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  1. Is it weird to not care about Next Gen? Like I'm not hyped about it. 

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    2. Icebrand1270


      Not weird at all. I waited 2 years before getting both the PS3 AND the PS4 and will likely do the same with the PS5. I get hyped about good gameplay and solid controls, not graphics and an ugly controller.

    3. mecharobot


      I've never been less excited about gaming than now. There's only one game I'm somewhat looking forward to and it's a remake. Of course, I didn't get PS3 or PS4 at launch either. For those I needed MGS and a decent JRPG line-up first, but seems PS5 won't have either. But that's money saved and more time for other things. I'd also need to buy a new TV, a new TV table and rearrange my apartment, which I don't feel like doing in my current home.

    4. DaivRules


      Not even a little weird. In a couple days, no one will be hyped about next gen. I doubt we'll even see any articles about PS6 for at least a month.