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  1. RE2 back then was the best game in the whole series, and RE4 is the best game in the series with this new off the shoulder camera angle, this RE2 Remake have took this two games and mix em up together. the original RE2 does have some stuff that didn't transferred to the remake and RE4 is still have some gameplay elements that unfortunately is no where to be found in RE2 remake but it was still a good remake, guess we can't have all the nice things.
  2. it's an old post but i'll leave this here if there are people who were still wondering out there... controller do works on ps3, though light bar do not works but only flash yellow when it's recharging on the ps3, touch pad / speaker / headphones jack / rumble / motion sensitive were all do not works on ps3. some games do not works with the DS4 on the ps3 like, Beyond:Two Souls, and especially Gran Turismo 5 and 6 which tell you that there is no controller been detected, ironically LBP 1, 2, 3 and Karting all can be played with a DS4 despite that all of them have motion sensitive game play. you can use the DS4 wirelessly on a ps3 by holding the Share + Home Button until the light bar start to flash white then on the ps3 use the " search for a bluetooth devices " once you do save it as a wireless controller, though, you can only use the DS4 wirelessly on the ps3 just to browse the XMB....... ps3's home menu. because games and other applications cannot run with a wireless DS4.
  3. Raccoon City Native / Resident Evil 2 Remake oh man, it felt like ages since last time i posted here. this is an easy plat but man the 4th survivor is so frustrating! it's a luck based too as sometimes without eating a mixed herbs if an enemy hits you you'll not gonna lose health but sometimes they hits you and you'll reach caution or danger status, sometimes enemies will let you pass easily and sometimes you won't until you get your daily hug and kisses check. this is easily one of the best remakes i played in a long time but i gotta say the defensive weapon idea here is a bit stupid in RE2 Remake, i mean it worked on RE1 remake but in here it's very dumb to see an enemy grab you on that whole animation while you can't help but wait for the enemy to bite you if you don't have a knife or frag grenade or a flash bang... then ironically your character push them away to break free. in the original you can stomp zombies heads or kick them when they grab your legs, now there's an animation where they grab and bite your legs with a " dumb founded " looks on your character's face. a big shout out to my brother who helped me on the S+ ranks as he's very addicted to this game, he went to my account while i was sleeping and got the S+ ranks and i really didn't complaint at all and also a big shout out to the Youtuber called Darkness that have one of the best Easy S+ rank guide ever. i really don't feel like 100% the Ghost Survivors DLC, at least for now.
  4. the Base PS4. to be more precise, the 1TB all black ( no gloss top part ) model.
  5. please tell me that I can do all of the multiplayer trophies offline with a second controller. god I hate online trophies, why the hell online trophies exist? 😠
  6. I really hope it's just a temporary issue, I go there every time I need a trophy guide since unfortunately psnprofiles is really lacking on guides, I mean I found Silent Hill downpour freaking guide in there where in here people are mostly interested on making guides for an insanely super easy to plat games. I mean who the hell need a guide for my name is mayo? there's even a guide for Tt's The Walking Dead a game that you can plat in one sitting by just finish it which is a head scratching.
  7. say goodbye to the rumors that the ps5 to be backward compatible with all of the Playstation platforms, I just hope they don't remove the Playstation classic section off the Playstation store after this.
  8. I heard about the movie yesterday and I thought it's just a rumor since the Internet these days is filled with rumors and fake news.
  9. three gaming trend I wish to die soon or at least developers need to take it easy on abusing too much on every new game they're working on. 1- it's The Dark Souls of. I really starting to hate this idea of no mater how OP your character is a low leveled enemy can still kills you in one hit then you have to start from far back. this is just an excuse so devs not to waste their times on developing and teaching the A.I how to think and react depending on the player skills. 2- pointless open worlds. while I do enjoy open world games too much latest one I loved so much is Horizon ( haven't played RDR2 nor Marvel Spider-Man during posting this ) but some devs start making their games an open world just to cash-in on the trend... resulting on an open world so lifeless and so empty and there's no need to explore them. 3- the Battle Royale. Arma start it, World War Z stole it, PUBG populate it, Fortnite Battle Royale made money of it... and now everyone and their mother want a piece of it.. Realm Royale, COD BO 4, freaking Battlefield V will have it too, the Calling 2, shitty ass Radical Hights, and one this and more to comes soon, it's a matter of time that Sony and Nintendo to release a first party exclusive Battle Royale games as well.
  10. even though this site is about trophy hunting but I don't buy my games due to easy platinums. so the games I loved so much or addicted to will keep them so I can play them later, the mediocre ones will be deleted to save some space on the HDD, the bad ones I will gave them away for free to a related or a friend.... you had no idea that there someone out there who really want them or even likes these games that you consider bad and if you gave them up for free the person who will takes it from your hand will appreciate it. I never in my life sold a game to someone, if they want it I gave it away to him/her for free especially if - i no longer can play it due to the machine that play it completely broke. - the said game is not in my favorite list.
  11. I'll wait until it became a PS Plus freebie.... I tried the demo last week and without even noticed I fall asleep at the end of it while holding the thumb stick forward, when I woke up I saw the " thank you for playing " screen lol! the demo got noting to do in it except walking forward SLOWLY!! while the story will be a flying text floating on the path you're walking. I think the soothing music playing in the background is what put me to sleep.
  12. lol he used to be my favorite fighter in MK3 on the Genesis.
  13. Hunted Towers as a kid back in the ps1 days I remember when I used to go all the way to that special fairy to kiss me so I can have the super flame breath, I remember I hopelessly trying to find ways to exist the level without losing the super flame breath but no use 😅 Ice Cavern I used to stay all day long in this level just to listen to its soundtrack in a never ending loop, now with the remake the level looks so beautiful! set the soundtrack to the original and play the level is very entertaining. Cliff Town back then I read in a local gaming magazine that if you stay long enough in cliff town the soundtrack will change to a smoother one and they said the sun will goes down. I sat there waiting and waiting and the soundtrack did changed but the sun never goes down as they claim, though, staying that long in the level have made me fall in love with it, and with the updated graphics it's even much better.
  14. even though I had no problems with, but for someone who just came from the ps1 spyro games and gets into the reignited collection the flying stages were worsen out. - the hit box for spyro's flame breath got ruined as this time around spyro need to get so close to the object to the point he was about to give a kiss for so he can flame it. - the camera angle sucks! when you try to fly up, the camera get so low trying to create a dynamic view. - for some dumb reason they decided to add a bit of a realism, I mean when you fly in a low altitude near the waters the air will be less, making the waters /sea drag spyro towards it like magnet, I don't recall spyro games being realistic. - the timers is far much shorter than in the originals.
  15. The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 sorry no fancy looking poster here.. but TBH I didn't likes it that much, Pan and that titan chic Diane were my favorite though. I couldn't continue the show as my Netflix subscription have expired I really wish if we could pay the monthly fee via the PSN wallet money, could have been easier and less painful than the requirements of Visa card.