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  1. How did we go all the way from avocados to masturbating criminals?
  2. Welcome! What games do you play?
  3. I have the awesome edition of the iPod. Its called a Zune. I bought an iPod once, and I could not stand the way iTunes worked (works). Don't even try to put a CD that you've mixed yourself onto your player - it likes to immediately jack everything up. I get that it's nice to have information update when you have an actual CD, but I tried to put about 10 CD's of my own making onto my player. I wanted them to be placed into the order I made them because they were a series I had made. Instead, all ten were grouped together in Unknown Album fashion, and all of the songs got re-ordered and mixed in a way that after hours of trying to reorganize them the way I had made them, I finally gave up. I have since sold my iPod and sworn never again to buy an Apple product. I love my Zune and i'm sad to see that they got discontinued, so I hope it never dies.
  4. Hope this is still correct after I post 8/10 for the awesome mohawk/pony tail. I'd love to see someone pull this off in real life.
  5. Unfortunately, I think you may be right. I think the only games I've played on Steam are Torchlight 1 and 2 (I guess I would recommend a TL2 session if enough people had it, but I doubt it) and a little Alien Swarm, a free to play game, but other than that I think a lot of the co-op games are FPS Oh well. I'll do some research and see if I can't find any cheap, appealing co-op games that steam has to offer.
  6. Cool. I will definitely message you on here once I get my steam account set up.
  7. I am definitely interested in joining, but I want to connect my steam account to my PSN account, and I'm not quite sure how to accomplish this. I believe it has to do with playing portal 2 on PS, which I bought specifically for this reason (although the game does look awesome), but I need to do some more research to actually accomplish this. Is the community really mostly interested in playing first-person shooters? If so, my membership to the steam group may be lost on that. I'm not one to play those often.
  8. Thanks, Uncle AF! I really appreciate it. Maybe so, but the idea is that I would rather play fewer games and enjoy them in their entirety than play many games and only enjoy them in part. Thanks for the love. I finally got around to updating my avatar, I just changed it to the same as my PSN avatar (which took me forever to figure out...). What is a premium member?
  9. Thanks again to all the welcomes as always, feel free to add me to your friends list on the PSN. This is the main post that I wanted to get back to in the second part of my original response, but I lost it, so here we go again. I think it's nearly impossible for a person who likes various genres to pick ONE game as their favorite. How do you compare the Call of Duty series with the Need for Speed series? or with the Zelda series, or Soul Calibur? They aren't really related, so it would be hard for me to choose one over the other. Now, if you were to ask me which games were my favorites in each genre, I would compose my list as follows: MMO 1ps: The first game I bought for my Xbox 360 was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. To this day, I believe that this is and probably always will be my favorite in the genre. Why? I think that they did an outstanding job of making each weapon equal to the rest. You could pick up any gun and with skill, you could do well with it. I think that aspect has been lost over the years. For example, take Modern Warfare 2. The UMP45 was unmatched in sheer power and versatility. You could kill someone across the map with two or three bullets, and as an SMG it's accuracy was unparalleled. Also, with the addition of Danger Close and One Man Army, it made it possible to endlessly shoot explosive weapons across the map without any sort of skill and blow people to smithereens without having to even aim your weapon. You also have your automatic shotguns like the AA-12 where most decide to sit watching a doorway and press one button when movement is seen. Kill/Death ratio became more important than actually winning the game type. I generally would play with a Demolition team, and we nearly always won because no one cared about the objectives. In the lobby afterwards, people would say that we were terrible. We would reply, "Uh, excuse me? We won!" Which was always countered with "Yeah, but we got 50 kills and you guys got 5. Terrible!" Someone explain this to me, because I still don't get it. Anyways, that's just one example, and I feel like all games in the genre are steering away from the 'you actually have to have skill and aim' mechanics and going for the 'anyone can pick this game up and be good' mechanics, which I don't condone and it's no fun for me to play. Racing: Easily Need For Speed Underground (1 and 2, but particularly 2). I absolutely LOVED that game because it was the one racing game where everything was customizable. You were able to customize your car's performance, such as the engine, wheels, turbo, etc., as well as everything visual, from head and tail lights to neons to body kits. It was nice to have a racing game where you could really personalize your vehicle and make yours. That's just something I don't see a lot of nowadays. You're lucky if you can change the color of your car. As well as the customization aspect, I like that the game had a variety of races that you could complete as well. My personal favorite was drifting, but drag racing was also a lot of fun, and of course you have your standard races as well. I honestly think that if Need For Speed would stop making junk games and really spend some time and make an awesome Underground 3, they would make some serious cash. I know I would pre-order it the moment I heard it would be released, and I just don't pre-order games anymore. RPG: This one is going to be tough, because I have to admit that I haven't played an astounding amount of RPG's. I've played Chrono Trigger, Castle Crashers, Borderlands, and a few more, but I have to say that the game that stood out among the crowd was Torchlight 2 (Torchlight 1 was good as well, but the addition of multiplayer alone made 2 much better than the first). Torchlight 2 has four playable characters with endless play styles. They have the standard skill trees, but you aren't limited to staying in one, and you can mix and match between them all as much as you like. The gear looks awesome, the story-line is captivating, and the maps are large. I will say that the game is sometimes grindy, but if you're playing with a friend like I was, it didn't really matter. It was just fun to play with them and try and get some awesome gear while fighting some pretty awesome-looking bosses. One of the really interesting aspects of this game is that there is a mode where if you die, your character is gone forever. I always played on this mode because it changes the gameplay immensely. How many times have you gone into a map, guns a blazin, knowing that if you die, who cares? You'll just respawn at the beginning of the level. This changes that. You go in to every map thinking strategically, and you actually feel the adrenaline flow when you almost die (and get super pissed when you do). It's one of the only types of games where I actually have gotten pumped up and invigorated because you actually care if you die or if you don't. I know that it isn't the only game to implement this feature, but paired with the rest, I like it the best. Fighting games: Soul Calibur 3. Where a lot of 1 on 1 fighting games have only 1 on 1 fights, this game implemented a story mode which couldn't have been created any better. They created a strategy style map with two bases and some towers to control in the middle. On each act, you try to control as many towers as possible while trying to capture towers from the enemy, and when your units came into contact with the enemies, THEN you went against them in head to head combat. It was brilliant to me how they weaved in the strategy style with the head to head combat mechanics, and I've beaten that game numerous times because it's fun every single time. Oh, did I mention that it was the first in the series to implement the ability to create your own customizable fighter? How many games would be so much cooler with the addition of the ability to create your own character? I was just reading on the Raptr community how one of the biggest things the community wanted to see in Borderlands 3 was the ability to create your own Vault Hunter, and while I really don't think that's going to happen, I have to admit that the thought is definitely appealing. Anyways, Soul Calibur 3 is my favorite fighting game. I could go on and on, but I'm probably just rambling. I suppose if you want to hear about my favorite game in a genre not mentioned, I'd be happy to reply. Hope this answer was not too broad for you, but like I said, it's nearly impossible to choose just ONE game!
  10. Wow, so many replies in just one day! First and foremost, I want to address these heartfelt greetings to this site: Thanks to you all and I hope to be enjoying a quite lengthy stay here! (Special shout out to silver piggy - I love futurama! Zoidberg is my hero. Very quotable. To address the other posts more specifically: A fellow accounting gamer! Good to see i'm not the only one My accounting pursuit has been a long and rough one. I'm currently trying to decide which road i'm going to take. When I first applied to college for an accounting degree, I thought that all you had to do was go your four years and that was it. Seems like that is hardly ever the case. I recently went to a presentation from Koch Industries about their company, and the interns they are seeking are in the Accounting field. They said that even if you have a CPA, you will rarely get paid more than just a person with just an accounting degree (in their company specifically) because they have people that deal with the CPA aspect and the positions they hire for don't involve that. I found that kind of peculiar. They did say, however, that if you wanted to pursue a CPA, they would assist you in doing so, which I thought was nice. I don't know whether to get a CPA or not. Seems like 30 extra credit hours and having to take that dreadful four part test may or may not be worth it. I suppose if I can land a position with a company like Koch, I won't need to worry about getting a CPA, or if I still want it, I should wait until they help me with the finances. How far along are you, and what are your end of the line goals? Are you pursuing a CPA? I agree with you, having fun in games is more important. However, like I said I have a problem with not finishing games. For instance, I know myself well enough that if I did play other games when it came to the more difficult parts of Borderlands, I know I would probably never return. I would have much greater satisfaction in staying the course and finally getting those difficult achievements. Also, when I say that I want to complete a game, I don't necessarily mean that i'm going to fully exploit every single aspect of every game, because that would be outrageously time consuming. For example, take Chrono Trigger. If I set out to beat that game, I would probably beat it once and I would be satisfied. I would not pursue getting each and every ending dialogue because there's a ton of them, and to get each would be to beat the game that many times (I think 7?) Another example I can think of is Ocarina of Time. For reasons that elude me, they decided to add a ridiculous quest line in which you can obtain Biggoron's(sp?) sword. That sounds awesome, but the quest really isn't one that you can do without cheating and looking up how to do it. It seems like they give you an item in the game, say "go try and give this item to....somebody" and you're left with an item and no direction. The first item you get is a hen, and you're supposed to give it to her brother. Easy, right? The only problem is that they don't tell you who her brother is or where to find him. Apparently he's disguised and found in the lost woods, which is probably the last place I would have looked because that's the place you just came from in the original storyline. So, to recap, you will obtain an item and then you have to go around talking to literally everybody on every map before getting lucky and finally finding the correct person, which results in obtaining ANOTHER random item that you have to give to someone ELSE on the entire map...in short, i'm not going to do that because i'd probably never finish the game. I could sit there with my browser open and complete the quest through instruction, but I don't like to do that. I like to figure things out on my own, and for some reason I feel like it's cheating to look up the answers. I had more to say, but apparently they don't like the length of the message I was trying to send - I suppose they are trying to ward off spammers, because I tried to cut it in half and post twice, but it won't let me do that either. I suppose if someone is interested, they can post and I will send my second response when i can.
  11. Hello everybody. My name is Dap and I am new to the PlayStation Network Profiles community. It's hard to keep your individuality in a group so large, but I figured I'd come introduce myself anyways. I also figure I will be somewhat thorough in my introduction, so if any questions arise please ask. As i said, my name is Dap and i'm a 22 year old gamer. I believe my first game system was the NES. Since then, I have played many different systems. The latest game system I have purchased is the PS3, as i'm sure you can tell by the few games I own for it. I loved the style of the new white ps3, and I also wanted to purchase some of the newer ratchet and clank games since I am a fan from its inception. Two of the things that I have come to regret about my gaming career are my tunnel vision paired with my laziness. That is, I haven't played a wide array of games, and the ones I have played I give up on fairly quickly. Part of the reason I joined this community is to try and change that. Since I bought my ps3, I have resolved to play one game at a time until they are fully completed. After they are complete, then and only then will I move on. To personally document what games I have completed, I will probably make a youtube video for each as a sort of web journal and talk about some of the struggles I had with completing the game, what I liked and didn't like, etc. This plan does not just involve the ps3, however. I look forward to playing many of the older systems, particularly ps1+ps2, NES, SNES, and N64, Sega Genesis, and finally, Wii, 360 and ps3. I am extremely excited about this new pursuit and I look forward to giving games the amount of attention they deserve. I've played basically all the classics and rarely have I beaten any of them. A definite character defect, to be sure. I can't wait to beat the games that I always start and never finish as well as enjoying the games that I haven't chosen to play yet. My biggest achievement in gaming history has to be conquering Castlevania 3 with my best friend. That game (so far) has taken the longest to beat (relative to the game's length). In short, to say that this game was difficult would be an understatement. It took longer to beat than Ninja Gaiden and even Battletoads. I once spent an entire day trying to beat level 9 specifically with my friend (and even then we came up empty handed). From morning until evening, we tried to beat that level. That game particularly felt amazing. I can't imagine a game feeling as exhilarating to beat. I can't wait until another game poses a challenge as it has. Game I am playing currently: I started my ps3 career with the Ratchet and Clank collection, which took me relatively little time to beat each. I haven't fully completed them, but I stopped one achievement short of each before getting the platinum because I want that footage for the videos I plan on making. I have a recorder, but it doesn't work with my TV, so I have to purchase one before I can make the videos. While i'm waiting, I've picked up Borderlands, which I have to say is a great game. I can't wait to level up and get to the DLC. As far as my personal life, I am working toward getting a degree in Accounting, so games come a very close second on my list of priorities. I also work a part time job to pay for expenses. I have a full work load, but I plan on spending a generous amount of time toward video games, so hopefully I can still progress in my video game career as much as possible. Again, If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!