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  1. If i had this amount of reach i wouldn't need a ladder to get to my roof. Its a story driven game...not Call of Duty
  2. This game did a magnificent job in Many people has a hard time This game did a masterful job implementing the
  3. I would love some games with a lot of fan service that have English subtitles at least.
  4. Fallout 76!
  5. I bought a NA code on Gamestop over a year ago, but they dont sell them anymore, i dont think this game had a physical version on Vita...i know it did for the DS (since i have it) unless you find a a SOL.
  6. I will take that as a compliment! If i am playing a game that might be the 3rd in the series, i would rather play the first two before jumping in to understand backgrounds, story, environments, for example, Silent Hill 2, doesnt really require Silent Hill 1 to play since its a standalone story, but to get the full experience i rather play Silent Hill 1 to get a better understanding of what am i getting myself into.
  7. Yup I have played the PSP games, is how i fell in love with this series, 10/10 will always prefer to playing the games, but it wouldnt hurt to have a great anime to go with it, 4 episodes is ridiculous, I played Persona 4, beaten that, loved that game to death, love the story, characters, music, even with an anime that has a lot of episodes. I prefer playing the game every single time.
  8. I really wish the Anime was like 12 episodes.... its backstory is really interesting how things got the way they are, more horror, more gore, scarier...4 episodes is just an appetizer. I am finally jumping into my Vita backlog and playing Blood Drive...really enjoying it, but goddamn!!! this game could have used better menus that dont screw up with the immersion! and a map!!! FOR god sakes...a MAP!!!!
  9. you will never hear from them again, i got that same song and dance December 2016, they never fixed it.
  10. I actually like this list a lot! usually theres 1 or 2 trophies that are very difficult to obtain...maybe i can finally get an MLB play since 2014!
  11. I remember sony explaining that they tied up everything on your PSN ID, purchases and things like that and they were not that easy to crack to allow to make a change, i am not familiar with network code or things like that, but I remember at PSX last year, this question was asked to Shawn Layden and he said, "hopefully by next PSX you wont ask me that question" regarding PSN Name changes, now with the survey they are doing, i think its positive for people who want to go ahead and make those changes, my hope is they are coming soon. fingers crossed!
  12. I named her August Ames... in honor of someone i knew that committed suicide a few weeks ago. Ill see you on the other side Princess
  13. Did you read the Previous posts? Were not going to do your job for you sir /ma'am.
  14. hahaha I remember when San Andreas was recalled... those were some times we had.
  15. Games with Lootboxes for money should automatically be rated M or AO, in some areas people cant gamble until they are 21. I really hope this is the beginning of the end of lootboxes.