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  1. I'd like to eventually get a Platinum in Contracts. Should I play two playthroughs, one on the easiest difficulty and one on profesional? Or could I get by doing one playthrough on profesional? When I was going for a platinum in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin I did one playthrough on profesional, and it wasn't so hard. However collecting all the guns afterward was a pain. It was also annoying trying to get 47 kills in a mission and killing people with a golf club multiple times. Any advice?
  2. Despite this being my second platinum I still go back and play it to this date. I'd like to write my own mini review of the game, and why it's one of the best games i've ever played. Single Player: When I was playing Hitman Absolution I felt free. I felt like I could do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it. That freedom aspect felt incredible. I could basically kill my targets in so many different ways. That's what kept me coming back, and playing it over and over again. You can literally play this game like a third person shooter killing everything that gets in your path. Or you can simply enter the mission, kill your target, and leave, the traditional silent assassin way. There are a lot of challenges to complete. Some harder and some not so hard. They range from killing your target in a specific way, to completing a mission only wearing 47's signature suit. The challenges alone kept me coming back again and again. The replay ability is very high. You could kill your targets in a lot of ways in the older Hitman games, but this game refined that freedom aspect. What makes a perfect sequel to a game? It's when a game is similar to the older games. The same concepts, but everything that wasn't up to perfection in the earlier game was either perfected or near perfected. Refining every little detail in that game. Absolution did exactly that. The story in the game was very good as well. I was very interested in the story and enjoyed it even after a couple playthroughs. I always went out of my way to brutally assassinate the targets that I especially didn't like. Contracts Mode: They added a whole new mode in Hitman Absolution called contracts mode. In this mode the player creates contracts for other Hitman players to complete. Basically, you enter a mission, mark up to three targets, kill them a certain way, and leave the mission. You can then name the contract what ever you please, and post it for the Hitman community to play. The only way to successfully get your contract uploaded is to complete it yourself. Therefore no contract is impossible to complete in Absolution. You can also invite your friends into a contract competition to see who is the better assassin. After playing many, many, hours of single player, going to the contracts mode just reset my enjoyment for Hitman Absolution. I was able to really exploit my creativity. I also loved making in game money at the end of each contract. Money that was then used on purchasing disguises and weapons. Final Verdict: I have a true love for Hitman Absolution. I enjoyed every second of playing it, and I still do to this date. It amazes me that after hours and hours of playing it, I still haven't had enough of it yet. What a perfect game. 10/10. I've heard many mixed reviews for this game. I'd love to hear everyones opinion on this. Hope you enjoyed this mini review.
  3. Overwatch: Origins Edition
  4. Wish I could say Hitman 2. That's rad that you got a 100% in that. In regards to platinums, I will have to go with DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3: FORTUNE!
  5. I miss the days when there was a YouTube App for the Vita!
  6. Welcome to PSNP. Must be nice to be back in sunny California. I miss it out there. Cheers and see you around!
  7. Just did some research. Honestly kinda bummed they're charging $59.99 for it. $39.99 would of been a lot more reasonable.
  8. Not seeing it on my end.
  9. Batman: Arkham City Happy new year!
  10. Super fucking stoked to see this on the ps4. Legendary game.
  11. I feel like Hitman is different from other stealth games. But for me it's different in a very good way. I love it!
  12. Hell yes. Excellent news. I love Hitman! Even loved Absolution. I think they aren't remastering Contracts and Hitman 2 Silent Assassin since they did that for the PS3.
  13. Of course I just started the game lol. I'm gonna try online again tomorrow.
  14. Good times grinding 4hr Nürburgring. I loved GT5.
  15. Crysis 2 multiplayer was fucking epic. All multiplayer games must die, but definitely makes me sad seeing this multiplayer shutdown. At least Crysis 3 multiplayer is still around, but I'm sure time is ticking. It's also pretty dead, but not as bad as Crysis 2. Happy I got all the trophies done for these games. I hope anyone trying to finish up the MP by October gets it done! I remember Tooled Up glitched on me. Fortunately, entering a DLC code I found at Game Stop saved my ass...
  16. Holy shit
  17. Just got this trophy tonight. I goofed off for the first 8 hours of my playthrough. I progressed through the story, but did a lot of extra bullshit. I cleared the story in just under 24 hours.
  18. This thread is intended for all discussion regarding the game Batman: Arkham Knight. This is a game I've been really anticipating. Initially, I intended on getting this game for PC. But with all the problems this game is having on PC, I was fortunate enough to order a limited edition version of this game on Amazon. That gets here on Friday, and I will not get much sleep after I get out of work that night. I'll be sure to post my thoughts when I start playing! Edit: If you want to discuss a part of the game that may include spoilers, please write in the format below so we don't spoil the game for anyone. Just remove the spaces in between the brackets. [ spoiler ] *insert text* [ /spoiler ]
  19. I've wanted to play this since I played DmC Devil may Cry in early 2013. I heard they were kind of similar and I really enjoyed the DmC reboot. Glad I am playing Bayonetta now finally since it is awesome!
  20. Hello Forum! The Gran Turismo series has been close to my heart since Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec on the PS2. Last Fall, however, I decided to mess with Project Cars 2 on my PC and ended up cancelling my GTS preorder to save some money since I was putting a lot of time in Project Cars 2. So this has delayed my start to Gran Turismo Sport! Can't wait to play it though. My question is for those who have achieved the Gran Turismo Sport platinum (or getting close!) AND have grinded out Gran Turismo 5's platinum in the past as well. I am wondering which one is more difficult to platinum? GTS or GT5? I remember some of the vettel challenges in GT5 were tricky. GT5 also took me over 600 hours. Seems like GTS doesn't take nearly that amount of time according to a trophy guide I was studying earlier. Thanks! Jacob
  21. Terminator Salvation
  22. Saturday Morning RPG