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  1. Ahh! gif ain't showing up so here is the lionk to see it in motion! https://imgur.com/FGgmfG8
  2. Select Single No Crossplay Region - Choose Oceania or South East Asia due to finding partner ALOT easier. Once in match run to middle and both players rapidly tap R2. This will increase the rally speed MASSIVELY! you can get 2 sets done within 30 seconds Rematch and Repeat till 50 wins
  3. Woke up around 1pm (i know.. shut up) watched some youtube videos on my phone. make tea and grabbed some coffee cake. Now currently sat back in bed watching some PS4 streams on my PS4.
  4. Cake (to be specific it was coffee cake & homemade too)
  5. Persona 4 Golden Dragons Crown Killzone Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  6. PSN ID KaiPhx PS Systems PS3, PS4, PSVita Accepts Blank Friend Requests - I will not accept blank friend requests but if you mention you are from PSNProfiles & we have any games in common ill accept Currently looking for people with ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 & dragons crown too!
  7. MK - Johnny Cage Tekken - Steve/Bryan
  8. If your a plus member doesn't it save to the cloud?
  9. Lives on Melancholy hill... what a lovely place that is!
  10. Skyrim (only bought it brand new for £10!!!)
  11. Welcome! My backlog is about 15+ so I know how you feel haha!