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  1. before it released on the ps4 it was considered one of the best Steam game of all time, no joke. so even if it's priced at $10 it still worth it. so yeah.
  2. Kingpin / Saints Row: The Third Remastered not new to this game since i already plated the original ps3 version back then, could have plated it so quick but since i love this game so much i intentionally played it while taking my time with it. while graphically it got some massive improvements that made it almost like a remake when compared to the ps3 version, they did fix some of the dumb stuff seen in the original, it's not just a new paint. - cars and bikes now controls way much smoother and better. - framerate got a massive jump from 30FPS / 28FPS to what it seems to be ranged from 60 to 50 or 40FPS, i mean i have a base ps4 and the game was running most of the time at 60 to 50 or 45FPS, so i assume it's a solid 60 on the pro or XBONEX, though you can cap it at 30FPS if that's your thing, but still it's a huge improvement form the ps3 or Switch port. - finally got rid of the annoying other gangs and police to road block you randomly while you're on the run. - got rid of that stupid random stuff where sometimes you see workers block a street with their truck while standing there like bots doing nothing. - got rid of NPC's riding their cars where they all of a sudden hit the breaks hard and do a sharp turns to drive to the other way, though replace that with drunk drivers that you see them have difficulties controlling their cars and if they hit something and stop they'll comes out while holding a bottle of a drink then start puking then get back to their senses. other minor stuff.. - made the clothes more realistic looking than the plastic looking ones on the ps3. - removed the camera app from your phone.. i think is because on the ps4 you can now take screenshot's via the share button natively. - they add some sort of a ray tracing, cars will reflect on each others bodies even when you or other NPC's walks past them, and you can see reflections of people or you and any other stuff to be seen on buildings mirrors/shiny finish objects or on pool of waters on the ground, i'm not a technical genius so i don't know if that's ray tracing or not but i know that these consoles does not support ray tracing natively as you have to add them to your games by an update or some thing.... maybe this explain the nearly 60GB of the whole game? though, not all are shiny and rosey.. - i notice some weird graphical bugs like the world sometimes to be covered with white grey or light brown fog and the skybox goes completely black making the world looks like if it cames from a nightmare-ish horror film or something, this mostly happen when you finish a mission, it happen to me twice. - many clothes after getting the new texture got some graphical corruptions especially the masks in the eyeholes areas. - the jet black color on clothes is a bit messed up, in the original you can get a jet black shoes or a clothes if you likes but in this remaster the black looks more like a darker grey cement and black hair, eyelash, eyebrow looks really weird. - one of the scene when visit the wrestler Angle will show that he's boxing a punching bag, when he hit the bag you see the bag swinging while there's another bag stand idle on it as if they add two model on top of each other. - the mornstar earring when you use it will float away from your ears, and speaking of float, when you enter the Leather and Lace shop, on your right you'll see a mannequin wearing a naughty girl's glove but the glove is floating over the mannequin's hands. - the big one that they never fixed since the ps3 days is the problems with the start screen, if you have a bad internet like i do you know what i'm talking about, the game will freeze the moment the start screen shows resulting the entire ps3 to freeze and require a hard reset to fix it, this still happn on the ps3 even after the server been shut down, on the ps4 this still happen as the game will takes you to a never ending loop loading screen but at least the console doesn't freeze. the only way to avoid this is to disable the internet before starting the game, on ps3 you need to disable the internet until you done playing since the ps3 won't allow you to enter the system's option while using an application ( give the ps3 a break, it's an old tech! ), but on the ps4's remastered you can just enable the internet once you pass the start screen. oh, also for a weird reason in the remaster during gameplay if you have a bad internet connection the game may lag even if you're playing it alone with no one online, this never happen in the original ps3. finally the platinum trophy is straight forward to attain, nothing is hard to do, the challenges might bored you to death to attempt them all since it's a one huge ass grind to the end, good thing they removed the Jumped In trophy, because it required you to create a character and share it online, this made the ps3 version platinum almost unobtainable now due to the server been shut down. sorry if this takes too long to read ( if you ever bother to read it all ) i need to keep stuff so short in the future, stay safe and stay classy guys and gals 🙂
  3. PS1 - Spyro 2: Riptos Rage. i'm a huge platformer junkie at the time and this game have catch my full attention on the ps1. PS2 - Dark Cloud. this is my most played game on the ps2, looking at it nowdays it's heavily outdated but personally i never get bored of it at all, i bought the ps4 emulation port and made the gameplay time to freeze at 99.59.59 hours. PS3 - The Last of Us. something very special in this game made it addicting to play over and over and the online mode when i played it back then was very fun, i can't believe all of this been flushed down the toilet, thank you very much Neil Drunkmann 😑 PS4 - it's between God of War or Ni no Kuni 2. for GOW it's seriously the most fun game i ever played this gen, i enjoyed exploring the unknown sailing from an island to another with Boi. as for NNK2 it's the only game that i sunk 360 hour on alone this entire gen ( before my ps4 HDD ran into an issue wiping all of my stuff ), i never clocked this much hours on a ps4 game other than this, the dreamer maze dungeons on the highest difficulty possible with danger level 5 add some rush of blood tension to me, i played this back to back with GOW so it explain why i had to chose one of these two. PSP - never owned one since i'm not into handheld gaming, but judging from PSP games upscaled to ps2 that i played on ps2 i had to chose Siphon Filter: Logan's Shadows. PSVita - never owned one since i'm not into handheld gaming, but judging from Vita games that got remastered for the ps4 that i played on ps4 i had to chose Gravity Rush. PSVR - no comments. need to play the thing myself to judge.
  4. it's a dumb question but, changing the console name can unbanned it?
  5. i'm just sitting here laughing my ass out at the mad people online and sony's pre-order screw up. what's the freaking hurry to jump to next Gen is beyond me, now that Horizon 2 the Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales is also coming to the ps4 there's more reasons not to rush towards next gen consoles so fast. I kinda felt that this next generation consoles thing itself is been rushed out too early and the results... more cross gen games, more games ran on newer machine looks no different than current gen and not many games is seen running on these new hardware, at least I give Sony credits that they did shows actual next gen graphics with Ratchet and Clank Drift Apart, and Demon Souls Remake and such.
  6. yo, what's the lucky one ps4 game that isn't tested on the ps5? i'm kinda curious.
  7. I bet the ps5 to either be $499 USD or $490 USD for the disc based one and the digital only to be $290... um... judging from that the ps5 to be less powerful than the XSX, then surprise us with a deal to turn eyes to them ( and I don't think it's something about the online will be free ), I don't know if that's a good deal or not but gamepass now had EA Play with no additional cost, Sony have the Playstation Now and it's not a good service despite the ability to download the games to your ps4, especially when compared to gamepass " the only good thing on Xbox side in my opinion "
  8. Tomb Raider 2013 ( ps3 )
  9. it's actually made the S rank more and more annoying on specific levels, I really hate it when devs patch their games to made them more and more annoying than before instead of made them bareable and possible, it's like if they got so mad seen these youtubers is beating the crap out of their beloved enemies that they sunk hours to develop and they strikes back. getting an S rank on at least Hard on one level is already a torture, let alone all levels with this latest patch, my left thumb is sore now, looks like I might gonna take a break from playing SOR4.
  10. the Y Island is very frustrating now with this dumb patch, when you fight MS Y inside the castle now she move in a Turbo-like speed and keep pokes you with her stupid sword from a distance, also the two suit of armor in the room once you break them two ninja will appear seems to be hiding inside them, I was playing the game on Hard difficulty.. not sure how it will be like on Mania, also it maybe it's my imagination but heavy weight characters like Floyd and classic Max now move a bit faster. I really hoped this patch to add the ability for all SOR4 characters to run and the run ability is not exclusive just for Cherry and SOR3 classic characters. my left hand thumb now hurts thanks to the slow movement characters of this game.
  11. I almost forgot about the ishin series exist.
  12. Knack is Cool Babyyyyyyyyyy!
  13. Angry Joe did an angry review for the ps4 port, it's hilarious, you should watch it.
  14. could be wrong but check out Japanese sites, someone might have already did a full guide in Japanese? if that's the case then you need a Google translator.
  15. i'm not in a hurry to jump into next gen, i'm here to read the comments