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  1. they just want any excuse to force people from using these old platforms, so when the time has come and million of people have stop using their ps3 and Vitas they'll proudly gonna announce that they're shutting down the stores and PSN services on these hardware for good due to people not using them anymore, then they'll do a Nintendo by advertising that the Playstation Plus Premium will offer you an access to a wide range of older playstation games.
  2. Le Platinum Trophy / Cat Quest pick it up for 2 Bucks in the recent sales, it's a very fun action RPG game filled with cat jokes and puns, it felt like kiddy version of diablo, the platinum is very easy too. my only takes is that the game is very short, it's the type of where the game ended when the fun begin, also there's no indicator to tells you that some new missions been posted on a said town's mission board as you have to zoom out the world map then looks deeply on the worldmap till your eyeballs felt like it's coming out of their sockets to see if there's any ( ! ) mark on a mission board because even these ( ! ) marks will gonna be at the size of an ant when you zoom out the worldmap instead of getting bigger so the player can easily spot them. one day will get the sequel when it's landed on a sale. Kinda Off Topic: but could have finished this platinum super quick but these freaking people in Dreams just won't stop bothering me with their requests to remake their cringy OC's in my style, dreams is a very fun game to me but these requesters and remixers kinda ruin it for me >:(
  3. I didn't even knows about the existence of this game until now, online only gaming at its finest! 😆
  4. same here, though Y6 seems to not forcing you to win big at all the mini games like in the previous titles, unless I was wrong.
  5. One Percenter \ Days Gone ( ps4 ) sorry again for the no platinum trophy image. now that's out of the way, I finally got the platinum trophy of this game, I started it somewhere in 2019 then my ps4's HDD said Nope! and died on me deleting all of my ps4 life and memories with it and I absolutely lost my interest in the bigger games I started that time including, Darksider 3, Star Ocean IAF, The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Nioh, Death Stranding and this game. the game can be really fun, especially during night times as I sleep till the night fall and leave the camps on foot leaving my bike on the camp and you'll encounter all sorts of dangers lurking under the moon freakers go out searching for anything on their food chain wild animals like wolves, cougars and grizzly bears tries to hunt you down, and especially the swarms that travel around in a massive group that can easily been spotted and will chase you if they saw you. also is very cool to see animals and other enemies attacking and killing each other. other than that, the game is kinda mediocre to be honest, I mean it didn't do anything unique in comparison to other open world games except the swarms which is so fun to take them down but any other thing was done better in other open world games. the game also have some weird design too.. like wild animals are basically a bullet sponges, when I started the game I shot a normal wolf on its face with a hunting rifle four times and with a shotgun twice and it didn't flinched and even got close and it killed me, I shot a buck on its head twice with a sniper rifle to take it down yet wolves dies in 4 to 5 slashes from your butter knife and or 4 to 2 hit from your crafted melee weapons which is way less powerful than your guns ._. not only that, the Breakers, which is the normal Freaker but on Steroids take Ages to kill with your guns but unlocking the ability to stealth kill bigger enemies will only took one knife stab from the back to kill it and it was so funny to see, it's like you kill a wild African Elephant by stabbing it's belly with a tiny sewing needle. and for some reasons missions won't start until you completely leave a camp, I mean I thought the missions will trigger after some time have passed so I ended up taking a sleep on the said camp, wonder around it for a bit and nothing will happen, as soon I leave the camp the boss of the said camp will ask me to return to it because he or she have a job needed to be done... there's also no variety of missions in the game, majority of the side missions especially midway through is clear enemies camps, save a kidnapped person and wanted alive targets and anyone already knows about this but the game is full of bugs and glitches, I heard it was way worse when its first released but it's still have some of them left even with the most recent patch, my bike once fall of the map while riding it and it was so hilarious, I was riding it then all of a sudden decon just crumbled to the ground and the Bike Gone ( pun intended ) in the world map I see the bike icon in the place but during game play it's not there, I had to run to the closest camp to retrieve it, maybe it's not wise to go with unreal 4 engine if you wanna make an open world game since Unreal 3 and 4 are the worst for these type of games, time will tell if Unreal 5 is better .. the game is also Way Too Freaking LONG! when I reached halfway through it I just felt like I had enough of it but the dull story kept going on and on and on, and this is the only first party Playstation game that had way too many loading screenscreen, the loading times aren't as bad but it reminded me of Sonic 06... you're in game play mode, black screen cut loading, cinematic plays, black screen cut loading, back to game play... where in other open world games like marvel spiderman or horizon the game play and cinematics are seamless. the sound effects, music and especially the graphics are really good! it sounded as if the Sony first party quality budget went to these aspects the most. the platinum trophy is easy to obtain, though the same cannot be said to the free DLC trophies, especially the challenges, most of them are ultra rare is either because how tedious they were or it's like in my situation as I completely got burned out of the game upon getting the platinum and don't feel like doing them at the moment. sorry if the wall of text took too long to read, I just wanna get all of this out of my chest.
  6. hello everyone, I just experience this BS of a license bug, I saw this game on the recent 74% mega march sales, I wanted to buy this game on the ps4 and in the sales it say Unavailable, i got frustrated and when I clicked on it it allows me to download the full game for free which is around 38.4 GB when it's finally finished downloading it say Trial Version, in-game. when I clicked on the Download the Full Version it takes me to the store and say that I already purchased the game, now I'm also got stuck like this unable to play the full game or even purchase it whose the idiot responsible for this mess?
  7. ah yes! modern gaming.. the game must be launched in a buggy mess state so they'll fix it later nonesense. even if they now ported an Atari 2600 game to the ps5 nowdays they must and will ship it with framerate issue and corrupted data " Features " 😃 so they'll fix it later. it sound stupid, but nowdays I will be shocked if a game released without any bugs and glitches day one like the old days.
  8. already plated it on the ps3 years ago, not so sure if I'll get around and Plat it on the ps4 as well.
  9. oh, so the slow down stuff was the site? 😮 and here I am blaming my table to be the reason for quite a long time now.
  10. i don't give a shit about diablo and especially COD, but the stupidest thing Sony have ever done is not buying the rights or IP of either or both Crash and Spyro.. hell it was even shows that most of the sales of Spyro the Reignited Trilogy was on the PS4, the once been a Playstation mascots and even been known to be a Playstation games, and now it's a Microsoft/Xbox properties, I love spyro so much and it's sad that probably the future game to be Xbox exclusive now. Phil Spencer after they buyouts said that he will still gonna support other platforms just like before the buyouts saying that he doesn't want to play dirty by forcing the Playstation crowds to get an Xbox to play COD from now on... wait, hold up..... *Phil Spencer: we'll still gonna support Playstation just like before buying Bethesda, buying up Bethesda dose not mean to cut out the Playstation install base from enjoying these Bethesda's IP's. a few months later: Starfield and probably the upcoming Elderscroll to be Xbox Exclusive!* Yeah Right, Phil...
  11. there's still some interesting games on the ps3 that never made the cut to ps4/ps5, not to mention there's still some RPG's that you have access to only if you own a ps3. as long as it have trophies people will still gonna go back to and play on it to earn trophies and boost their profiles. call it all you want but you have to admit that trophies / achievements do help sell games, gave them replay ability.... and now keep people going back in troops to play legacy platforms 😃
  12. Ethan Winter / Resident Evil Village ( ps4 ) hello follow trophy hunters, how things? ☺ it's been long since last time I posted here for a new platinum, and sorry for the no platinum trophy image, the laptop i usually use for posting stuff have died on me and now I'm using this lousy tablet of mine to post this which I don't know how to do copy and paste on tablets. anyway here's my Resident Evil Village platinum, finally done with this nonsense of a platinum, I have to stop anything i was working on on my ps4 just to finish the freaking mercenaries mode. I had zero problems beating the game on Village of Shadow difficulty since I grinded some money to buy the best weapon in the game and then some to buy the unlimited ammo mod for it, the only difficult part was when finishing Chris segment at the end of the game. what really frustrated me was the mercenaries mode, some idiot in the developers decided that you must get an S rank on all levels and made a trophy for it, the mercenaries mode in RE Village is among the worst, some enemies won't respawn unless you clear a room off enemies and when they respawn they appear far away from you off camera, resulting you continue forward to the goal missing them out. i'm one of the folks that don't like the mercenaries mode in RE series, suck at them and always pass on this mode, and now to get this platinum then I have to force myself in playing something I do not like and boy what a pain.. thanks to the youtubers Whitelocks and Abyx Gaming for their playthroughs and guides as I had to watch their videos multiple of times to learn a few tricks before attempting my own way. this game is really fun to play ( i'm talking about the story mode ) but man it's disappointing at the same time, I learned it was nominated for GOTY, the game's fine but personally I don't think it's a GOTY material, the game awards is a joke show now days anyway. I got this game as a present from a friend as I don't usually pay with my hard earned money to buy games like this, especially the moment it was out.
  13. oh, so it's more of an MMO than a minecraft wannabe?
  14. what the hell is the tomorrow children? I remember people listing it as one of the worst games of that time and when I got a ps4 I seen some game play of it before shutting down, most of what i've seen is just kids running around mining resources, does it have some combating?
  15. a remaster for GTA 4 ( Without the Online Trophies Nonsense! ) , Liberty City Story, Vice City Story and Chinatown would be lovely and far more welcoming than these three that I played to death by now. I believe the PC ports of the trilogy have fixed the pop in's.