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  1. I been gaming for a long time now way before PlayStation and games are meant to be fun if you lose the fun then is it worth it to some yes each gamer has they own way of playing.
  2. Yes you could do that
  3. No tracking for me at all now and has been that way for some time some time t just start agin and then stop some theme games;layer will not show in profile or not update very annoying been going on for some time now.
  4. Would be nice if they did re open them but some how I don’t think they will put money in to some think that’s getting old but then aging I could be wrong.
  5. Would be nice some a small post just to say what’s going one. really annoying that games no long show in the profile I know it’s a know issues been going on for a long time but you would think Sony would be able to fix Annoying when it stops showing
  6. No idea why it’s happening a lot lately what I also noticed is on ps5 not sure about ps4 but in profile where you see you last played games and time no games are showing they same in the iOS app I can still earn trophies and buy play etc but super annoying.
  7. The site is in maintenance agin right now but trophy’s do show on the APL and in the ps5 but in ps5 in profile the part where you can see your last games and how much time spent playing the games no games show they not the first time but I have no idea why it keeps happing.
  8. The trophies that are hidden are meant to be yes but game will be show in my profile on ps5 will show hear.
  9. Hi since yesterday my profile on ps5 is stuck in the last game I played not updating new games played not showing what I playing right now or adding any time to games. is they a fix for this?
  10. To be honest that is a great picture.
  11. Not sure how long this will last but seem a lot longer then last time shame they can not give advance warning.
  12. They is maintenance agin to day ?
  13. Hi douse any one know how long the maintenance will last as unable to update trophies as it said it’s in maintenance?
  14. So fare every ps4 game I have played earn and pop all trophies with out issues. Only ever had a know issues with a game not unlocking at the right time. I am playing in ps5 and have been for some time now.
  15. I don’t think it was a flop at all it’s has sold and sold well all over the would has some great next gen games for ps5. At launch was very hard to ge told of main reasons for that was People buying just to re sell at a higher price.