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    1. Dr_Mayus


      Well if you end up doing a Saturn painting let me know :). Although I don't know what shipping to Canada would be like :{

    2. Jennifayrie


      If you're still interested in the painting after my comic con event August 22nd-23rd I can make one just for you n_n for the £6 small canvas i'd do shipping to canada for £4 which I think is $8 for you if that would be ok

    3. Dr_Mayus


      cool, let me know after the event :)

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  1. Khaleesi trainer of dragons! Comic con is getting close, i need more paintings, i have no time ahhh *wow that picture quality is horrible*
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt #97 Yaaaay! After Installing patch 1.08 and already having every Gwent Card to hand, I sold a pair of old boots and the trophy was miiiine I absolutely loved this game! Although playing on Death March straight out the gate infuriated me quite often until I was past level 11ish but STILL no complaints, so much fun, I think I actually got quite addicted to it, and Gwent! Kind of want a gwent app on my phone Can't wait for the DLC c:
  3. I thought I was nearing the end of my collection when merchants/inkeeps/armourers etc etc stopped giving me random generated cards or even any prizes at all, so I cross checked my card collection at using their checklist, turns out I have every single card including all of the duplicates which you supposedly don't need for this trophy.. and yet the trophy hasn't popped. I went on the CD Projekt Red forums and so many people have the same issue, turns out the trophy is glitched if you achieve collecting all cards while playing on patch 1.07 :'( cry cry cry :c They have said they are working on a patch for this, but I just hope the trophy pops automatically when it's fixed or i'm in trouble as I have no idea where or who I earned my last random card from, or if I even have a save from that point. Hope this helps anybody with the same problem realise it's nothing they're doing wrong n_n Anybody else experiencing this problem? Or have you managed to get your trophy?
  4. 25 here, BUT still getting ID'd for drinking (legal age 18 over here) yaaay, long may it continue...
  5. "If I'm not back in 5 minutes... just wait longer.." - Ace Ventura
  6. That's a really great resource for gwent O: thank you n_n At least now a patch is coming out :DDD yayayay.. yay *ahem* ¬_¬ c: OMG YESS! Hope it comes out soon, thanks for the info, you are my favourite kind of mango!!
  7. Aww thank you that's so sweet n_n Keep in mind I take custom requests for the mini paintings in case you want something made just for you A few more mini paintings for comic con! It's getting close Baymax and Stitch - Hairy Baby! Snuggling Umbreon and Espeon Hope someone will take them home
  8. I have no idea how to notify everyone at once so i'll do this way I had completely forgotten about this post, but after being tagged in it yesterday I was really surprised how many of you had given an opinion on it. Some of you really went into a lot of detail so I would feel bad not to reply to everyone, and say thanks so much for all of your opinions, I still haven't actually got around to playing this, after reading all the comments I'm definitely thinking twice about getting it anyways, some of you guys really seem not to like it haha, I understand it being good in it's time but now being hard to adjust to because of the quality we've become used to... but I still haven't been completely put off either
  9. Pokemon fans! or anyone with eyes! lookit, some new arty things i've been up to n_n -

    1. Jak


      (I'm obligated to say something since im a (huge) pokemon fan.) You have great talent Jennifairy ;)

    2. N7-Kitsune


      I must have them when you put them up on etsy (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    3. Royalredpanda


      Adorable as usual, great job!

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  10. Hellllo, long time no posting... although I recently just got a PS4 and got obsessed with Wither 3 so you can understand I've started making mini canvas paintings for my comic con booth next month, after that they'll be on my etsy store Having so much fun doing these little ones Hope you like n_n
  11. Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea #96 Another Atelier game for the trophy cabinet! Still one of my favourite series, and the last of the dusk trilogy didn't disappoint. The game is even prettier than ever before, and the characters are just as sweet as always, loved the 2 shallies Although I'd definitely say this is the easiest of any Atelier game i've played, with pretty much zero time restrictions you don't have to worry about events or trophies, but I would say maybe some of the bosses were a little easy, even the DLC boss wasn't much of a challenge >< but still, love it! Maybe a good one for new players to the series to see what the game is all about n_n
  12. Hyperdimension Neptunia PP #95 errr... i so want to say i enjoyed this, because i do love the neptunia series, but this just didnt do it for me. I like the idea and it was fun for a while when I was playing through with my first goddess, it has it's funny little story moments, but it gets really repetitive really fast. Plus having no way at all of knowing what events you're missing for 100% completion is just grrrr Anyone who is a fan of the neptunia series and characters would probably enjoy it enough to get through, but anyone else, avoid i tell thee!
  13. Battle Princess of Arcadias #94 I really enjoyed this when I first played it, even my second play through was enjoyable, hacking and slashing the little baddies with an array of different characters.. BUT, the trophies for getting max friendship/honour with all characters, and getting all characters to level 99 kind of killed it for me. It added nothing to the game and was so repetitive, even after you do all of the extra levels you're still nowhere near maxing everything, so yeah, that was the drawback for me, but then i guess it's my fault for needing that platinum
  14. Thank you! I think they will be with me mid-late april, but i always feel bad shipping to the US because big things cost so much to send if she really would like one there is a site based in US that will be much cheaper for you!kawaiialpaca/cijr Thanks so much i know, the teal one is so cute, i cant wait to see them in real life, the Amuse brand do red pandas too i dont want you to die of happiness/cuteness but look here... Aww thank you so much i really appreciate it! i'm a big plushie fan too, i dont care how old i get Thank youuu you're right! i dont know why i never realised this haha lmao! Thanks so much I'm very happy my strawberries please you
  15. Would you kindly...have a peek at my newest artwork? :P Also.. i'm excited!!

    1. daftprophet


      Awesome as always :)

    2. BhekifaZ


      I wish I had talent.

  16. I was sure i'd posted this already but since it seems like i haven't.. here it is! Little chibi Jack Skellington! He might not be able to scare as many people like this though Also I am so so soooo excited! I fell in love with a brand called 'Amuse' when i was in Japan, they make adorable plushies, including the famous Alpacasso, and other items based on different kinds of animals and critters. And now I'm going to be selling them at my stalls, markets and conventions eeeeep, i hope it goes well so i can continue to do so. If i could make a living selling cute things i would be so happy haha Here is the 'Girly Kid' series i will be selling to test the water this year awwww
  17. Tales of Hearts r #93 Loooved this game, just like when I played Tales of Graces, i'm pretty sure i'd like all Tales games if I played them This took me longer than it should have though, as I thought the trophies for clearing the last boss on Manic and Unknown difficulty were for beating Faldealmeus... they were not >.< When the trophy didn't pop the first time i thought it was a glitch and did it AGAIN, anyone that's played this will understand my rage at the situation and my own stupidity haha. At least beating the actual last boss was super easy compared to that Oh dear dear
  18. If i worked in a game store i'm sure i would feel differently, but i work in the UK equivalent of your dollar or 99 cents store, where 90% of customers just have absolutely no respect for anything, treating everything like crap including you, plus we've just had the holiday period so yeah you can imagine ¬_¬ *screams into a pillow* .... all better
  19. I'm trying to work towards making my art business my main source of income, i run my online store, take commissions from individuals and other companies, and book stalls, markets and conventions so i can sell my work, they're my favourite n_n BUT, right now my main source of income is from... working in retail... ...yeah
  20. Halt and Catch Fire.. addicted right now, watching on Prime one after the other
  21. Count me in (just in case you didn't see my message )
  22. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd #92 First platinum in 4 months and first of 2015, yipee!