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  1. even PS5? Ouch maybe annother DDOS attack? But thanks for the info! I will keep an eye out on those Servers tough if they come back. Thank you all for the fast feedback
  2. Hello there Trophyhunters. Me and a few others were doing our best to get as much as we can out of Lost Planet 2 (even with those hackers ruining it for everyone). Now since yesterday February 27th, i can't seem to connecto to any of the Onlien Services anymore. Doesn't matter if its Campaign, Factionmatch, Ranked etc. I get Connection Errors and 8002A4A6 as an Error message. I fear, and guess that the Servers have been shut down without warning. That reminds me wasn't the Sony Japan Studio Closure yesterday too? But i doubt Capcom was affected by that.. Then again who ran the PS3 Lost Planet 2 Servers? So yeah, this might be it, for our adventures on E.D.N.3 -Ray
  3. i have way to many! And just found out Lost Planet 2's Servers aren't working anymore...i hope that is just a hiccup aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  4. The Moment i turned my PS4 on this game started downloading out of nowhere! I think for me its a Demo tough, still it did surprise me.
  5. Hmm i think they should re release it on the ps4 together with Okamiden, so that we finally get the whole package