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  1. while I do feel like I don't really need one, not to mention that i'm broke right now, but I really do not think the ps5 is a flop, you really need to understand what is actually considered a flop and what's not.
  2. please be true, please be true, please be true.
  3. the Yakuza series with all of its stupid luck based mini games.
  4. ok, i'll try going for this trophy again, these idiot should have just say 25 victory at the podium. it's really not that hard to say this.
  5. tried winning 25 races in a row today and the stupid trophy didn't unlocked. I won 1st place on all the 25 races and it didn't pop, this game is a jumble mess the trophies were not registered in the data base making my ps4 to took ages to update the trophy list and even after they fixed that now my ps4 still now take ages to update my trophies list thanks to this game and now half of the trophies are bugged? man, winning, Killin beating, hitting this and that amount of time IN A ROW gotta be some of the worst idea for a trophy, I always hated these kind of trophies, you screw up halfway and you gotta restart the nonsense from the beginning, naughty dog is one of the worst developers out there that uses this in a row type of trophies.
  6. Learn to Survive / The Evil Within 2 a decent game, the wiriting and the characters is terrible though. gameplay wise i at least had a blast playing it exploring each and every inch, especially on my first playthrough on Nightmare difficulty, No Cheatcodes used. my second playthrough is on casual to do some clean up and also enjoy using all the weapons i unlocked. my third playthrough on classic mode however is where i started to get so bored of the game it's basically nightmare mode as you're playing it from scratch all over again but no auto save and saves are limited and no upgrade this time, i died to one of these one hit cheap enemies event and the game restarted, got frustrated and used the cheatcodes went gunblazing and sprinting my way to be done with the game. at least i'm glad that the AKUMU Mode is not required to get the platinum this time, that dificulty is so cheap and a big BS in the first game. gameplay is at least fun to me as i kinda liked the open world stuff even though it's been done poorly as if the game doesn't even needs it. the meele attack is halfassed you can't land a meele hit unless you're hugging the enemy even if you picked an axe which had a slight long reach, aiming your gun is janky just like the first game, and sebastian still run like an old woman that if he runs 5 steps he got tired quickly. the enemies AI got tuned down even if you're playing on the higher difficulties, if you're killing an enemy using stealth while there's other ones whose spot you they'll enter a BACK OFF! mode until the stalth kill animation will end, the cover stealth kill is so OP you can lure an army of enemies to your hiding spot and you kill them one by one without them changing tactics. the story is still headscratching no news about Ruvik who actually escaped the Stem into the real world in the first game using a new body. they also send a technical expert to fix the computers inside the Matrix world of Stem, they basically could use that guy in the real world to fix the bugs and error of the system and be more useful, because aside of your body in the real life will die if your mind inside the Stem died but everyting you do inside the Stem basically will go poff! once you leave the Stem as it never happen before. i also find it hilarious that sebastian get's easily shocked by everything he sees in the evil within 2 with a surprised Pikachu face, while it should be normal to him by now after what is he been through in the first game which it was a lot worse and he's already aware and agreed to enter the new Stem this time. i kinda liked the first game a bit more even though i played the ps3 version of it which it's very rough and hard to go back to it now. the Evil Withing 2 only crashed on me once during the journy to plat it. the game hinted for a sequel too but i'm kinda skeptical about it now after i played this, also there maybe a chance that it won't be coming to playstation platforms after the MS massive buyout.. who knows, and microsoft will probably gonna turned the sequel into a live service using the cloud technilogy judging by their interest on these BS.
  7. pretty sure someone will do a trophy guide for it, I mean freaking Tt the walking dead someone made a guide for it in here, that game basically spit trophies by just playing it on whatever way or choice you do or like.
  8. Deponia Unlocked! / Deponia of all the point and click games i ever played up to now Deponia is one of my least favorite. the solution to solve stuff in it don't make sense at all... now i know why reviewers complain about the puzzles parts and the way you progress through the game. i mean at the beganning you'll get a plunger, and there's a toilet and two washing sinks in the house the first thing that came to mind is that you need to use it on those and you might gonna get to something but nope! you need to use the plunger on a rough plank of a wood to make a hole to get something from the hole.. also you'll be tasked to pack your stuff and leave the house and all of a sudden your toothbrush will have a mind of it's own and run away from you and hide inside a pile of junks, you cant grab it with your arms as it will bite you! so you need to find some nut and a mouse trap and throw it inside the junk pile to catch it. and after all of this hussle there will be no use for the toothbrush later on at all as you'll gonna lose it very early after getting it along side all the stuff you packed at the start of the game, the moving toothbrush will never been seen ever again! also half of the game's trophies are missable, so i'm pretty sure that most people who played this have gave up and used a guide and for the entier game and be done with it like i did, the game can be decnt especially when you solve stuff without a guide. of all the wacky ponit and click games that is already confusing to solve it's parts like Sam and Max ( which is my favorite! ) or something super short like The Little Acre i think Deponia is the worst, i mean yes i understand it's supposed to be cartoony and funny but still, i beat Sam and Max TDPH series and the little acre without any guide... i only used the guides to get the trophies i missed the first time, and i had a blast playing through them again.. in deponia i passed the house part and the departer attempt without any help, then at the city part i got stuck in there for two days before i gave up and followed a walkthrough. i have Chaos on Deponia next to playthrough it, even though i'm not betting on it but here's hoping it'll be better.
  9. nope, my original was the fat 30GB one, it had overheating problems out of the box I remember we couldn't even use it properly during summer times, me and my brother were about to send it for repairs but someone offer us a very good deal on a slim 160GB ps3 been used for two weeks in a very good condition complete in a box and we took it, we sold the faulty fat ps3 to someone who's very desperate to get a ps3 at the time, despite we told him it have problems but he insisted to takes it, he said he'll fix it too and so we sold it to him so cheap since it's a faulty console and we're even so generous to give him a game disc for free. we... at least i'm still using the slim ps3 to this day, my brother not anymore since all the game he's playing is on the ps4. I remember I heard from a friend of mine that the guy who purchased the faulty ps3 from us said the console have completely died, he did fixed the overheating problem and used it for a while, though luckily for him he already bought a brand new ps3 before the fat one died.
  10. this game is really good, though I agree that the bosses were a BS, some even felt untested and straight out cheap. the hidden boss of the ghost ship extreme is way much Bull Shittary he just run or dash at you or your allies and one hit kill anyone without even swinging his weapon, he just touch you and results in a 1 hit OK even if you or your allies are level 100.
  11. since you brought the " it's a souls like " and " reviewers blast it for not bringing anything new " then there you go. people started to really grew bored and annoyed by this overused formula that everyone especially indies are doing right now, and now with the massive success of elden ring expect more indies will do souls like to cash in on the trend. or in the short answer, maybe the game sucked? I never played Dolmen myself so take what I said with a grain of salt.
  12. they just want any excuse to force people from using these old platforms, so when the time has come and million of people have stop using their ps3 and Vitas they'll proudly gonna announce that they're shutting down the stores and PSN services on these hardware for good due to people not using them anymore, then they'll do a Nintendo by advertising that the Playstation Plus Premium will offer you an access to a wide range of older playstation games.
  13. Le Platinum Trophy / Cat Quest pick it up for 2 Bucks in the recent sales, it's a very fun action RPG game filled with cat jokes and puns, it felt like kiddy version of diablo, the platinum is very easy too. my only takes is that the game is very short, it's the type of where the game ended when the fun begin, also there's no indicator to tells you that some new missions been posted on a said town's mission board as you have to zoom out the world map then looks deeply on the worldmap till your eyeballs felt like it's coming out of their sockets to see if there's any ( ! ) mark on a mission board because even these ( ! ) marks will gonna be at the size of an ant when you zoom out the worldmap instead of getting bigger so the player can easily spot them. one day will get the sequel when it's landed on a sale. Kinda Off Topic: but could have finished this platinum super quick but these freaking people in Dreams just won't stop bothering me with their requests to remake their cringy OC's in my style, dreams is a very fun game to me but these requesters and remixers kinda ruin it for me >:(
  14. I didn't even knows about the existence of this game until now, online only gaming at its finest! 😆
  15. same here, though Y6 seems to not forcing you to win big at all the mini games like in the previous titles, unless I was wrong.