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  1. lol he used to be my favorite fighter in MK3 on the Genesis.
  2. Hunted Towers as a kid back in the ps1 days I remember when I used to go all the way to that special fairy to kiss me so I can have the super flame breath, I remember I hopelessly trying to find ways to exist the level without losing the super flame breath but no use 😅 Ice Cavern I used to stay all day long in this level just to listen to its soundtrack in a never ending loop, now with the remake the level looks so beautiful! set the soundtrack to the original and play the level is very entertaining. Cliff Town back then I read in a local gaming magazine that if you stay long enough in cliff town the soundtrack will change to a smoother one and they said the sun will goes down. I sat there waiting and waiting and the soundtrack did changed but the sun never goes down as they claim, though, staying that long in the level have made me fall in love with it, and with the updated graphics it's even much better.
  3. even though I had no problems with, but for someone who just came from the ps1 spyro games and gets into the reignited collection the flying stages were worsen out. - the hit box for spyro's flame breath got ruined as this time around spyro need to get so close to the object to the point he was about to give a kiss for so he can flame it. - the camera angle sucks! when you try to fly up, the camera get so low trying to create a dynamic view. - for some dumb reason they decided to add a bit of a realism, I mean when you fly in a low altitude near the waters the air will be less, making the waters /sea drag spyro towards it like magnet, I don't recall spyro games being realistic. - the timers is far much shorter than in the originals.
  4. The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 sorry no fancy looking poster here.. but TBH I didn't likes it that much, Pan and that titan chic Diane were my favorite though. I couldn't continue the show as my Netflix subscription have expired I really wish if we could pay the monthly fee via the PSN wallet money, could have been easier and less painful than the requirements of Visa card.
  5. I got both games from the NA store, I live in the middle east region and the base PSN store here is the EU ones, I think it's not the store problem that these games doesn't exist in the store here, maybe they were banned in here or I don't know, because I swear the Xbox 360 version is still sold physically in local gaming store brand new in where I live.
  6. it's a really good remake, the third game need some patching though. even after platinum I'm still playing it, I platted all three games on all the multiple accounts on my ps4 and now i return back playing them again on my main account.
  7. just when I thought life of the black tiger have won the contest of the worst mobile game that grease the PS Store.........
  8. everything sounds fine for me until the stupid speedrun trophy......
  9. I got mine from the Premium Edition ( NA Store ) I believe Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and it's DLC Pigsy Perfect 10 doesn't exist in the EU region, same as Alice: Madness Return.
  10. it's still going to be published by EA so keep your expectations low guys and gals, Bioware or not.
  11. YES! he's not biased towards one platform. though, anyone know what happen to AlphaOmegaSin? he used to cover any wide spread news in gaming but now he just went radio silence for a year and a half.
  12. it was made by the same people who did the amnesia games, I heard many people who played amnesia 1 and 2 got so disappointed by SOMA as in terms of game play Amnesia 1 were the best.
  13. Sony's new censorship policy..... we should let Sony aware that we don't like this censoring ( especially for games made for adults in the first place and it's selling point is the fan service ) we stay in silent like this and Sony will gonna expand on this censoring to a point in the future where even violence bloody first party games are gonna tuned down and third party games to completely skip Sony's platforms.
  14. Platinum Trophy \ Rocketbirds 2: Evolution ( PS4 ) first of all this game is Hilarious! the soundtracks is one of the best i heard from an indie game, and the game can be fun if you know what you're doing.. now putting that away..... i... personally kinda didn't likes it, 60% i spent on this game being frustrated the whole time while the other 40% is getting the hang of it trying to enjoy it as much as i can. " the mini map system is very confusing! " just about getting to knew where i was at or need to go i enter this door or going down with an elevator and the map showing me being at a higher floor, this have gave me a lot's of problems the first time playing the game. this reminded me of Lone Survivor Director Cut as the game is a 2D but for an odd reason the guy behind the game decided to gave the game a top down four directional map which was a head scratching. " the water is the chicken's worst nightmare " the game never told you how to even jump out of a pool of water, you just need to randomly mash the jump button in hope you jump high and pray to god it's high enough to grab a ledge to pull yourself out and i died a lot's trying to get out of a pool of acid because the safety platform is two high to reach and you need to time your jumps... or something to reach it. other problems i had is when reloading a gun, it took forever seen how your character is reloading a gun something that i saw devs who likes to make games like this really obsessed to do, which reminded me of another game that looks slightly like this one Guns Gore and Cannoli, that game also had the same if not worse reloading animations, if this is an AAA first person shooter it would make sense as they want you to see how cool and realistic the reloading looks but the problem with games like this or guns gore and cannoli is that these games are Arcade experiance so you wan't them to play like an Arcade and no realism to ruing the fun. i might sounded too harsh on the game but this is me first time playing a rocketbird game, never played the first game before and started with this one since i got it for free as a PS Plus game, so maybe this is a reason why some of the stuff in the game didn't make sense to me? i don't know.. also why there's no trophy guide for this game on this site? big thanks to the Youtuber Remi as he's the only person i found that did a full video guide for all the trophies of the game.
  15. I haven't yet played a darksiders game before and the third game kinda interest me from what saw but seen how the game on consoles run like a potato then it's wise to not touch the game until it's heavily been patched.