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  1. @Dragonxlave Do you happen to know if any of the trophies are missable?
  2. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/explore/ps4/my-ps4-life/my-ps4-life-video/?psid=A8Q0ntrAml FFXIV - 4602 Hours Monster Hunter World - 229 Hours Yakuza Zero - 193 Hours A bit of a gap there...
  3. So technically you could make a really easy prison with each empty type of room and farm the snapshots?
  4. Yes all the slot are unlocked, I also bribed the warden, got take over ending but no trophy, am I doing something wrong here? Edit: Nvm I restarted the game and 3 trophies unlocked all at once, the warden bride, 1 point in each skill and 10k$ damage, I guess something was wrong with my game
  5. I have one point in every skill but got no trophy for it, does anyone know how to unlock this?
  6. It launched yesterday, I bought it and can confirm.
  7. It can be done in one playtrough of that lenght, you just have to pay attention to the companions side quests
  8. Anyone knows an online manga shop with free delivery to europe ?

  9. You should record in hd resolution, that would be the first step, In 2014 it's not acceptable to still see 480p
  10. You can unlock those cheats after picking up red bricks, those codes only unlock them earlier
  11. Those are probably some of the trophies that gave you more trouble to get, I can't really find any other correlation between them
  12. I doubt that would last a minute lol more like 10 seconds
  13. It's 99% the same as Xillia 1
  14. Nothing happens, because the trophy is already unlocked on your account, doesn't matter what you do
  15. I don't think it's that hard to find 3 friends to play with