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  1. For me, it shows I'm in the discord, and then it wants me to react by clicking the thumbs up emoji to gain access. But when I do that, nothing happens and only the "#read-me" channel remains available. Any ideas?
  2. Oh no....☹️😬
  3. Yeah you're right, my bad. OK guys so what is the best script for single Oval races(not championships)? Hi Septomor, you haven't posted in a few days. Are you still working on these scripts? I'm planning to start using the script tomorrow but I want to be prepared. Is the Tomahawk on Special Stage X still the best method for a single race? I want to use a script that's the most reliable. The most money isn't as important. Just want to be AFK.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a couple of the Mission Drag Race challenges reward you with like 30K or something? I remember doing them recently and it gave it me around 30K. Using the Tomahawk VGT that's like 100K every 5 minutes or so, yes?
  5. OK guys, I need help finding and equipping all 34 accessories. So far I have 30, and my completion is at 88% and I need four more accessories to get 100% for this category. I've already obtained both half for beating the normal boss and the other one for breaking all 25 statues. I have *NOT* started a New Game+ yet. What I want to confirm is, that I need to buy both accessories from the Secret shop? If I save up and buy both of them, will that bring my total accessories from 30 to 32? If yes, then what about the other two? I can't figure out where the other accessories that I'm missing are. Are there a couple more that are only available in NG+? If so where do I find them? And last but not least, do I actually have to *equip* every accessory at least once for it to count, or is simply having them in my inventory enough?