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  1. it's because Dreams is in early access status, people are waiting for the complete game to be released like me.
  2. I still playing my ps3's a lot, especially once I Plat a game. when I Plat a game I always take a break from trophies hunting and go back to replay old games that I already 100% for fun, it could be anything on the ps3 or ps4, this is why it took me a while to Plat a new game once I done from my previous game. I buy my games to enjoy playing them, trophyhunting comes in second. if my ps2 is still working i'll play the heck out of it too, it's such a sad sight to see all these ps2 games on the shelf but can't play them anymore.
  3. thank god i'm not that desperate for a platinum trophy..
  4. I even forgot that this game existed...
  5. what's the ability to pin game's in the dashboard is for? so they can stay in the front forever so you can access them right away instead of scrolling all the way to the right? I had no problems with this as I made folders and add the games in each one of them in an alphabetical order. to me Trophies Progression and Games Timelog / Status, would be cool.
  6. I never played that mode in the game, played the story mode in offline coop with my brother and we Plat it. since then I deleted the installation and never touched the game ever again, sorry.. try posting in the Sessions section of this site, you might find people willing to help.
  7. WTF? is that true? then why the hell did these devs bother to add the ability to play the game without the PS VR? just great! now i'll have two unobtainable trophies left to Plat the freaking game, and I don't feel like buying a VR, one more developer to add on the avoid list.
  8. you really should be thankful with the ps4, I wonder what would you say if you only had an XBONE. this generation is more than good to me, I think it's better than the ps3 Era, I mean these consoles is going alive and strong with the exclusives and the ps4 is basically the Best this gen on that end, yeah Sony recently pisses a lot of people with the weird censorshiping of a natural M or A rated games but seriously aside from that they're the one that did a far better job than the competition this gen. and no, I don't count the stupid cross platform play crying out which is really sound stupid that not many people seems to be talking about anymore.
  9. the PS Plus is Irrelevant to me since the day it was announced back then, the only time my brother subscribed to it is because of the three free months of Netflix service if you subscribed to a whole year and that's it! was never interested to the free games at all... Spoiler! ( Nothing is Free! ) we subbed in late 2018 and the best two games I ever got was Serious Sam 3 ( ps3 ) and Iconoclasts ( a Vita title but playable in the ps4 via cross buy ) and since then I completely lost interest 100% to this service, I mean even with the PS Plus i'm still not interested to play online as the majority of my games are single player games.
  10. Nintendo may follow the same route if they became the leaders, they used to censor stuff too in the 8 and 16-Bit era, now after they lost that crown to Sony they started to attract more people to their platform by any means necessary.
  11. I know that all platforms is also pushing for censorship but Sony, Man! SONY!! You Need To Freaking Chill Out! so the rating system of A and M is meaningless now.
  12. I was broke and I haven't received my payment yet so I picked up KOFXIV and call it a day.
  13. it's decent, but definitely not the best ps4 exclusive, I don't follow reviews either..... so The Last of Us got the infected that they're not technically Zombies.. the dead won't comeback to life, they barely seen eating corpses, they still think and breathing and feal the pain... and people were like it's a zombie game! this got these super powered human enemies and when been called zombies people got mad saying it's not a zombie game? so why the last of us is a zombie game while this one is not then?
  14. Chalice of Torment / Shadow of the Tomb Raider and with this final entry of which supposed to be when Lara became the Lara croft we all knows Spoiler Alert!.... NOT!!! i'm afraid this will going to be my final Tomb Raider game ever, not really interested on a sequel after this mediocre game at all. the game can be a lots of fun especially to me during exploring the tombs and stealthy killing enemies then put booby traps on them then hide and enjoy watching other being exploded with them while checking and kept laughing my ass out in my hiding place, also make friend with those cannibal folks at the end of the game and go full attack on the Trinity something army is so Badass!.. i mean when the gate open and the queen lead the pack i felt like wanna scream with them so loud in my room. but man! other than the stuff above it's a really mediocre game, i really don't know how the hell this got 9 out of 10... really IGN?... Jonah is so Useless in this game and i don't know why is bother travel with Lara. the side missions were all fetch quests and kinda weird in a tomb raider game... kinda remind me of Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness which is not a good idea at all. NPC,s are so robotic chatterbox's, even the simplest conversations with them turn into a huge text of wall reading talking about pointless things, i set the NPC's to talk with their native thong.... everything was fine in Cozumel but in Paititi people talk so slow especially kids and you can clearly hear that the words been poorly edited as hearing them haven't finish a word then the next one played over the last letter. and speaking of language, it was so hilarious hearing paititi's and Mexican enemies talking english better than lara like it's their nature language with one or two guys doing all the enemies voice acting. swimming is something else in this game, water levels is already the bane of video games but in this game they decided to add underwater stealth gameplay to hide from piranha and such which i didn't like. the game is linear but they kinda wanted to push open world stuff into it which made the backtracking not fun at all, you try to speedrun through area's then you notice the game will freeze to load stuff.. it's even crashed one time at least while i was running through it so fast, so they add a lot's of places to slow you down, mud pools, and lara squeeze through stuff in the most generic way possible, i mean even a really simple narrow place that even a huge guy like Jonah can fit into like a glove Lara will takes ages to fit through even though the area is really not that tight. trying to speed through the game to unlock the last trophy is really annoying as even the skip button have it's own loading before you can press it, some cut scene is even can't be skipped. the animations were just copy and paste from Tomb Raider 2013 to Rise and ended up in Shadow. the story is a lot worse than Rise, i heard the same writer that wrote the story of Assassin's Creed Liberation and Black Flag is the one that did Shadow's which explain the chatterbox NPC's Paitit is really good looking place, but then you realize that the rest of the game event's will happen on this place to the end of the game meaning will makes you hate this city and get bored of it too quick, also you'll be forced to wear an ugly looking warrior dress of what the story wanted which will block you from wearing your favorite costumes that you'll get to unlock which is pointless. the platinum is straight forward in shadow, it's actually even easier than Rise, though your only concern should be Deadly Obsession difficulty. Rise of the Tomb Raider is no longer the worst game in the reboot as this easily took the cake as Tomb Raidr 2013 on the ps3 will remain still the best one of the three in my opinion.
  15. i'm actually not so surprised... 1- people got tired of the zombies games. 2- the hype of this game died out due to delays. 3- the game was overshadowed by bigger releases like God of War, Marvel Spider-Man. 4- a lot's of people kinda get burned out by open world games. i'm actuallysurprised it hit's 70 on metacritic.