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  1. What turbo controller you're using to do this?
  2. I have both and I hate both of them. I didn't bother to touch any of their sequels.
  4. Plat took me about 90ish hours. I played it again last year for another 20h.
  5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You're almost there
  6. None. I have zero interest in any of the launch title. I'll get PS4 once FF15 comes out.
  7. Surprised? Kinect is a controlling device for Xbox One. Shipping without it is the same as PS3 shipping without a Dualshock 3.
  8. It's a freaking mmo. What did you guys expect? Free to play? lol
  9. The ones from Black Ops.
  10. 5/10. Average list I'd say. Edit: ninja. @Div_Muzza same 5/10
  11. Uncharted series is hard?
  12. Trine 2. I only needed to play 2 stages.
  13. A few years ago I might say both, but now I'll say JRPG's. Betheda's games killed the WRPGs for me. I don't like Bioware either, and those are two of the biggest WRPGs developers right now.
  14. My wallet tells me that single is better.