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  1. Overwatch: Origins Edition
  2. Wish I could say Hitman 2. That's rad that you got a 100% in that. In regards to platinums, I will have to go with DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3: FORTUNE!
  3. I miss the days when there was a YouTube App for the Vita!
  4. Welcome to PSNP. Must be nice to be back in sunny California. I miss it out there. Cheers and see you around!
  5. Just did some research. Honestly kinda bummed they're charging $59.99 for it. $39.99 would of been a lot more reasonable.
  6. Not seeing it on my end.
  7. Batman: Arkham City Happy new year!
  8. Super fucking stoked to see this on the ps4. Legendary game.
  9. I feel like Hitman is different from other stealth games. But for me it's different in a very good way. I love it!
  10. Hell yes. Excellent news. I love Hitman! Even loved Absolution. I think they aren't remastering Contracts and Hitman 2 Silent Assassin since they did that for the PS3.
  11. Of course I just started the game lol. I'm gonna try online again tomorrow.
  12. Good times grinding 4hr Nürburgring. I loved GT5.
  13. Crysis 2 multiplayer was fucking epic. All multiplayer games must die, but definitely makes me sad seeing this multiplayer shutdown. At least Crysis 3 multiplayer is still around, but I'm sure time is ticking. It's also pretty dead, but not as bad as Crysis 2. Happy I got all the trophies done for these games. I hope anyone trying to finish up the MP by October gets it done! I remember Tooled Up glitched on me. Fortunately, entering a DLC code I found at Game Stop saved my ass...