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  1. I got the trophy on the original version and NA version. I did not unlock on the EU version. I deleted the EU save file and relaunch the game and accept the EULA. After that, three trophies still didn't unlock. Anyone else had the issue?
  2. Looks like this game had two separate lists. NA & EU versions.
  3. The PS5 stack of SnowRunner was finally arrived. What did you guys think?
  4. Easy enough platinum. Anyone remember watching MLP FiM? I haven't. Yes, same guys who made the other kids games like Hotel Transylvania, Paw Patrol, and others.
  5. Looks like they recently added new trophies on two new DLCs.
  6. I have the crashing issue on Tubi TV when the show episode ended with the credits and up to the next episode and it crashes. Hope this app needs a patch on PS4. Do you guys have the issue?
  7. I'm having trouble losing the cops with the 3-5 Star wanted while I was going for the trophy for holding up all of the 20 stores. Cops kept killing me and lost some of the money. >:(
  8. I was going for the platinum on that game but unfortunately the cheats disabled trophies on the latest patch. Is there any other ways to made the platinum trophy much easier?
  9. I'm having trouble with the painful challenge. It took me many matches. Using the Emu to protect the player by the Random/AI shoots the emu. Two people left in the match and Skunk Spray Gas comes forward and player/AI shot me and win. Any tips for the impossible challenge?
  10. "Gosh darn it, Dave!!! Blocking people won't solve anything!" And yeah, I will hide the game on my profile because trophy being bugged on PS4 and Vita.
  11. Hello, I think Sweet Thieves was easier and faster because you'll get the trophy naturally and play tons of matches.
  12. Does these codes disable any trophies?
  13. Looks like an easy 10-12 hour platinum and a fun game. Looking forward to platinum that game.
  14. The cute mouse, Quill, is back with a new game and two stackable trophy list for NA & EU versions.
  15. I don't wanna put "killaoe dinos 5000" on the beaver dino and the Otter dino. 😭 When I go for the Master Zoologist trophy, I would save the other two for last until I put "killaoe dinos 5000" on the rest of the dinos.