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  1. so the trophies is basically scream Ryo Hazuki Simulator: The Shenmue Experience!
  2. Batman Arkham City screw the perfect freeflow 2.0 and whoever the asshole that design that trophy, I swear that trophy alone made me hate Rocksteady as a whole. when the platinum popped up it felt really good! never played Arkham City on my main account ever since. Serious Sam 3 I love this game so much, the online Co op is a wasteland which is needed for the online trophies and I was lucky to have this game as a plus free game which by the time I got it the online Co op was revived for about a month or so, despite that I gave up on one trophy required you to cut a boss head off with two other players there was this special day I played the game and found two players playing in the same boss level and we got this stupid trophy and boy it was a relief! Medieval Moves accidentally I was among the few people who got two move controllers before buying this game which helps me greatly on boosting the online multiplayer trophies that thankfully can be self boosted offline in two players mode with two move controller, I hate gimmick based trophies too but thankfully I still love on rail games. Dark Cloud 2 the platinum trophy for this game is not fun at all to unlock and I reached the end of the game and really wanted to earn the platinum so bad for two of my most favorite ps2 games DC 1 and 2 so I I return and start knocking the challenges one by one and done them all after I was about to quit 2 times then continue the story and the platinum popped up... this is the hardest Plat I ever got on the ps4... NEVER AGAIN! Ragnarok Odyssey Ace ( ps3 ) collecting all of the cards in the game is basically a strong luck based RNG, I played this game for a whole year and I don't know how many card left to pop the last trophy since there's no way to check which one is missing, I gave up and after another year I returned and replay the old high ranks missions ( that i already beaten like 7 to 10 times ) and after the loot check screen the platinum popped, I couldn't believe it back then making it the most annoying Ultra Rare Plat I ever achieved on the ps3. The Evil Within ( ps3 ) Akumu mode is Really BAD! especially when the main character take ages with a bazillion of frame for one animation just to light a matchstick. Dead Space 2 Hardcore run made me hate Visceral Games forever! I had to stay awake at night farming power nodes for a hour and a half then play the game carfully to reach halfway through and use my first save file and Issac is the fragilest video game hero I ever seen, I mean if someone throw a tomato at his face his head will violently explode and his limbs will fly all over the place, not to mention that once you die you have to watch all of the cinematics because visceral games don't know what the Skip Button is, I was one of the few people who didn't felt sad when EA shut them down.
  3. you sure about the graphics part? because from the looks of it Life of the Black Tiger is winning that crown.
  4. - Shadow of the Tomb Raider. ( Tomb Raider 2013, is one of my favorite ps3 games, Rise was ok-ish, Shadow felt like a very Very cheesy action movie that tries so hard to be good ) - Light Tracer. ( this game will crash itself if you stay idle for a while, probably the looping animation for everything have a memory limit or something, plus if you don't have a PSVR like me then DO NOT BOTHER! as two trophies will be locked and can only unlocked if you have a PSVR despite that none VR update, the only thing that I find it good about this game is the soundtrack of its trailer ) - Team Sonic Racing. ( this by far the most boring and dullest "Sonic in a Car" game I ever played, not joking but I liked the two Sonic Draft on the Game gear more than this, and ironically I was calling Racing Transformed a step down in terms of fun in comparison to Sega All Star Racing, not anymore! and the online is a wasteland now thanks to CTR ) - Burly Men At Sea. ( I got this via PS+ and thank god I never paid a single dime on it " but Yellow, you paid for the plus subscription " nope! my brother paid for the plus and I get to play all these for free ) Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut. ( another plus freebie, the story is really boring and I heard they even add it with an update patch, the physic based puzzle in this game will teach you how you will gonna hate realistic physics in video games for the rest of your life ) A KING'S TALE: FINAL FANTASY X2. ( saw this as a free to play without even the PS plus and I learn why this game is 100% free nowdays ) - My Name Is Mayo. ( got it for only 8 cent, and you could say it's a great deal for a game that have a platinum trophy but this... game if you wanna call it is basically a trophy unlocking simulator ) Spelunker World. ( only played this back when we got the ps4 with nothing to play on it, but when the good games start pouring, I deleted this online only BS of my ps4 ) Darksiders 3. ( can't state a reason since i'm still working on it but man i'm already not enjoying it )
  5. yeah my brothere was so pissed that he wanted to use the bike to jump a ramp to land on a small island surrounded with a pool of water to pick something in the main game and despite the game is programmed like this the bike will just doesn't make the jump even though he's 100% sure building enough speed to jump. after like 7 tries he makes it. the whole game is a glitch fest and it's kinda baffling these devs kept patching the game every month eating more free space on the hard drive to only update the challenge mode while leaving the main game a bit glitchy.
  6. no thanks, I learn my lesson. last game that had a none VR update I bought was Light Tracer and it turns out that two trophies have been locked up behind the VR requirement prevent none VR players to get the platinum trophy. I tried to contact and write a comment to the devs behind that game since they also have a YouTube channel but it was like talking to a wall.
  7. still better than the Emo, Heavy Metal Tattoo advertising called " Warrior Within " that's for sure. the HD collection on the ps3 were based on the PC versions and not the ps2 which ended up to be slightly worse, I mean sure the polygon count been rised but in return the cool special effects seen in the ps2 were all gone, I swear I seen a texture on a ground somewhere that looks like a minecraft texture in sand of time in this collection.
  8. I was headscratching at the re-post of this game's trophy list and just learn that the original game happen to not have a platinum. I heard the original game got positive reviews on steam and was planning on getting it since then on the ps4, but now it have a platinum and some improvement i'll sure going to pick up this version.
  9. I assume 90% of the people whose complaining about the camera and some even was mad at the hit box system of the game have never played the original before and pretend that they're a huge Playstation fans since the ps1 days 😂 from what I remember the original was exactly the same... well except it doesn't have the bugs and glitches of the remake that is, so technically this is a very faithful remake to the original. if they patched out all of the bugs and glitches at least puts a performance and graphics option to both ps4 and ps4 pro they can sort things out.
  10. if there's a dead space 3 remaster you gonna bet your ass it Will gonna have Lo..... Surprise Mechanics! the original ps3 and 360 game have been built with micro transaction in mind so it's obvious.
  11. I just wanted to know if Ghost of Tsushima is still a ps4 game or not...
  12. Be greater / Marvel Spider-Man this by far is the best spider man game and the best super hero game i ever played right now. seriously, it tops my beloved spider man 2 the video game on the ps2 and it's more fun than both arkham asylum and city, and it's twice the epicness of infamous 2. i really loved the boss fights especially when fighting both Rhino and Scorpion, there's also some really good small details like when i dressed peter parker as Punk Spider Man the people who was subbed to Spider Man's website start talking about the new suit as some have likes it and other hated it and then on the radio news later on J. Jonah Jameson started his hate speech of spider man saying people should stop praising spiderman on what new suit he comes up with and focus on their lives as he think the punk suit is very stupid, then people started to reply on his account on Spider Man's website ( NYCITYCRAWLER ) or something making fun of him and how he's just jealous of spiderman 😂 the things i really dislikes about this game is Merry Jane and Miles stealth missions as they sounded and played in an outdated fashion to today's standard, especially MJ's... you just stealth your way then enter a room to looks at stuff, as i really liked the final stealth mission of Miles when trying to escape Rhino, which have some really good tension since sometime they will remove the pointer on where you should go in that section. also i hated some of the side missions, especially the Taskmaster's challenges about the Drone, because the web swinging system in this game is focusing more on speed instead of accuracy and after i F bombed a lot in my room i just realize that you don't even need to get gold on all of them which i did, you can just get silver/spectacular and it should be enough. i will gonna try to 100% every DLC of this game once it land on a sale one day. next platinum is Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash! which is the closest to plat from what i'm playing now.
  13. can't wait for TOAD howard to tweet " Sorry For This Inconvenient Error on Store Fronts, It Won't Happen Again " then remove this $100 subscription fee.
  14. Okamiden was very disappointing, not to mention that instead of been on the ps3 or the wii at the time since the ps2 and the Wii got the game they release it on the SD of all places... which most of the install base of the system never even played Okami. let's just hope this " Sequel " won't be a mobile game as it most likely would be a mobile game.
  15. I never had or participate in Facebook despite my friends who tried many times to force me to open a page there suggesting to post my drawings on Facebook to get more attention but I just decided to go with DeviantArt instead which make sense, so i'm not missing on anything with this news. my brother got a Facebook and he received a message from the Playstation staff about this even though he does not post anything related to his ps4 progress on Facebook, the only thing that changed on his PSN account is the removal of his Facebook avatar.