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  1. Yeah I mean lots of Spyros for Gameboy Advance and DS, i played one but meh
  2. I want a new Spyro!! My god I loved that little dragon growing up, nanananana! xP I know there's been Nintendo Spyro's and stuff like that, but they don't count it's not the saaame :'( The last one I played when I was 10, came out in 2000 so it counts in my head ahhh! same time and everything!
  3. Thank you! n_n I plan on making lots of mini ones and putting them up in my etsy store if you ever want something in particular made/painted just for you or someone else, keep me in mind
  4. My stupid thing/habit is collectible related, if a game has collectibles or random things just to pick up, money, bolts in R&C etc I search and look about every tiny corner of every space/level for far too long. If there is a dark corner/area of nothingness 50 miles away.. i must go there! When a level starts i go BACK instead of forwards, just in case of the tiny chance something shiny is hiding there you never know! I look at parts of the ground too long, something might shine if I stare enough. I jump into/onto things that obviously are just meant to be scenery, in the hope there is a shiny, you don't know! I will try and make my character go up/down further than is obviously possible, often resulting in death. I try to push them out of the screen, things might be hiding! Going up to objects like tables, boxes etc you must constantly press X in case something can be picked up that you can't see ...despite this I always miss at least one thing, probably lots
  5. Thank youuu! *puts on party hat* I don't plan my milestones but i don't think that ones tooooo bad c:
  6. Master of Kyrat Far Cry 4 #100 Platinum 100 yipeee! This was one game I didn't plan on playing because it looked super similar to the 3rd one to me, BUT, it came free with my PS4 so I figured whyyyyy not? I'm really glad I did, it is similar as I thought, but so much fun anyways, riding elephants everywhere woo! I also enjoyed Pagan Mins mental commentary throughout I actually enjoyed it so much I was going to go for the Valley of the Yetis DLC, but I can't justify spending £12 on something I think will be pretty short and not add too much story wise, so this will forever be 84% complete, boohoo :'(
  7. Aww, thanks so much guys! (since there's no blow a kiss emote, i must kiss all of you )
  8. My tiny fur baby as of a few months ago, Lilo the Russian dwarf hammie I can never take a good picture of her, she's always on the move! She's so teeny and adorable
  9. Thank you!
    1. SteelFreaxx


      Ahh too cute!! Great work! :)

    2. Royalredpanda


      How do you always make such cute things?!? Adorable once again!

    3. Jennifayrie


      Aww thanks everyone <3 c:

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  10. Finished commissioned mini painting from the sketch above n_n How can you not love Vulpix
  11. 1,094 I'd like to get that to under 1,000 at least, seems pretty achievable.. I think
  12. I used to get a ton of hassle when I used to play Uncharted 2 multiplayer. I think I lost a year of my life to that game lol. Just your usual horrible messages, or chat over the mic, the same old drivel most of the time, however one individual would send me some really effd up often threatening messages, then after blocking them they made other accounts to do the same thing, this went on for several months, then they found me on other social media, youtube was one, and continued there, that was really horrible and the worst experience i've had. What must be up with their life I wonder o.O I changed my message settings to 'friends only' ages ago and i've never had any trouble since Although lately (since i got my PS4) I keep getting added to these group chats full of other female players only, i think i need to revise my friend list I accept almost anyone who adds me, that's the problem
  13. The 'are you taking a picture of me i better hide' face, he was supposed to be taking pictures of a church! But I approve of my chubby chibi cheek
  14. Went to work to get spoken to like crap all day and AND i get to do the same tomorrow yaaay!
  15. Sooo, i'm a liiiittle bit addicted to tsum tsums, usually my Disney Store has the same ones all the time, BUT today, I found.... JIMINY CRICKET.. look at that little face!!! He also has teeny tiny eyebrows that I didn't get in the photo, so cute, just had to bring him home (picture so much bigger than I meant it to be ><)
    1. SteelFreaxx


      Vulpix, you have good taste in Pokemon ;)

    2. NotAFoxAnymore
    3. Jennifayrie


      @steelfreaxx You can't not love vulpix xD

      @makisekurisu Thank you! <3

  16. My first commission after my comic con event, a mini painting of Vulpix so much more fun when you like the subject n_n Decided to get started today before work and sketch her up
  17. You still haven't reached the point where you get this quest yet don't worry, it's after the battle of Kaer Morhen. If i remember correctly it's part of the quest line to reunite the 'Lodge of Sorceresses' or something like that. I worried about this too when I was around the point in the game where you are you haven't missed it
  18. Thanks so much! n_n For the smallest size (pikachu painting) i charge £6 which i think is about $9.50 and for the bigger size (starfire) i charge £12, maybe $18 something, and it comes with the little easel/stand and i'm pretty sure i can ship all over the world for $5 or a bit less (i'm just assuming you're from the US from your ps card c:)
  19. New little painting, comic fans / dc universe fans this is one for you guys.. maybe n_n >.<

  20. Starfire mini painting commission! Sooo my first comic con booth went even better than i'd hoped for, already booked in for next year My little paintings all sold in the first hour of the first day, i wish i'd had time to make more, anyways i'm now going to take mini painting commissions, if anyone ever needs a gift or something for themselves keep me in mind
  21. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris I've wanted to play this for a while since I really enjoyed Guardian of Light way back when, thank you PS Plus Had just as much fun with this one n_n
  22. Super Exploding Zoo! #98 whaaat 2 platinums in one daay Sooo i'll admit I only bought this because I thought it looked cute xP Buuut i never expected it to be quite as easy and over after only a few hours of playing but I thought it was a bonus you could play online with yourself to make vs. trophies a little simpler *thumbs up* Fun little game but maybe not quite worth the money for how short it was (or at least how short I thought it was)
  23. Just did my first ever proper cross save thingy to get Sound Shapes PS4 ver platinum and now I feel slightly dirty o_o *shudders* xP

    1. Hemiak


      Cross-saving, auto-popping and multiple plats are not for everyone.

    2. Masamune


      I can understand cross-saving & having multiples of the same Platinum, but auto-popping them seems like it would just take the fun out of it imo.

    3. REDSHIRT64


      Not something I would ever do but to each their own

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