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  1. Tomb Raider 2013, 97% ( online trophy I'm All That! ) reasons " the multiplayer mode sucke ASS! in this game, not to mention the ps3 version online mode is a waste land even at release " Fat Princess Adventures, 97% ( online trophy Winner Winner ) reasons " the online is fine as you can still find people playing it, the problem people will quit halfway through the progress and nowdays my connection is really bad and put insult to injury my old hard drive died took all the stuff was stored to the graveyard with it " Light Tracer, 95% ( gimmick trophies The Distant Temple & Run or Jump? ) reasons " when a VR game got a patch to make it playable without VR Do Not Buy It If you don't have a VR.. more over DO NOT EVEN BUY THIS GAME!! "
  2. I noticed the trophies banner have changed on my ps4 so instead of saying Bioshock the collection Bioshock 1 or 2 now it just say Bioshock 1 Remastered and Bioshock 2 Remastered.
  3. Plasteel and Silica / 2064; Read only Memories this is a point and click game that rely heavily on story driving nature which mean i gotta keep this post away from the story as possible and only talk about what i like/hate about it. the soundtracks is really good in my opinion, the voice acting is a top notch! one specific character was even voiced by Jim Sterling himself. i really liked Turing ( the bubble head fella in the platinum trophy image ) so much! one of the most adorable robot i ever saw in a game so far, also the teens streetpunks Oliver and Chad aka ( Starfucker ) is also fine because i found them to be hilarious and funny so they got a pass. those above is the most things i liked in the game, but the rest is really not my cup of tea, sorry if this is gonna offend some of the good folks on this site but the rest of the characters is really not my type at all and even their design, they looks very weird, i know that the event of the game is in the future with a Cyberpunk touch but i'm talking about a woman that have a mustache and a beard and dressed like a man, i thought that it's a dude but everyone is calling her a she... that kind of stuff, but the most character i really hated is Jess.. and yes i know that a group of LGBTQ and the SJW is behind this game trying to send their message, i just didn't liked these characters. the gameplay is ok-ish, it's one of the least favorite point and click game i ever played, the platinum is really hard if you didn't follow a guide, most people told me the Threat Neutralized is the hardest trophy in the game and it's best to attempt it using the touch pad but i followed a video on youtube a friend of mine did ScarecrowsFate that he did it with the D-pad that i followed his way and got the trophy on my 5th try, thanks bro! but man, i hated that random nature last encounter final boss fight, i retried that more than 8 time on my first playthrough, i was very afraid to reach the end of the game with the one sitting playthrough without saving or restarting and might die on that last boss fight but when i reached it i pass it on my first try 😐 speaking of guides big thanks for Lojtana's trophy guide, it's really good and easier to follow. the game took me a freaking one Year and five months to plat....... many things have happen to me making me to take ages to plat this short game ( stop playing it, other games i got have over shadow it, i lost all my stuff on the ps4 due to a faulty HDD ) that kind of things.
  4. I found it, its completely Free! downloading it now. I promise myself to not spend a dime on a movie licensed games ever again as the last game of this sort I ever bought before making this.... Oath is Coraline on the ps2 and boy it sucked balls! i'm ok to play these games still, if I got them for free ( not paying my money on ) it can be a borrow from a friend or got them from a service and here I am. holy shit, the last Lego game I ever played was Lego Indiana Jones on the ps2, I remember me and my brother played it coop and once we beat it we never played it ever again.
  5. if you played 4 before five you'll gonna notice that GTA5 lacks a lot in comparison to 4 story mode wise just like how GTA4 lacked a lots in comparison to San Andreas.
  6. Sony have allowed a game like Life of the Black Tiger to be sold on their store, no one should be surprised anymore if there's a garbage game came after that, I don't think a game will gonna top Life of the Black Tiger.
  7. Ghost of a Tale, the word "Scrunt" don't have a description, when you press the description only refer it as too rude to be described 😂 though I don't know maybe that was intentional for the humor.
  8. i don't have the tools to tear up my ps4, bought two different screw driver sets and this cursed specific driver is not in them ( T7 and T8 ) if not mistaken... somehow these screw drivers do not sell in where i live, it's an excuse to force people to not open up their systems and to send it for repairs, this loud noise happens to me on both ps3 and ps4, and since the thermal paste replacement I never got worried about the fan noise, as long as it less noisy than that vacuum cleaner it's not a problem with me... Especially After Living With That Rocket Engine Sound for half a year. now I only open the ps4 just to clean the dust off the ventilation areas and dust off the fan, I can't tear open the ps3 to this day due to these screws under the disc slider.
  9. that explains how the two badass brothers that they escaped from a prison beating and killing an army of shorline's men's couldn't beat a single woman even when they teamed up 2 vs 1. at this point I assume even the indian child that Chloe befriended in Lost Legacy was supposed to be a boy?
  10. i'm not buying this, this really does sound like a damage control, I heard the game play of TLOU2 is really good but so far ND have really destroyed the good story that was built on the first game in favor to push for their political agenda which is really, really sad. gotta say we have to play the freaking game ourselfs to fully judge it " if Sony or naughty dog didn't delay it again or cancel it at this point that is " but right now i'm more interested on Ghost of Tsushima far more than TLOU2, let's hope Sucker Punch will not gonna screw that game too and I hate to say this but, for the love of God keep any of whoever working at naughty dog right now to stay away from GOT.
  11. when a Nintendo game released on a Sony platform 😆 jokes aside, i'll get this game, and then see when playing it if i'm capable of getting the platinum or not since i'm actually not planning on getting it's platinum, I assume the platinum in Wonderful 101 is easier than Bayonetta 1 and MGS Rising?
  12. I heard the first game is actually the worst one in the series, so It would be cool if they updated the gameplay and makes it more actiony and just remastered the old graphics at least. that if this rumor is legit that is.
  13. oh man I can hear the train wreck sound all the way from/to my house! 😮 should have never delayed it since the freaking game is already completed, I swear the moment this new Playstation boss took over and now everything is falling apart, go heavy on censorship/delays/kinda poor way to announce the ps5/moving the entire headquarter from Japan to the US/upset the fanboys by porting Playstation exclusives to the PC/pulling out from nearly every gaming events even before the Covid-19 problems " even though I kinda agree with them on leaving E3 "... I never saw the leaks but man o' man I hopeTLOU2 to be a good game,
  14. seriously, you guys need to replace the Thermal Paste of your ps4's used to have this issue with my ps4 ( base version ) in Ni no Kuni 2 my ps4 used to get too loud and when one of the characters do that fire hurricane magic, my game play will be interfered with a blue screen telling me the ps4 have gotten too hot... how ironic! and when I used to play God of War the ps4 will shut itself down immediately the moment the screen shows Kratos at the start screen. when I changed the thermal paste everything went to normal and my ps4 is quite ever since, I did played this demo and the fan do made some sound but at a normal level and not a jet fighter level.
  15. $1900? 😲 I can't afford a PSVR or a Nintendo Switch and this thing is freaking $1900?