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  1. This ^^. I've had both Nubla and Nubla 2 on my wishlist for awhile now but, after reading a few things today like how Nubla and World of Nubla are basically the exact same game, the price rise on Nubla when 2 (or some other version, I can't remember now) released, and now reading this thread, I won't be buying either and removing them from my wishlist. I try not to support shoddy game practices. Edit: it's a shame cause I really like the art style of these games.
  2. I can confirm this still works as of today, October 4th. Doubt it will get patched out. I had to join 9 games for it to pop, all with no flag though a flag appeared after joining. Some games I spawned and shot a round, others I didn't. Popped upon loading the 9th game.
  3. Unfortunately, the collectables I'm on about are just on some stretch of sand in the middle of the ocean and I'm yet to find a rowboat on one of them.
  4. Sadly, I probably know the answer to this already but, just incase, is there a faster way of returning to your ship, other than swimming, when collecting the uncharted collectables? I'm really enjoying this installment of AC after the snorefest that was AC3, but one of the most annoying things is having to hop off the ship for a lone collectable on a deserted island and having to swim back. Literally takes at least 1-2min to do and there are so many of them, nevermind the time it also takes to sail to them!
  5. From my limited understanding of this; if there is only 1 troll pivot then surely it should be theoretically possible for that pivot to end up in a persons second save file. That way, say there is only 1 person left come the end days (servers closing), the person stuck could create a new game and zip through it to the pivot game then try bounce the pivot from one save to the other?
  6. Does anyone know if it's possible to auto-pop the trophies from PS5 to PS4 with this game? I had waited for the game to appear on the new PS+ tiers before playing, but when it was originally added it was only available to stream the PS4 version. I waited a few days to see if this would change, to be able to play the PS5 version, but got bored and eventually started the game via the streaming option. Slightly disappointed by the graphics and juttery nature (partly as it was PS4 and partly because it was streaming), so I didn't play much of it (only up to the first trophy) and went on to play other games. However, when I did come back to it, the option to download either the PS4 or PS5 version had then appeared, so I downloaded the PS5 version and have been having a blast! The only downside now is that I have the PS4 trophy list stuck with one trophy and I'm not really one for replying games multiple times (far too many games to get through to be doing that). I'm going to have to reply the PS5 version anyway to clean up some trophies and really don't want to have to go through it a 3rd time. Luckily I didn't cave and purchase the PS5 version when it was recently on sale!
  7. I think this perfectly sums up this game. It's very rare I'll ever post comments, but I came here to say to just be a bit wary of this game, as I encountered a game breaking bug right at the very end of the story. It seemed to me that leading up to the bug that the missions were over lapping each other. Then, when it came to the end and I clicked continue, a blank mission screen came up afterwards which I couldn't close or do anything with except for closing the game. A bit annoying since I had already completed the trophies about an hour or more prior to this and the only reason I had continued to play was to conclude the story. There was also another bug every now and then where I couldn't move my mages which effectively became a death sentence. Sometimes I'd manage to 'unlock' them, but I'm not quite sure what I did to make them movable again.
  8. They're not separate though, which is why I ask. GTAO is sold separately, but the story mode is sold with GTAO. You can't buy the story mode without GTAO.
  9. Can I claim the free online on PS5 and then still buy the full game for the discounted price, or will it lock me out of the discounted upgrade for whatever reason?
  10. Do you know of it's possible to get the migrate screen again after initially hitting no? I want to replay the SP without autopopping to begin with, but once I finish the missions I might want to load my PS4 save in to autopop the collectable trophies, is that possible, or is it a use it or lose it the first time it asks?
  11. 👋 finally created an account after many years just to ask this question; Is it possible to replay the SP campaign and eventually transfer the SP PS4 save to PS5 to autopop any remaining trophies? Ie. I want to replay the story on PS5 but not sure I can be bothered with all the collectables, so if I complete the campaign then upload my PS4 save it will autopop the rest of the trophies for me? I'll definitely be wanting to autopop the online trophies; screw doing the doomsday heist again!