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  1. Those are awesome! though no Chloe bust D': ? but, but, i like her u_u
  2. Just realised I've never really looked at anyone's forum profile before, here i out... i'm perving on you all *creeps*

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Wat, me got visit as well? o.O

    3. SkyesUnholy


      Satoshi, she kinda went crazy

    4. JennifairyW


      @redpanda It is! it is one of the greatest things in life xD<3 Yess everyone got a visit, well maybe not everyone but like 30 odd people i could find easily haha ^-^

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  3. Goat Simulator #102 I never planned on playing this one, but when I saw it for £3 whatever on sale I was like whyyyy not, it always looked liked lol when I saw it played in the past So funny, it actually had me laughing quite a bit when my little wiggly boneless goat was flailing all over the place Although!! That flappy goat trophy was horrible, I was actually pretty good at actual flappy bird but this was just eeeeevil *cries*
  4. eee I love my little nep saying after iit!
  5. It's been a while since I played so I could be wrong, the method your using to kill the guys is right (crotch slide punch should be fine too) but I don't think you can restart or get killed and the count continues, I think you need to kill 5 in a row in the one sitting
  6. no kawaii is too much kawaii! you can do it!
  7. I'd like to join I'm a SUPERfan: Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 PP that's all so far
  8. I am super late to the party, but this is so cool and nice of you to do, I think this is the most liked OP i've ever seen here X D but i'm trying my luck anyways! *excited*... *waits*
  9. New painting of mine! n_n I don't have a fandom reference this time cause it's original but hopefully someone will still think it's nice >o< -

  10. Finished mini painting n_n (acrylic on canvas) This one was a gift for someone, a little version of them
  11. I've completed every Atelier game in the series and Totori Plus, I think that's 7, i'd love to get Meruru Plus, Rorona Plus, and Ayesha Plus someday too, just need some more pennies >< this is definitely one of my favourite game series :') Can't wait for Sophie!
  12. Until Dawn #101 I don't play many horror type games because I'm a big scaredy-cat most of the time playing, I did not cope well with Outlast But I really enjoyed this, so much better and more fun than any scary movie I've seen in aaaages. I also enjoyed finding all the different ways to see each character die, is that weird?
  13. omg omg lookie what I got <3 T__T so long I have waited haha..

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


      Totori-chan is the cutest :D

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      And DAT Chimuuuuuuuuu~

      Oh god, this is one Nend I would go for :D

    3. JennifairyW


      @Makise i knoww riight T_T

      @Cielle That's how I feel now.. so I ordered an Umaru one O__O :D

      @Satoshi Isn't she, i love Totori <3 I knoww haha the little Chim, thats how I reacted xD

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  14. Wahhhhaah I have been trying to get her for 3 years since I first played Totori and fell in love with Atelier games, I couldn't even find her when I went to Japan... T_T So happy, took these when I was having too much fun playing with posing her She now sits beside my PS4
  15. Those are great, i appreciate all kinds of art, cute is just my favourite
    1. YaoiGod


      My heart can't take all of this cuteness at once, awesome job Jenni!

    2. JennifairyW


      Thanks everyone! <3 if there was a like button I would use it for your comments xD

    3. TrueWater


      Ohhh now this is just brilliant! :D

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  16. I know I haven't seen your apple, but I bet it's great too! but thank you ^-^ I have never drawn an apple since this Kirby and Jigglypuff, the perfect fat cute pink pair They're eating ice creams and walking in clouds because.. kawaii >< I know this picture is awful, my phone's camera is so crap it makes me want to cry
  17. Quick sketch of Umaru-chan! Since she loves plushies and playing UFO catcher machines I thought she'd love to win an Alpacasso plushie too Going to make this into a painting, mini or big or both hmm
  18. Umaru-chan! I just can't with this anime, it's so cute, I relate so much to (chibi) Umaru when she's at home X'D hamsters, jammies, video games, laziness and snacks!.. except i'm much less demanding haha
  19. nuuuuu T__T whyy, my eyes >< he doesn't even look like the little spyro i remember, it's ruining my childhood*sob sob*, why o why
  20. Yeah I mean lots of Spyros for Gameboy Advance and DS, i played one but meh
  21. I want a new Spyro!! My god I loved that little dragon growing up, nanananana! xP I know there's been Nintendo Spyro's and stuff like that, but they don't count it's not the saaame :'( The last one I played when I was 10, came out in 2000 so it counts in my head ahhh! same time and everything!
  22. Thank you! n_n I plan on making lots of mini ones and putting them up in my etsy store if you ever want something in particular made/painted just for you or someone else, keep me in mind
  23. My stupid thing/habit is collectible related, if a game has collectibles or random things just to pick up, money, bolts in R&C etc I search and look about every tiny corner of every space/level for far too long. If there is a dark corner/area of nothingness 50 miles away.. i must go there! When a level starts i go BACK instead of forwards, just in case of the tiny chance something shiny is hiding there you never know! I look at parts of the ground too long, something might shine if I stare enough. I jump into/onto things that obviously are just meant to be scenery, in the hope there is a shiny, you don't know! I will try and make my character go up/down further than is obviously possible, often resulting in death. I try to push them out of the screen, things might be hiding! Going up to objects like tables, boxes etc you must constantly press X in case something can be picked up that you can't see ...despite this I always miss at least one thing, probably lots