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  1. Hey everyone please add me I need about 50k XP for my final share trophy. Thanks.
  2. This game depletes your soul. It is very difficult but like mention above all it takes is patience and a ton of practice.
  3. Amy, I'm Alive and countless others
  5. Extremely underrated and in my top 25 games. too bad more people didn't enjoy it as much as I did. they should have had some grinding trophies for the multiplayer which I find very enjoyable. This game should have been at least spoken of more often.
  6. I am playing it because I am a fan of the series but I can't help but feel there are too many damn items to find and too many doors, elevators, etc. I feel the game is constantly being stopped. No long steady flow of action. Idk but it isn't as exciting as the previous two.
  7. I wish I knew this when I was Co Op with someone who just rushed to the prison and I accidentally went ahead. Now play the dam story twice.
  8. Thanks. I probably return to it when ME2 comes out. I can't wait!!
  9. Battlefield Bad Company 2 now I am on my 32 Plat The Time Runs are my only trophies left for Mirror's Edge.
  10. If they did take the idea from here or any ohter site who has this feature ti would be nice it credit is given.
  11. it worked well for me but I did experience that cheating and sitll winning after I got the trophy
  12. Some even requested to share my account to access my game sand very likely all my personal info. I block them immediately.
  13. any Call of Duty games, they are just an eye sore
  14. PS+ for online does not bother me since I have been a member since day 1. I do believe in order to provide so much free stuff that they need to find a revenue stream to support everything they give us. They can't give away games unless they find a way to pay the developers of said game that is free. If I were the developer of a game, I would like to get paid when thousands download the game for free in the PS Store. Besides their membership outperforms all competitors except steam for the PC.