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  1. ah ok so 40 is not maximum now. Thanks guess ill finish ng+ story first as i need to recollect those villain trophys to start showdowns again...
  2. how do you even get 20k power? i made level 40 gear with lvl 40 mods and only at 10-11k power....
  3. Still no word on a fix? are they even going to fix the trophies?
  4. Yup same as on ps4 the clippings not spawning or unlocking again if i did them on ps5 already so waiting some more time on that fix aswell...
  5. There was a update just now, but seems it is not fixed yet, tried it and had 600k dmg on museum but no trophy...
  6. Still no news about fixing the trophies?
  7. I did it on Ps5 first and now on Ps4 version they do not spawn anymore but i have already all collected because of the ps5 version... so can't get the trophies on ps4 now.
  8. any idea how to fix the collector trophies from the clippings on ps4 version if i done them on the ps5 already, cant collect them again it seems on the ps4...
  9. Any idea when the we have the best insurance is going to be fixed on ps5?
  10. Normally we should be able to preload now but only ps4 version is in the store, the ps5 version is only the beta so far.....
  11. Where is the ps5 version in the store? is there even a ps5 version? Want to preload overwatch 2 but can't find the ps5 version.
  12. I followed a speedrun guide while playing at the same time, without pausing the video or my game i did it in sync while watching the video and my timer was 2h 42mins. So it is doable but you cant pause the game as timer keeps running so either you suspend the game by an app, put it in rest mode or you do what i did and do your run in sync with a speedrun video without pausing both. Good luck everyone!
  13. I just did s rank with no saves and i followed a video guide so i had to pause a lot. Ended with timer 1h 58minutes with a lot of pausing (even went to bathroom) so i can confirm that you can pause the game and timer stops. Good luck everyone!
  14. If you find this hard or impossible its best you stop trophy hunting all together. Some people and their comments are pathetic, freaking out about this. Got so used to these 5minute pleb easy games that require no skill at all? Same goes for autopopping or stacking 5x same easy game, its sad times nowadays. Sjeesh, who remember the ps3 days where every game and platinum was so much harder to get and so much more satisfying.
  15. Pausing stops the timer. I did it on ps5 and got the platinum. Pausing sometimes on ps4 version too now, also 2h is more then enough to speedrun through this game. You can even do it in an hour or so if you know where to go and skip dialogues quickly. Enjoyable but easy platinum.