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  1. My hammy peeking
  2. Hopefully Sam, I've wanted to punch him in the face for a while now... " mom... mom... " probably going to get everyone eaten in 5 seconds, shut up kid!! >: ( maybe I'm just a heartless person who has no patience Looking forward to it anyways! ​
  3. Holy crap I want to rob you, although I won't because I am a nice person.. or maybe I just don't know where you live ¬_¬ But seriously, such a cute collection, and is that a Tales of Sophie n Asbel I see? O.O *crying* I know this might not count because it's a plushie, but but, there's no thread for that and people must know of my sleeping bag pikachu! I've hid it just in case he's not allowed to show his little face
  4. I: Noctis J: Tifa K: Auron L: Vincent Great work on all though!
  5. So addicted to Binding of Isaac! haven't played anything else for about a month, help me D:

    1. JennifairyW


      I was going to.. I just couldn't face my problem at the time :( *sob*

    2. NetEntity


      Sooner or later you'll overdose and take a break. There is no other way around it.

    3. JennifairyW


      But but but I must complete it O__O ...but you're right, I await this day

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  6. Welcome to the community! *waves*
  7. They're little gacha figures from the Pokemon Center in Japan, I made a friend who lives in Tokyo and she picked them up for me. It's random what ones you get, look at all the options If i lived there I'd spend all my money playing O_O
  8. Welcome to the site! Your name is so cute ^^'
  9. New additions My Pika army, fear them! (๑>ᴗ<๑)
  10. Going back to Tokyo in June!! The dream is real! Crying waaah! Holidaaay ♡ D: ^-^

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    2. JennifairyW


      lol nooo, i was saying it to myself for being a bit mental with my post :D

    3. AkiraTheFox


      Haha, it's okay :3

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Even "back"?! Rakkiiiiii :/

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  11. An Umaru art style front cover design for a comic/manga I'm creating for a university project The comic is going to be a series of short strips/skits depicting a foreigners experience with Japanese culture, mainly it's kawaii culture
  12. Aww :') Thanks so much guys, i really appreciate it. Also if they're making you hungry I have succeeded! *evil laugh of evilness*
  13. It's Totori! I love this little figure so much, my first atelier game and probably my favourite atelier girl (i think i've posted her somewhere before)
    1. slash


      oh my goodness that's so freaking cute i can't handle it xD amazing!

    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet


    3. JennifairyW


      haha ^^ Thanks so much guys <3

  14. First picture of 2016! It's a Ramen Girl! So I finished this for a class in December, but my deadline was so close I had to rush it. It's wayyy less detailed than I wanted, and the more I look at it, the more I realise it's pretty poor u_u but I still thought I'd show the finished result since I still like the idea
  15. Umaru-chan game for Vita! Whaaaat, i need D': why don't I understand Japanese whyy T_T

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    2. JennifairyW


      I may just have to buy it and press random buttons and hope for the best :D

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      If you do, you will be pressing X which will hide the text bar, tehe~

    4. WILD DOG

      WILD DOG

      mash all the buttons

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  16. Aww, I never thought of doing it online, thank you n_n
  17. So I've been looking forward to getting this for a few days now, I go to get it a second ago and it's not showing up in the store (i'm from the UK/EU and on my PS4), even when I search for it it's not there, and now I'm sad TwT anyone else had this problem, or know what could be wrong?
  18. Next in the food line up, it's Pocky! Strawberry pocky to be more precise One more to go now, so little time, so much stress, much close deadline, much hate *claws at face*
  19. Ohh myyy is that holiday donald and daisy tsum tsums i see hanging out in the tree?! I live in a one bed apartment too, this is my first christmas here so I still need to buy my tree, I shall aim for it to be as well decorated as this
  20. Umaru-chan! Took this a while ago, She's now sitting down next to my PS4 playing her vita and drinking cola
  21. At the risk of spreading more diabeetuses It's sakura mochi! I made the inside a gel instead of traditional paste because it was more fun to work with n_n
  22. I've started a 'cute japanese food' series for one of my uni classes ( ´ ▽ ` )b Here's one example from it Parfait! Sketched up first and digitally coloured I'm thinking of continuing the series once my uni course is over, with any kind of foods, not just Japanese inspired. I just love any kind of food art, especially in cartoons or anime, it just looks so good, om nom nom I hope this make you hungry !
  23. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered #103 I absolutely love the Uncharted series, I lost about a year and a half of my life on Among Thieves multiplayer haha, so of course I have to replay them all! Just as much fun as I remembered, and looking just lovely too n_n Maybe it's just me but I find crushing mode the hardest in this game compared to the other 2, so, crapping it a bit for Brutal difficulty, but I'll give it a go after I finish the other 2. Currently working on my personal favourite and first Uncharted game, Among Thieves, yipee!