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  1. Ah, here they are, it's sad that I will never be able to have 100% completion because of these games thank you for the suggestion though!
  2. Would it be possible to filter for unobtainable trophies in the new trophy advisor function or can I only find them scrolling manually? (mine has 23 pages unfortunately lol)
  3. It was already confirmed a while ago
  4. I've been lifetime premium for many years and I've had it happen to me recently, and it lasted more than a month
  5. Does the ps4 physical release have a free upgrade to ps5? Do they even have any differences at all? Seems weird that they would release a separate ps5 version if nothing changes. I would like to have the disc copy but at the same time I want to play the ps5 version.
  6. I have the base game with all dlc installed, the quest bugged out at me with the infinite loading, then when I tried skipping cutscenes right away it worked
  7. This thread is a bit old but it worked fine for me when skipping the cutscenes right away, I don't see anyone mentioning this...
  8. I just tried and it doesn't seem to work in the Great ace attorney guide, but it works in the Ninja turtles one that I used as a test, any idea why? Edit: nevermind, after going in and out a bunch of times it worked
  9. Hi, not sure if this is already possible but it would be nice to be able to hide trophies from a trophy guide (the whole box with the description on how to get it too) so it could be easier to read and keep track of the things that I still have to do. Would it be possible to do?
  10. Going by most trophies and points given by the platinum, it's probably Elder scrolls online on ps5: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13184-the-elder-scrolls-online Edit: Could also be dead by daylight with 173 trophies, not sure if points or number of trophies affect the percentage more: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11765-dead-by-daylight
  11. It amazes me to see how many people feel entitled to receive a free upgrade, that the devs had to work to make, for a game that they had already got for free in the first place.
  12. Isn't this supposed to be out already? I do not find it on the Eu store...
  13. Hi guys, I've been trying to unlock this trophy but I cannot get the option to sleep in the dumpster to appear. I tried all methods and guides that I could find, started the game over a bunch of times with different builds, internalized the hobocop thought, tried not speaking to the manager until night/not getting the key to the dumpster etc. Nothing worked. Can anyone that unlocked it on ps4/5 tell me exactly what they did? Thank you in advance.
  14. Awesome! that was much faster than I thought 😂
  15. Ok, thank you for looking into it 🙂
  16. Yeah, I basically have a "Game list" which is my backlog where I add all games that I own and still need to play (it's huge). And I was looking at all the games published by artifex mundi since they release one every 2 days, and noticed that the little green plus to add to my list does not show up there, since at this point I kind of use it as a reference to keep track of which games I already own, it would be useful to have. And it would also speed up the process of adding all games from a publisher/series to a list if someone wants to do that
  17. First of all, thank you for the awesome project that you made HusKy. As for my question, would it be possible to have the option add games to a list also when searching by publisher? I do not see the option appear when I do that. 🙂
  18. This is beyond ridiculous, 3 different (and overpriced) season passes for a bunch of maps that could be put in one at most. Remember when a season pass meant you could get all content at once without having to pay for anything else?
  19. I am pretty sure you need to pass certain skill checks to initiate the task when interacting with the mirror, but I am not completely sure. There are also other instances where you can learn about dolores dei.
  20. You do not need to send the body to the fridge to get the boots, you can just take it down from the tree and leave it on the ground, then come back to it after Kim went to bed and get the boots off (rinse them in the Kitchen at the whirling rags). The day after you can send the body away with Kim as you normally would.
  21. I received the same block yesterday evening, all I did was update my profile and a friend's, once. I am also a lifetime premium member since many years. Can this be solved in any way?
  22. It's not difficult at all, there are many missable trophies that you need to know what to do to get, but with a guide it's not hard at all. You should do a blind run first of course, to experience the game for yourself.
  23. It is now available in Europe too, but while the bugs for the armor and statue are solved, everything else was super glitchy, after every interaction/dialogue I couldnt move anymore and the camera started drifting randomly, I had to save/reaload a ton of times just to get through the final part.
  24. It seems to be available in the US/Canada, no EU yet.
  25. No, I did not touch the body at all, I just rushed a new run and focused on the things people said needed to be done to get the trophy done