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  1. The Steam patch 11 days ago fixed achievements for PC. How long does it take for Sony/Xbox to approve a patch?
  2. March 1st community post from Mundfish Quick dev update on the state of the game Hey Comrades! First of all, as usual, thanks for your feedback and reports, we don't always have time to answer to everyone, but trying our best. Update on the current (comrade) major issues in the game neuromodule. The drops are fixed for the new game, fix for old saves in the upcoming patch achievements. Some fixes in the upcoming patch, more in the work white tv screens. Working on it, should be fixed soon overall game stability. We improving game stability on the daily basis on all platforms There is no ETA on patch delivery, this is complicated systems on multiple platforms, hope you understand. Have a great day and thanks for all kind words and constructive criticism!
  3. It amazes me how often people get triggered on here and yell at people for discussing trophies on a trophy forum on a thread called trophy hunters beware. What annoys you and what you dislike about others is a reflection of what you hate about yourself. Back to the game!
  4. This guy is on a trophy forum with 143 platinums acting shocked (and complaining) that people like to get 100% completions 😭
  5. Exactly. Would prefer a permadeath mode trophy to these stupid minigames. At least then the difficulty forces you to master the combat system and style. People are buying this game for the katana executions—and it’s asinine that the developers attach a trophy list that makes you spend considerably more time doing a ridiculous, chop stick sushi eating sim.
  6. How would you guys rate the platinum difficulty out of 10? I realize no one has gotten the platinum yet but your general impression of how hard it will be, is much appreciated. I’m all for really challenging difficulties but getting perfect button inputs for 8min long mini games with no sword/gun gameplay doesn’t sound like fun.
  7. The most frustrating thing is all of the snail-pace shimmying between pipes and crawling. It doesn’t build up tension it just kills it. The one good use of this was when the infected guys eyeball opens and follows you. If you take the forced walking sequences and cutscenes out, it’s a 4hr game. They don’t do anything interesting with the hundreds of identical eggs in the environment except for spamming you with the same ridiculous jump scare. The suit you wear for most of the game looks like it was ripped from Mass Effect. Everything that Callisto nails (stunning graphics, intense encounters [prior to update that only lets one enemy attack at a time], the premise of being on a prison colony) is just cannibalized by all the stupid hitches. I hope we get a sequel because the components for greatness are there. I finished up the newest trophies but the games faults are amplified in a way that wasn’t apparent in the first playthrough.
  8. You’re welcome! One other recommendation I forgot to mention—get the block break upgrade ($900) for the baton as soon as you can. Fights take forever without it because enemies will block you after two swings almost every time. With that, and Riot Control Swing ($300) you’ll be good to go 👍
  9. I’m on chapter 10 Dead Space Impossible Mode right now and beat Callisto Hardcore a few days ago. I don’t think you’ll have any issues with Hardcore. There were probably 3 sections that took me 5-10 tries but more often than not it was me restarting a checkpoint to do it more efficiently. I didn’t bother with gun upgrades until the end when I had a lot of credits. Put credits into stun baton and GRP upgrades. I finished almost all sections just using the stun baton and GRP (occasionally using the pistol to shoot the heads off spitters/shoot robots in the head to get their credits). The only gun I used for bosses was the riot shotgun (and a few pistol shots to make room in inventory). Don’t put any upgrades into guns until the last or second last chapter. It’s more important to have money for buying ammo for bosses. I think I needed about 28 riot gun ammo to defeat the 2nd last boss and 30+ ammo for the final boss. Use GRP as much as possible. Enemies mutate pretty fast. No biggie if they do, it just takes longer to finish them off. The game is a lot easier than it was at launch because only one enemy will attack you at a time. I never needed more than 1 health pack in my inventory so sell the rest. Summary— 1. Upgrade GRP and baton and use them everywhere possible. 2. ignore gun upgrades until the end when you have a lot of credits. 3. always have enough credits to buy ammo (particularly for the last 2 bosses).
  10. So far I’m finding the Block Break upgrade to be essential. I initially spent the $900 on the stun baton medium damage upgrade. I accidentally deleted my most recent save file and had to replay an hour. Decided to instead get the Block Break with the cash and it makes defeating enemies much faster (especially when paired with heavy swing.) Light swing/light swing/light swing (which breaks their arm) and then heavy swing knocks them down. As they’re getting up, repeat. Doing more damage doesn’t speed up the fights as much as breaking their arm because they block you every 3 swings. And, when you take their blocking arm off, you’ll be dodging less because the length of their swinging combos is reduced to 1 or 2 instead of 3 or 4.
  11. Dang I was hoping to have enough credits halfway through the first NG+ to max out upgrades. 53,100 credits is needed for all upgrades so it sounds like you can earn ~23,000 credits/playthrough (considering you earn more credits in the later chapters).
  12. I noticed it not showing up also. Just an empty tile.
  13. I need 2 more Fu drops and one more Midori. Every boss except for Fu had super rare drop rates that seemed to follow the same bell curve. I’ve beaten Fu upwards of 40 times (and for 2 hours straight today) and he hasn’t dropped ‘Mark of a Goddamn Superhero’ once. My best time beating him is in 2min 58sec and it’s never more than 3min 30sec using the stun lock. He drops other pink materials but never the unique one 😤😤😤
  14. I have yet to get the pink drop from Fu. I need 2 more Twin Fist Beast Blood Crystals, 1 more Cross Sword and 2 Fu Pink Drops for Galactic Power. Aside from Fu, the pink drop rate for me was about 14% of the time.
  15. Edit: NVM the X-Seed tweet loaded for me now. That is good news! And the fact that the trophies work fine on the Ps4 means it shouldn’t be that complicated to diagnose and fix. I think the platinum shall be attainable soon!