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  1. the only thing that.... Used to.. keeps me coming back to them was the Rayman series, and after Rayman Legend I just basically forgot about ubisoft, I never cared about their games at all. and now they turned Rayman series into a shitty mobile phone games which gave me more reason to forget about them to even exist, I never liked the Ass Ass In Creed series, it's just not my cop of tea.
  2. online gaming is Da Future is going too well I see ☺
  3. mine would have to be. Fighters Megamix in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. you need to take out an opponent with each and every character in the game with an all-star move. I had to do the requirements of this trophy 4 times for this trophy and the platinum to pop up back then. The Entire Platinum trophy run in Legend of Kay Anniversary on the ( ps3 ). there's a bug that will freeze your entire ps3, basically any huge explosion happen on screen will froze your ps3 and the only way to unfreeze it is doing a hard reset, what you need to do is to look away from these explosions before they set off, sound easy on paper but thanks to the stupid ass camera it's a hell on earth to move it away in time, this bug is still exist in the ps3 version to this day. A guy called Quest in Little Big Planet 3. I believe this trophy is still a buggy mess to this day, now thanks to this asshole hacker that ruined the server for the entire series the platinum is unobtainable now on all 3 games. The Samaritan in Ratchet and Clank :A Crack in Time. to avoid the bug with this trophy the moment you started the game, quit/go back to the XMB and delete the save files and ( system file of the game not the installation ) then start and play it. clueless people will gonna play the game normally and do everything to 100% and this trophy will still not going to be unlocked. Top Secret in Serious Sam 3: BFE ( ps3 ). even if you did find all the secrets in the entire game on your first run this trophy will not going to unlock, what you need to do is to play the entire game again via chapter select by selecting the first chapter and play it again from start to finish finding all the secrets again for this to count and the stupid trophy to pop up. I really thought I wasn't lucky when that happens to me, but after I unlock it I tried and check if this bug is still exist so I played the game again on two different alt accounts of mine finding all the secrets on first try and the trophy didn't pop up on both accounts, I replayed the game from chapter select on one of the two accounts and found all the secrets and the trophy popped up.
  4. runs perfectly fine on the base ps4 I have no problem at all, I also got it as a Plus monthly game even though I didn't likes it as much as Asylum and City. maybe it's just not optimized on the ps5.
  5. the one with the " they have no idea how the switch port got some features where the ps4 and XBONE versions doesn't " have killed me 😂 i mean it could be anything ranging from a different devs worked on the switch port to add exclusive contents into that build, or Nintendo paid for the content to be exclusive to the switch port etc. but the only better excuse they have is They Have No Idea How's That Happen? THQ staff are always bad when it comes to fixing their broken mess, i'm still salty at Legend of Kay remastered on the ps3, that version have a game breaking bug that will freeze your whole ps3 and it's really annoying and super difficult to avoid that bug, this bug is still exist to this day on the ps3 broken version and the game is still on the store.
  6. almost all the character were broken when the game was first released, you can at the time do an infinite loop of combo with modern Axel as far as I'm aware.
  7. thank God I stop caring and most importantly I stop buying or playing wrestling games, the last ones I ever played was WWF Smackdown! on the ps1 and Def Jam Vendetta on the ps2, since then I never touched this genre of games ever since and even stopped watch WWE all together.
  8. probably got something to do with that, I still have the old HDD that I been using as an external hard drive to save some movies or pictures or my drawings, though the old HDD the " Seagate " don't have any information about its speed. I read that this problem also happen with COD MW2.
  9. Do Not waste your time on Team Sonic Racing, one of the worst mascot car/kart racing game I ever played, no joke. the only good thing in it was the graphics and even on that front the freaking ps3's previous game in the series Sonic & All Stars Racing Transform had slightly better graphics and it even runs way much faster despite being 30FPS in comparison to the 60FPS on team sonic racing, my brother have bought the game I believe one month after launch and when I tried to get the online trophies for it I never saw a single soul playing it online even when I tried the online again in another time.
  10. Trophy Hunter / Dreams man it's been a while since last time i posted here, though i return with an Ultra rare platinum this time right now this is my new addictive game, i spent hours upon hours sculpting, making character, drawing stuff and trying to recreate my house in 3D, and if i wanted to take a break from all the sculpting and stuff i would just go, play, listen and watch other people works. in fact i didn't even planning to plat the game but nearly 70% of the trophies i got them without even trying too hard, though two trophies have kinda ruin the fun for getting the platinum trophy.. Puppeteer and Music for All Ears. puppeteer ask you to waste a lot's of time animating anything, you don't have to be a creator just put a blank deluxe puppet and record your movement with it until one hour or so have passed. you don't have to sit through an entire hour, as the trophy progress will count all the time you spent and you can turn off your ps4 or ps5 to continue later, some asshole at Mm probably got mad that people way back in LBP 1 and 2 were cheating the time consuming related trophies where everyone just stay idle and go do other stuff to pass the time and so they add a system in Dreams that the timer won't advance unless there's a sign of life from the player by continue pressing the buttons on the controller and not just holding the stick up to run forever, thankfully i created three characters then i build a huge area like a racing course and fill it with blocks and stuff and then i recorded my game play with each one running around and so i'll try to race my previous recorded character and try to outrace it and i need to jump over the blocks just so i had an excuse to press some buttons, this way I killed the time without getting bored. the music for all ears is the worst offender here, you gonna be forced to publish 6 soundtracks online, the trophy guide here said just remix and republish online the same soundtrack of yours extra 5 more time i did a random boring music and publish it 6 times filling my page with it for everyone to see, thank god you can delist the stuff you put online, i'm not good at making music's... why do you force me into it if i wanted the platinum? the last trophy have really pisses me off though, which called Every Tool in the Box, i organized this last trophy so i can have a very cool looking platinum screenshot for once, but this stupid trophy got stuck or something, i did every requirement for it 100% in where i wanted it to pop up and it didn't over and over, the moment i left the cool place for the shot and wen't to one of my ugly mess works that i'm still working on polishing it and did the requirement the trophy popped up messing my screenshot chance. thanks game....... the platinum trophy of Dreams can be a really Hard and Super Easy at the same time, i can see why it's still an ultra rare platinum, and yes you can play it without the motion controls even though i think it's best to be played with motion controls on, the sculpting is a lot easier with the two move controllers option although you can pretty much do everything with the traditional DualShock 4 or Dual Sense.
  11. I remember the original on the ps2 had a bug that you cannot 100% so I got used to that and now the remaster ask you to 100% it, guess the platinum trophy is gonna be a wild ride to me.
  12. I did replaced the laser as well later on as its start to have reading problems years later, these two games still never worked to this day, I also forgot to point that every other game I have on discs works fine even before I replaced the optical drive too, the ps3 will do recognize SASASR and Tekken 6 but it's instantly shows an error code.
  13. unfortunately the ps3 will identify the DS4 as a third party controller and even treat it as one despite been made by Sony themselves, and as you know it some games on ps3 will only gonna work with a DS3, not only that the controller must be an official DS3.. looking at you Beyond: Two Souls.
  14. it looks like the problem is not the blu ray drive at all. for an example my ps3 can no longer read my copies of Sonic and Sega all Star Racing and Tekken 6 despite the game disc's are in a very good condition no damage on them at all, the moment I replaced the hard drive these games have stop working. but when I put these games on a friend's ps3 they worked fine, although the sonic racing game also didn't works on some of my friend's ps3, when I did a search about that the results said some games in the ps3 era only works with a specific HDD... something like the Segate ones that usually comes with the ps3 as a standard when buying it brand new. my ps3 used to have a Segate 160 GB HDD, then my game's library got bigger and I had to install a bigger size HDD so I went with a Toshiba 500 GB, the sonic racing game used to works if I deleted the patch and played it offline but now it just won't work at all, unlike the sonic racing game Tekken 6 overall just straight said Nope! the moment I replaced the hard drive.
  15. i can't even afford a ps5, let alone this controller :'(