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  1. 2022. The DLC is free (UK PS Store).
  2. Yes, I tried to do it normally on both SR3 and SR4, both did not work. I wouldn't say this method is complicated, Dante did a great guide making it clear and concise, especially, on the new method. Took me 10mins max and once you did it for SR3, you can straightaway pop the trophy for SR4 in secs.
  3. As of July 14th 2022, I can confirm, this method still works. I only tried the new method. My router supports IPv6 however that method didn't work so I tried IPv4 which did work. I got both online trophies for Saints Row: The Third (Jumped In trophy) and Saints Row: IV (Saintified trophy)
  4. Questions: 1. Does the Asian-English physical copy have this trophy list (Japanese) or the global trophy list? 2. Does the Asian-English physical copy have all the DLCs on the disc like the Japanese version? I already have the Japanese physical copy of the game and am planning to trophy stack. It would be pointless to get the Asian copy if it uses the JP trophy list. I would have gotten my region's (UK) copy but unfortunately, the DLCs have been delisted in the PS store and I do want to have a 100% completion for the game. I heard that the HK store still has the DLCs in their PS store but I haven't made an account yet as I am hoping that the physical copy would have the DLCs already on the disc. Thanks.
  5. Title. Is this the Asian, Japanese or...?
  6. Is there a trophy list for the PS4? I just recently purchased a PS4 slim (yes, I know, I am late asf) and preordered the Primogen Edition PS5 & PS4 (hopefully, to upgrade to a PS5 slim down the line). I only see PS5 list on here so I'm assuming PS4 shares the PS5's trophy list. I'm new to PS4 so please bear that in mind. Thanks Edit: I preordered the game on the PS store website.
  7. Thank you!
  8. Still available in the UK PSN store