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  1. I need help guys! the game got 297 skits and I done them all on my second play through on hard difficulty and the stupid trophy refuse to pop up! i got all 297... my skits percentage is at 99% ( heard the game has a bug that if you got all the 297 skits instead of the percentage to hit 100% it will stuck at 99% ) anyway, as I said I got all of the freaking skits and double check it twice from the skits gallery, reading them one by one and watched them all without skipping a single one that it took me a hour and a half to done with them all and no luck, do I have to be somewhere for the trophy to pop up on my current new game plus run? I mean when I got all of the monsters in the game the trophy I'm Emil didn't pop up until I started my Mania difficulty play through and reached one of the Kats guild something where the owner of the shop was impressed and he gave me the last Title King of Monsters, is the skits also need a requirement to be made after you got them all for the stupid trophy to pop up?
  2. yeah the gotcha mechanic in this game is very annoying, the very first time I played the game not too long ago I got Barbra on my first try, the next day I tried my luck and got Diona also on my first try with the 10 wishs option, since then I haven't used the wishing system as I been trying to collect 10 of those orbs thingy you make a wish with so my chances of getting a new character to be good instead of doing a wish after another which in my case is always lead to this same freaking 3 stars sword.
  3. the voice acting is really good in this game, I'm playing the game with the Japanese audio, some characters sounded really good on both the English or Japanese, I did listen to the characters you started with on both audio and some characters i must say their English VO are kinda better than the Japanese, for example i like Ember's Japanese voice over much as it suited her energetic personality really well, but Diona the catgirl I noticed that her English VO have just outdone herself like " try to keep Diona ( if you unlocked her ) stand still until she does her stretching animation in Japanese she'll just casually yawning but in the English while she's yawning her voice will slowly transformed into an almost a kitten meowing. Pimon is really good on both sides, she's cute and funny. then again much respect to all the voice acters and actress in this game as a whole even the ones that I haven't checked out yet.
  4. every blue checkmark twitter rises hayfork and torches when ND got death threat, but when this small indie got them none of these clowns have talked about it.... for god sake it's just a video game with a freaking fictional characters, how the heck a pixelated Mellons can trigger someone to send death threat to a dev or an artist? I read some of the tweets even got mad at Nintendo of this.... lol! this isn't made by Nintendo in the first place, clearly shows that these people don't even play video games, they just wanna harvest likes from other people's works. and now cleavage and big titts is representing violence???
  5. sorry I posted a comment about following a guide on you tube but I forgot to quote you on it, read my last reply.
  6. yes they both count as different side quests. actually you can finish all of the side quests without any struggle especially if you're going for the Guardian Path, remember even after you finish the game there's still a few side quests left post game. have you considered following a youtube video guide? I highly recommend you a youtuber called LumpyCheeseGames he/she have the best full 100% guide of this game, you knew his play through from his/her thumbnail for epic mickey 2 is showing classic mickey and minnie holding a chalkboard in black and white. that was the guide I followed when I was so new in this game and he/she did all the 20 side quest and all 19 challenges. it's not really needed but LumpyCheeseGames method is to use two controllers, he/she said its faster with two controllers to finish all the projectors 2D levels, meaning you don't have to back track to them to play as Mickey and then as Oswald, also he done it to 100% on the Xbox 360, though this is not a problem since it's exactly the same game.
  7. no, as I stated before the Ian and Clarabelle's side quest about the clothes is the only side quest that you can finish both side, the one toon trash is to sell 20 items to the museum, there's a trick to sell items to the museum so fast like.. - the melting ice cream, that you can purchase it from the ice cream shop before fixing the air conditioner of the shop. - then buy a cold ice cream after you fixed the are conditioner. - there's a fiddle located in os town's deep in the sewers, if you found it sell it to the museum. - there's another fiddle that you can purchase in the store in ventureland, you can sell it to the museum, though you need to buy it back for the three little pig's quest. - the big coco clock in Fort Wasteland required it's needles so you can open it from the outside but actually you really don't need that, just sell the needles to the museum. - there's a time when a pirate will ask you to find his compass when you do get it, sell it to the museum before give it to Horace - captain hook's five clothes parts ( try to keep it before giving it to daisy or smee ) - the fake gear ( a ghost will offer you the real gear ) once he give it to you refuse his offer and leave him, give the Gremlin the Real gear to his forge so he can fix Donald's boat and keep the fake one for the museum. - each time you give Clarabelle a flower costume she will reward you with a discount voucher for each store in the game, I believe there are four stores? so four vouchers if not mistaken and the thank you note that you can sell them all to the museum, or better you can sell the museum all the flower costume and Ian's spatters costumes. once you done, only buy the items that you really want back from the museum like the story or quest related items and leave the rest. as for watch the sky, I recommend giving the rare items to the Gremlin, as I heard it's actually is the Guardian Path because Pete is actually waiting for someone to put them in the museum, there's no way you can finish both sides of watch the sky quest as i'm aware.
  8. Pragmatism's Last Reward / Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls ( ps4 ) this is the very first game in this series i ever played and from what i heard this was considered the weakest game in the series, the series is well known to be a crime investigation-ish visual novel and it's been loved by may people around the world, Ultra Despair Girls is a Third Person Shooter that rely heavily on story driving and it's event is set between Trigger Happy Havoc and second game Goodbye Despair. i can't talk much on the story part due to spoilers, but it was about some 5 random kids that start a war in a Japanese fictional City named Towa City against the adults and you're playing as a teenager girl that got caught in the middle of this conflict..... only japan can make crazy stuff like this to be a really interesting story to follow to the end and see how will it ends 😂 the story is very dark as one of the rules the kids made that if you wanna join their paradise is first to kill your parents.. but it also can be very hilarious and funny especially the conversations between the two main character's Komaru and Toko, Komaru is a simple girl that is so obsessed with Manga as Toko is a visual novel writer that dislike manga's and especially cheep novels like erotic or comedy ones, both girls is about the same age but Toko is more mature while Komaru is more of an air headed. the gameplay is a bit outdated to be honest, it felt like an early third person shooter on the ps2 where there's a lot's of invisible walls and such and this game is originally was a PS Vita game, the aiming and shooting is fine with me as i heard the shooting mechanics is a bit stiff but what i hated much about the controls is the way you switch Truth Bullets types, you have to use the directional pad and it made a lot's of problems to get used to it as when you wanted to chose a bullet from the bullet wheel especially the Link bullet or the Fire bullet you'll randomly gonna chose Break or Move or Dance or Detect sometimes which can be very annoying. i played the game on the highest difficulty setting and never felt of any threat at all, but the worst part to me in the game is the entire chapter 4, there was this specific Monoku-Man room that i kept failing to complete it the right way as you need the 8-bit celebration screen shows up once it done so you know that you have solve it the right way, i kept failing it over and over and i had to reload my save from the last saving spot then run from the shopping district streets all the way to this room and fail again. i watched a video guide and it appears i been doing it the right way all alone, the challenge need me to kill all the enemies in the room with one explosion and it turns out that once the explosion happen two Monokuma's ( the robot enemies in the game ) will fly off and fall to the bottom pits in the area and the game will count that as a falling kill and not an explosion kill and that really pissed me off, and after more tries and finally naild it i reach this boring section The Towa Factory. you have to dodge a laser that if you touch it the alarm will sound and the area will close as you have to watch this unskippable short scene where the alarm will sound then a hatch will open and an alarm monokuma will appear, you shoot it down another unskippable scene shows the alarm to be shut off and the hatch will close.. i kept triggering the alarm over and over because i didn't noticed the freaking laser at first despite the game warned me about it. i got the best ending in the game and i gotta give credits to the devs to not force you to see all the ending the game have to offer to unlock a trophy for it which i really started to hate this nonsense nowdays, even though the game have only two ending a True ending which is the good ending and a bad ending, and i really liked the soundtracks in this game so much and the story is good from what i saw, and i really liked Komaru, she's simple.. a bit of a crybaby but she's adorable, especially when she's trying to make jokes and fail at them, and i like how she will change the way how she hold the gun, walk and run in the course of the game at the start she's so cowardly but at the end of the game she becomes familiar with the situation and the way she stand and run will change. my very first 2021 platinum.
  9. you can complete Both sides in the same playthrough, i can assure you it works, i love this game so much i beat it to 100% 9 times or even more and across all the times i beat it i did this method, it require some time and a bit of a grind, and this will gonna be a long read. first you need to trigger on the quest from both sides Clarabelle and Ian. for Clarabelle you have to Not Hurt Any Spatter starting from the first time you met Ian in the blot ally all the way to Fort Wasteland by clearing the fort of all the enemies using the Paint method aka. the Hero or should i say Guardian Path Do Not Use the Thinner at All! so he ( Ian ) will rewards you with the flower costume, go to Clarabelle and show her the flower costume and she will takes it off your hand and she'll suggest you to make more by asking the Haberdasher, now travel to Ian... for Ian his requirement is you just don't hurt any Spatter.. in short ( if you wan't to finish his side of the quest just don't kill or use the Thinner on any Spatter ) if you never hurt any spatter and return back to him in blot ally after the Fort Wasteland mission he will tell you that he heard the news that clara wanted to dress up the spatters in flower costumes and he will also ask you to go to the haberdasher to make clothes too, and now you have to travel to the Haberdasher. the haberdasher will make all of the flower's and Ian's costumes but he will ask for cloth's to make them.. clothes can be found anywhere in the game just like the scraps of metals once you done and gave him the material he need to make them, now you need to buy all of them then go back to clarabelle and gave her all the flower costumes and finsh the quest then go back to Ian and give him all the spatter's costumes he needs and he will reward you too. this is the only quest that you can finish and satisfied both of it's sides, as every other quest in the game once you beat one side the other one will be locked away. also just to be sure, i recommend finishing this quest from clarabelle's side because once you do one of her Spatter's will gave you a thank you note that you need to shows it to Horace to let him agree to make clarabelle to works with him, as i never tried to check if you finished the quest from Ian side to see if clara will still gonna gave me the thank you note or not, the ps3/360 versions do not have a manual save system, so every quest you do whether it's good or evil your progress will be saved automatically.
  10. i don't know but something is telling me that Nintendo of America to follow suit as well.
  11. surprisingly the EU sale this time is really good! the only downside in my part is that my money is on the NA account and this same sale is a bit lacking in the NA part 😑 I only had $10 and so far I picked Outcast, maybe i'll go and pick another cheap game...
  12. The N. Vincible Crash Bandicoot! / Crash Bandicoot: Warped and i done with this trilogy, crash bandicoot warped will remain still my favorite one of the three since the ps1 days even though it's a lot shorter than the other two... or maybe i'm just good at it??? i hate how they messed up one of the most enjoyable levels in the game and that's Coco's Jet ski levels, i remember me and my brother and some friends used to gather and try to beat each other's record time on those levels, but now they still find some ways to screws up the controls somehow in this remake, made me just wanted to get the freaking gold relic and be done with and dear god you have no idea how many tries i spend just to get the gold relic on the level Hot Coco, let alone the stupid controls, i got frustrated just to drive toward the golden clock to start the trial, now coco takes her sweet time to take a turn, it's like in a driving game you kept holding the drift button while driving in an entire racing course. crash bandicoot warped is the easiest to plat and 100% the only hard part to fully finish is hot coco's level especially the gold relic time trail, there was a glitch to get a platinum relic on that level but it seems to be patched out as i wasted around 15 life trying to attempt it but no luck. after i finally done with this trilogy now i really understand why Crash Bandicoot 4 It's About Time didn't sold very well, you can argue that it's because it's a one game sold at full price of $60 where this collection is sold around $40 to $30 for three games all been remaked, but i think it's truly something to do with the difficulty spikes of this collection that many people have played this trilogy first on it and gave up.. even old returning gamers like i do noticed that this trilogy is a lot harder than the originals thanks to the messed up input delay and the addition of this stupid pill shaped collision on platforming that ruined everything. now me myself kinda not in the mode of playing Crash Bandicoot 4 ( which i heard is far much harder than any game in this collection by the way ) not saying it's a bad game but i'll just gonna take a break of the crash bandicoot craze for now, and maybe i'll play 4 in the near future maybe if we're luck we will get it as a PS Plus game, who knows.
  13. i only played the base game for the most part and never encounter a single buggy trophy.
  14. i know about that, i never mention that GTA San Andreas to looks or run bad because i got used to modern games though, my point is that i did First play GTA 3 then Vice City back on the ps2 days, but i never bother finishing them especially GTA 3, but i spent more time on San Andreas.. well mostly on the remastered port on ps3, let alone the checkpoint system but the ability to swim instead of instantly dying when touch the water, having the freedom of aiming the weapons, climb any reachable ledge or wall gave more strategy ways etc. so after getting used to those and return back to beat 3 and VC you'll find the auto lock on to be annoying, other than that the clunky flying mechanics is remain still bad in the series regardless. but i have to say that there's something that GTA 3 did way much better than the other games in the series, ideas that is been abandoned and that's the freedom to chose how to finish the missions, outside of Vice City and especially GTA 3 the newer games ask you to kill a said target the way they wanted or should i say in a bit " scripted " ways but in GTA 3 if you learn they way how the target can react to flee from you you can set everything ready as you desire before taking them down as you can just block the target's escape route with cars, set bombs on the escaped cars etc.
  15. The Key to San Andreas / Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ( ps4 ) i already did the ps3 HD port four years ago so i'm very familiar with this game already, this is basically the very first time i ever beat the original ps2 version... sort of, and boy it kinda frustrated me, well i did played the original ps2 version but back then i never finished it, i stopped when i met Denies. but i completely beat it fully the first time on the horrible ps3 HD remaster. this emulation runs at least ok, it didn't crashed on me at any moment forcing me to restart the whole taxi fares and re-buying the clothes all over again like the HD remaster did, and the aiming cursor isn't cluncky like in the remaster. though it's still not perfect. - the screen have a weird cut pieces vertically as if they tried to stretch the screen but screwed it, you won't notice it but you can clearly see it if you look up on a tree and slowly move the camera to the left or right.. it's like a screen tearing but it's isn't. - there's a weird dotting sound will keep happen when you pause the game, and the game sometimes will shows a bit of lagging. - i was trying to plat the game on my brother's account and the game just deleted the save file at the end game mission, i failed the stupid chase at the end and got so pissed and i wen't to the closest save spot and saved the progress but befor i shut off the game i decided to go for a one more try and replay the mission from a load save file and a stupid message pop up telling me the save file have failed ( restarting the game ) and it took me to the very start " aw Shit! Here we Go Again " 😡 - sometimes you'll hear some gunshots but there's no one is shooting anything. graphically the HD port of the ps3 looks way better but the true life improvement it got was the checkpoint system, some of the missions will keep dragging forever in this game and once you died halfway you'll have to restart the whole mission, but in the remaster if you failed it just took you to a screen to either restart the whole mission or just continue from the last checkpoint... yeah sure it's an old game that don't take your hand and all but ask anyone who have played this game and will gonna tell you that the checkpoint system in the remaster is a Very Good feature the original should have had. and finally the 4000 kill count is a real drag in this version, i got the 4000 kill in the remaster before i started any mission in Las Venturas i just unlocked that fighter chopper and got the kills during the vigilante 8 activity, in this emulation i had to grind the kills after doing the 100% of the territory take over and before the end game i grind the rest by going back to the vigilante 8 activity, i think the remaster have more enemies and people on the screen in comparison to this ps2 emulation? i have GTA 3 and Vice City in my library and i don't think i can plat those legitimate ( no cheat ) since i never managed to beat those 100% back then on the ps2, i mean after you get used to GTA SA, GTA3 and VC will felt outdated in terms of controls and gameplay.