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  1. I can confirm I got the Diamond Trophy this morning with a time of 459.99
  2. I found it a bit tricky until I discovered right towards the end you can literally climb up walls. I just thought you could double jump, so I basically completed the game without wall jumping.
  3. This is a Kickstarter funded game. I backed it so my name will be in the credits. It’s hopefully being released in January.
  4. How strange. 53 and 72 haven’t unlocked for me either even though I did everything the guide said. Must be a glitch of some sort. Can’t be a coincidence that two different people can get the same two missing files using the same guide.
  5. I’ve been keeping my eye on this, it’s been months since I contacted the developers about the trophy glitches. They did get back and say they were going to fix it but that was months ago. However it appears at least somebody has now been able to get the Plat. I’ve fired up the game and the glitched trophies are still not popping, but hopefully whoever has got the Plat could be a developer, playing a patched version. So let’s hope for a patch to be released soon.
  6. I've stopped my playthrough until they fix it. Only 4 levels in but noticed trophies weren't popping as they should
  7. How dare they make a game accessible to all.
  8. 11,049 and proud
  9. I've just found out the answer to my own question. If you already completed the criteria for the trophy before the patch, once you have downloaded the patch all you have to do is load up each additional characters save to unlock the trophy so you don't have to delete and start again as I first thought may be the case
  10. So if you completed the criteria for this trophy before the patch, what do you have to do now it's patched? Will it auto-pop, or do you have to re-do the opening zone for each character again?
  11. There is no log, you literally have to replay the game making sure you collect everything and read everything. A walk through will help. Once you know you have done everything on a level you can quit and move on to the next. Not sure about the cutscenes being able to be skipped.
  12. Level 1 and 4 brings the percentage back up to 83% from 75% but that's it, can't get over 83% no matter what I've tried. I've completed every level with the fatboy, even with a gold score and without crashing even though it doesn't ask for that but I did anyway in case that was required. Contacted them directly to ask if they are aware it's glitched or if a patch is incoming so fingers crossed
  13. Firstly, I'm absolutely loving this game, but sadly as I've come towards the end and got close to the platinum I've found a trophy which has glitched The trophy Up to the challenge has glitched for me. It requires you to complete every level with the Fatboy jet. I have done so but it won't pop. Other people have reported it also. The in game trophy progress tracker has me stuck on 75% then when I redo certain levels i can get the percentage up to 83% but if I ever restart the game it goes back to 75%. Some people have platinum'd the game so not everyone has had the issue Anyone else? Hopefully an update can sort it, it's not been out long
  14. Username is markytonline83 Vita mega fan, with 70+ boxed Vita games and many more on PSN
  15. My first post, hello all Uncharted Rayman Origins Everybodies Golf NFS Most Wanted Gravity Rush