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  1. I Plated Prince of Persia Trilogy(sands of time, warrior within, two thrones) Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands I don't have Prince of Persia 2008.
  2. Hi Everyone, As for PS4 release games I would like to see all PS3 games released till now and also i would like have PS4 backward compatible with PS3. Actually i would like to have a console which can play every game released till now and also in future.
  3. hey i am looking for nail'd online trophy boosters if anyone interested please comment ur psnid here....and also we r looking for 3 more players because i already have 3 players(including me).......u can also send me friend request on my psn id:horidus1 with subject as nail'd online trophy boost

  4. anyone in this forum lives in india please tell me so that i and u can talk about game disk sharing.......if anyone who is interested to share from other countries are also invited

  5. out of games to plat.........i will come back again after i get a game

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    2. daftprophet


      I agree with Playsonic...this is rare.

    3. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      I kinda wish i suffered from no games to plat syndrome from time to time.

    4. HORIDUS1


      play sonic......yep all people say that but I am ready to plat but out of money to buy games bad luck.....