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  1. Welcome to the site!
  2. I'm just back from seeing 'The Grey', just realised it's the first night it's out here in the UK, not too bad, i like a bit of Liam Neeson though
  3. I'm not sure if this helps but i have LBP2 with the Prehistoric Moves DLC with it and it's on the disc, appears as a seperate game on the xmb, maybe the other ones will be the same
  4. peekabooo :D

    1. BloodCookies


      I'm a weirdo, stay away from me.

    2. JennifairyW


      haha you're not a weirdo you is mine =3

    3. BloodCookies
  5. I really enjoyed the Deathspank games I played, Fat Princess, and i quite like the little shmups like GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa, they're a bit insane and i'm not particularly good at them but they're just so cute ^-^
  6. Tomb Raider Sly Cooper God of War Infamous Uncharted If Spider-Man counts I guess that Hopefully I'll get Batman soon ^-^ finish up the LBPs and Assassin's Creed
  7. I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for increasing the speech skill? Mine just doesn't seem to want to go up much, i buy and sell things like a mad woman trying to increase it, the only other way that seems to work is to get caught committing a crime and bribe the guard, but that takes away a good deal of money after a while and i still don't have the 100,000 septims trophy yet >.< eek Any help appreciated
  8. Ahh thanks that helps, definitely going to try the sell and buy the same item back and forth, why didn't i think of that.>.< As for the glitch I wasn't overly fond of going for that option, knowing my luck it would fluff up my saves or mysteriously snap the disc in half. I think i'm well past being able to do that anyways.
  9. Ohh, i'm not too sure what you mean, but i might look into this, thanks
  10. Ohhh so that's what that "Neutral" thing is on my profile, people giving me a like you'd think i'd be more aware of these things being here for a while hehe. And why thank you
  11. Just realised i can add trophy tips after being a member here for quite some time haha, hope i'm able to help some people I love this idea ^-^
  12. The reason i play for trophies is so that after i complete the main storyline of any game, i know i still have goals to shoot for so i'll replay it to get everything from the game that i can, makes me feel like i've got my money's worth, i also like to compare with friends, and show a few people just because a gamer is female doesn't mean she can't achieve them (yes those ignorant people are out there *cries*), plus some trophies are pretty/cute *girly moment* Although i'd never buy a game i don't think i'd like just for the trophies, nor would i continue to play a game if i'm not enjoying it.
  13. I don't tend to get mad at games, i only get mad if i'm playing a multiplayer and people are shouting and screaming blue murder at me over their mics -__- that's not the game though that's people. Although my controller felt my wrath when i was going for the 'Better Than Developers' trophy on Trine *shudders*, so i guess i rage on odd occasions
  14. 43 100% completed out of 69, nothing very special >< hopefully i'll improve on that sometime although i know there's a few i will never 100% and a few i dont want to
  15. I'm at 84.99%, fallen quite a bit thanks to dlc, and christmas games ^-^ but everything's on the back burner right now thanks to Skyrim and yet
  16. I came over to here from, never posted too often there but i recognise a lot of people's names Just wanted to say hiii all over again, and i'm loving this site loads so far
  17. If i remember anything that would be a helpful tip in any games i've played, i'll be sure to add them when i get the chance
  18. Thank ya very much, and sure it'd be fun to game sometime
  19. I'm at 86.71% It was somewhere nearing the mid 90s but i started the 3 shmup games in the Gundemonium Collection and realised i will never complete those, eek. Plus dlc being added to games like LBP2 and Dead Nation, why i oughta!
  20. Hmm, that's strange to me, I've never really seen it like that, as everyone I know is the other way around, don't bother with story mode so much but are crazy for the multiplayer and are playing it constantly, and i mean constantly. Around 80 percent of my friend list will be on uncharted multiplayer when they're online and nothing else, some i hardly see play any other game ever O_O Except for now when i'm online under everyone's name it's 'Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception Subway' I may have a slightly biased uncharted fan friend list lol
  21. Thanks both of ya ^-^ And i feel comfy here too, not as crowded yet lol
  22. yup that was me ^-^ quite some time ago Yup i had the same one Thanks guys
  23. I bet if you counted up the hours you were actually active on the game, you finished it super fast too. I wish times were counted that way, although that's maybe impossible to calculate >.<
  24. I saw on your fave movie section you wrote 90s Disney, you're now my favourite ^-^

    1. JennifairyW


      I'm so excited for the Lion King 3D to come out in the cinemas here in a few days, that was always one of my favourites, also Beauty and the Beast. I probably like about

    2. JennifairyW


      that weird question mark thing was me saying '90 percent' lol

    3. orenjikitty


      My all time favourite would have to be Aladdin. I just loved the first one. Second would have to be Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. I saw LK3D. It was awesome. It made me more excited for the blu-ray release.

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  25. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus - 9 hours 21 minutes, easy one though