parts scattered all over the place as you kick the parts all over the floors without any of them disappearing. remember that old ps4 teach demo where it shows millions of small blue polygonic cubes fall on a 3D environment and cover it? it seems someone decided to add that tech into the knack games and it shows, though the downgraded graphics is probably to play it safe due to the mixed receptions toward the first game, they don't want to waste too much resources into a new graphics and works on improving the gameplay instead. trophies wise you really don't even need a guide, if you're collecting the parts through the game you will gonna make a scanner that will tell you the location of the treasure boxes as the game is very linear so you don't need to get worrying exploring a huge areas for secrets or anything like that, and you don't even need to get all the challenge medals, you just need 70 medal out of 143 or something and move on, the time attack and the coliseum is far too easy especially with the saber knack. now that sadly Japan Studio is no more, thanks a lot new Sony 😑 the possibility for KNACK 3 BABYYY!!! is no more... seriously, no one have asked for a knack 2 in the first place but it happen, and i actually likes it. Knack is Love! Knack is Life!
  5. most people i know who were a sonic fan said it's really not that good, something about the game playing itself for you that at some occasion you only gonna jump, and also most fans disliked the wisps stuff as why the hell sonic need a speed boost from something. i think it was the ninttendo fanboys who were praising it up to none because it was exclusive on the Wii. me personally i would love to have a Sonic Generation Remaster instead.
  6. this is why we love you sir stumble boy.
  7. this was nothing, check out Ascendshaft and Endless Shaft.
  8. you should get used to this, games nowday shipping unfinished and a buggy mess and We'll Fix It Later nonsense, I swear I started to think that releasing a game half broken was intentional, I mean you can't just get the disc and leave, they wanted to add any fourm of a DRM.. if you wanted the full game then you need to connect to the Internet to add the fixes and the rest of the game.
  9. can I Plat this game solo or even offline?
  10. with Jim Ryan in the driving seat, it's a matter of time before he ram us all into a wall at top speed. i'm broke right now and can't buy new games at the moment but luckily I bought a lots of ps4 games 2 to 4 monthes ago putting them on hold bracing myself when the plus subscription expired ( don't know, maybe I won't gonna renew it this time ) all i'm saying is I can't afford buying new games for a while now so let alone a new console but as everyone say that game pass is cheaper to jump in it... well unless it was on the ps4/ps5, because for a person like me who only have a ps3 and a ps4, game pass will gonna be far more freaking expensive than a crappy service like the PS Plus, as I need to own a new console first.. $500 for a XSX or XSS for around $300? and on top of that a game pass subscription that is $10 a month. if I have the money I would upgrade the old dinosaur pc I own since I was at middle school and switched to PC gaming for good this time.
  11. holup, holup... I thought this game was delisted, surly this isn't an April Fools joke?
  12. I believe the two extra episodes does not count toward the platinum nor the 100% I got the digital deluxe edition on the ps4 it came with every single DLC the game ever have, there's also in-game achievements that does not count to 100% the trophies. as for the disc make sure its the deluxe edition.. if there's any deluxe disc version.
  13. Nope! I don't wanna remember my pain with this trilogy anymore, luckily I completely shaved my hair by the time I was playing this collection so there's no hair to pull one by one due to frustration, Especially the first game! been there done them all except one DLC trophy left in the first game and moved on.... not even interested in crash 4 at all.
  14. yeah I noticed this too, thankfully I plated and 100% the game back last year but keep returning and playing the game for the fun ( trying to do all the knife flights, under the bridges, and all the jumps to get 100% in-game completion) and now I can't save my progress on my new save file with a different character, when the never ending save loop happen even the manual save won't gonna be helpful as the save system will basically gonna be locked away. seriously devs now days are so lazy than ever, not only they started to ship games broken and Will Fix it Later.... When We Feel Like it, but now even their patches themselves is started to show a sign of lazyness too, then they'll blame it all to the covid and working from home. funny how they now need a patch to patch a patch.
  15. all these free games Sony is giving away is not for the Play At Home.... it's basically to calm the backlash hurricane that will hit them after this announcement, could have solved this nonsense by letting us buy these especially digital only ps3 or vita games on our ps4 or ps5 and play them on those instead, but nope We Want You to Invest in the Crappy PS Now service that not too many people is giving a shit about, it's not even got all the games on the ps3, Play Has No Limit.... well Fuck You Sony! now it Do have a limit, I gonna lose the ability to buy ps3 games, the ps4 store will be followed suit in the future and the ps5 digital edition is gonna be the laughing stock soon.