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  1. I also I have PRO with an SSD and I'm always in the front so this may indeed be the case.
  2. Yup, when the shop switched to being random and got a legendary colour and pattern the first day are so lucky. I managed to get a colour but haven't seen a pattern for 6 days now =(.
  3. It's really not as "Luck-based" as people are making it out to be. I achieved it 3 times while going for 40 on the battle pass with my highest streak being 7. While the majority of my losses were indeed due to the team games, the only team game that I personally found to be a huge issue is Jinxed.
  4. Best advice for the not falling over is to not jump unless you need to and stay away from other people.
  5. It does auto grab the closest person in the direction your facing as soon as you're in range, but holding R2 does slow you down so you do need to time it correctly still.
  6. The issue with grabbing them but not getting the tail is caused by tapping R2 instead of holding it. Sometimes when you go to grab while holding R2 you do end up getting the tail from impossible distances. HOLD don't tap.
  7. I hit 25 an hour after, which was 1 match as I took a break after getting the trophy. I ended up getting 7 wins in a row before I lost a game of team grab ass. It does end up being pretty RNG depending on who you are up against but it doesn't seem as bad at everyone first thought. Best general tip I can give is to blend into the crowd, people love to grab hotdogs and such. For the final rounds. Crown Race: This is pretty RNG depending on where you start, I find the right side to be much better. The cannonballs pattern seems to always be the same, on the right side you can use the flipper when it gets hit by the cannonball give yourself a huge boost if you jump at the right time. Hex: If you're up top, jump. If you fall early, destroy everything. I prefer to do a spiral pattern. Grab ass: Greatly depends on how competent the other people are, I normally try to stay around the outside edge and run up if they try to cut me off.
  8. There is not a 10 win trophy? It should have actually been my 15 win. and I'm also 25 on the battle pass so I'd be right around the same "MMR" as you.