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  1. I treat this announcement the same as I treated The Last of Us: Remastered's. This is for people who: a ) jumped ship from 360 b ) don't own a Vita c ) dislike handhelds (prefer gaming on a big screen) I am the latter two options, and can't wait to pick this up once I purchase a PS4.
  2. Hacking is reprehensible, and also pretty bloody pointless. The only application involving hacking I can think of that doesn't seem completely douchey would be to force a irreversibly glitched trophy to unlock (and even that is a bit of a stretch). Even then, why bother?
  3. That platinum trophy does look a bit heavy... ...but at least it'd be somewhat poetic.
  4. This is brilliant! Slow pans have never looks so good... ...Damn I want a PS4 (Game ruining spoiler warning for the video though)
  5. Yeah it's a hell of a thing. On the PS3 version at least for me, Scavenger popped early on I'm the last level. 10min before any of the other collectible trophies The jokes (especially the book store one) took me ages, as half of them stubbornly refused to trigger.
  6. Wouldn't say I'm exactly great at FPS' these days, but I put a hell of a lot of time into Crysis 2's MP while going for the plat, and about four hours into Crysis 3's. In my opinion, it's a simple case of the servers being absolute dog-shit. While I can't remember offhand if Crysis games actually got any or if EA leaves it up to players, it's not a fresh problem for the series. There has always been a severe case of host advantage, spotty netcode and the very EA-like side effect of the Crytek devs dropping support soon after release. To me, all these technical issues are sad. I like the Crysis series and can imagine how fun the MP could have been if it was balanced. Even with my shitty Australian internet, just yesterday I lucked into back-to-back 8 and 6 killstreaks, which would'be been cause for celebration in C2, but with C3...I don't know, it felt a little different (and definitely with a more stable framerate), because I was having fun. Crysis MP will never be as technically stable as something like Battlefield (3), but at least it isn't as bad as fucking Warfighter! PS: Considering he timing of this, if you got this free with +, you're doing better than me! I bought it eight months ago for $30AUD and started on it a fortnight ago
  7. I'm also super jealous, and I started the damn thread *curses lack of PS4*
  8. Sly 5: developed by Sucker Punch (no offence to the Sly 4 guys, but it was the Community S4 of games IMO) Hopefully my one of the best PS2 platformers will follow Community's trajection...
  9. Vita means Life. #gamechanger (apologies in advance)
  10. So close...now how can't it be for nothing?
  11. ...and it's just a code to unlock the Tofu content, which is already on the disc.
  12. Well... Vita has a Vita (and a PS4) Pat had to blur his out during Deadly P Matt and Woolie...don't know/can't remember
  13. Hardcore Completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty (from Medal of Honor: Warfighter) Even with the save exploit, this was a really tedious trophy to finally get around to getting. I resorted to using rotating my saves on two USBs after I fucked up and deleted my one current save on the second last mission so I really had to restart from scratch...and it was just as mediocre the second time around. Now all I have to do is grind out the super grindy multiplayer trophies and pray that an unfixably glitched trophy (Global Warfighters) will decide to unlock itself. I hate this game :c Remember kids, always rotate your saves (and NEVER buy Medal of Honor games)!
  14. Speaking of YouTubers, I wouldn't mind knowing these guys' PSN IDs for, uh...reasons. *heavy sweating*
  15. Beat me to it you absolute bastard! Damn mobile limitations *shakes fist*Seriously though, that seems like a pretty kick-ass dream (and a pretty edgy Lego adaption that I would not hesitate to buy!) :3