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  1. Amplitude Gran Turismo 5 Gran Turismo 6 Max Payne 3 GTA V GTA 4 GRID 2 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Binary Domain Yakuza 4 Yakuza Kiwami KILLZONE 2 NFS Hot Pursuit Red Dead Redemption LBP Karting Mirror's Edge Battlefield Bad Company 2 Kane & Lynch 2 Free Realms ( before shutting down ) DriveClub The Witcher 3 Watch-Dogs
  2. from what I played. - Ni no Kuni 2. - Dark Cloud. - Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2. - World of Final Fantasy. though put in mind that these are Japanese games which mean the grind is very required! - dark cloud: the most annoying part is the fishing, you need to at least get on of the two ultra rare fish in the whole game then after that the rest of the trophies is straight forward. -ni no kuni 2: the Skirmish wars is the most annoying part in the whole game, also if you got an item called ( Smelly Shoes/Boots or Stinky Shoe/Boots ) early in the game DO NOT THROW IT AWAY OR SELL IT! because searching for one again is a pain! - hyperdimension neptunia mk2: the only thingyou need to be aware of is the endings, the worst ending is very tedious to do. - world of final fantasy: the mini games especially the hilariously bad one the Sandstalker is the only thing that will make the platinum very boring and so frustrating to attempt due to the heavily tacked on luck-based to win, other than that it's just your typical daily grind. this game act like a Pokémon game and the game will required you to catch or befriend all the monsters in the game and evolve every type to their final form.
  3. so far i'm not liking it.... number of characters is way too less in comparison to the previous two games which had a tons of characters... who the hell ask for Red dude aka Zavok to be a playable character? Who Ask for Big the Cat to return? the cars are soo slow in comparison to the previous entry despite the 60FPS. the story is very dull! I mean yeah I know it was made to appeal to the younger audience, the story in this game shouldn't have to be taken too seriously but the dialogs between the characters is the cringiest thing I ever heard this gen so far. the A.I of your teammate's is just Drunk! despite the times I help them they're always stay at 7th or 9th place the reason why my team suck ass on tournaments... you try to follow their slipstream and they will lead you to the railings or walls or drive like a drunk person making the slipstreaming a bit annoying, sometimes your own teammates will push you off the roads or prevent you from going to a direction or a path. why just we can't have a proper Sonic and Sega's All Star Racing sequel? though, I should gave them credits for sticking with the ground vehicles only in this game, I never liked Racing Transform due to the boats segments that took away the fun especially in online races, but then after I thought it will be played like the first racing game they add the team system, it's fun if you're playing it in three player coop but in solo it's not good at all. I don't know how IGN rated this higher than CTR Nitro-Fueled. please do not get triggered by my experience, it's just my opinion.
  4. not only that, it's not a problem at all but despite the 60FPS the cars are WAY TOO SLOW! it felt like it's running in Kids Safety Mode or something, I mean no matter how fast you try to go or even how fast your vehicle is it just felt like something is grabbing your vehicle from behind trying to slow it down, SASASR and Racing Transform races is a lot faster in comparison despite them running at 30FPS, wish if my brother have waited and got CTR Nitro-Fueled instead.
  5. What is Wrong with this site?

    does it go drunk again???


    all of a sudden it hides around 2000 games??? according to what it's say and I don't even have that amount of games, then my platinums dropped from 94 to 50??? and my country rank dropped from 230 to 700?? when I checked the status it tooks me to an error code 500?!!?

    then jokingly say they have sent a highly trained monkeys to fix the issue??? Wha????

    did we reached April Fool Day?


    i'm pissed!!!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. yellowwindow7


      I fixed it, turns out my PSN ID on the ps3 is the cause, thank you all for the help.


      I set the sync system to offline on the ps3 and I left my PSN ID on the ps3 unchecked for about a month and a half, I set it to online and update it then I got a trophy from dead or alive 6 and re-sync the trophies.


      though kinda a bummer that I fall from 230 all the way to 790 county ranking :(

    3. MidnightDragon


      I think Sly said the site ratings update once a day, so hopefully it'll be fixed by tomorrow.

    4. yellowwindow7


      I guess that is right, what if I sold my ps3 will it going to stay at that setting until I die?

      or is there a way to fix it without a ps3?

  6. never ran into something like this with my ps4, but I remember my ps2 way back used to make sounds like a bunch of mice doing some conversations under its hood when reading the discs... turns out the compound that on the gears and the plastic piece that help the lens to move back and forth run dry and needed to be replaced.
  7. no, It'll stay with what on my trophy list. let other see my shame and my true self 😃
  8. Screw Online Trophies To Hell! 😠
  9. This!! I agree with you 100% after I platinum NNK1 on the ps3 I lost interest on getting the platinum trophy for my brother right away, those Casino and the stupid genie that make stuff for you have made me hate the whole trophy list for NNK1, i'm just glad that there's no fishing mini game too or they'll gonna ask you to get all the fish's or tell you to spend like 200 hours on fishing alone or something. NNK2 is fun, it's not as good as the first game but I swear the platinum is a lot more enjoyable to get in comparison to NNK1's platinum.
  10. I don't bother with games that have online mode at all especially those online only games since the ps3, the majority of the games I buy or play are single player, and thank god i'm not too horny to 100% everything in my trophy list or this will gonna be a big problem to me.
  11. it's not really optional with the ps4 and eventually ps5 on the horizon, since online play required a plus subscription to use that mode that once was completely free and it should be free, so if you're a trophy hunter and wanted to 100% all of your trophies then most games had online mode that had those terrible online only trophies , and if you don't like paying for one of the simplistic feature the online play then you gonna left a lots of 90% to 80% on your trophies list with no platinum.
  12. that moment when they called Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within a good movie no matter what people say about it in episode one though... yeah, nice try Square Enix 😃 though I kinda think the soundtracks were really cool.
  13. it's not forced, the only way to force people to the plus subscription is to let's just say to made the whole store accessible to plus subscribers only ( which will gonna backfired on their face ) or puts YouTube, Crunchyroll, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu etc. behind a plus pay wall ( like Microsoft is doing on Xbox to some degree )
  14. i'm not installing it unless it's became Required to Use Online Functionality on the system.
  15. I hope they don't touch the full year price, it's already not worth it especially after cutting ps3 and vita games and only offering two ps4 mediocre games, the next month we'll be getting Sonic Mania and the Handsome Jack Collection, this is good! and I hope they'll continue with this good stuff but I don't know why I feel like they're doing this just to cool off the heat they create the last few months with the poor ps plus selection of games, and once the heat died down they'll return to put more walking simulator and the worst indie games possible.