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  1. ...much like (*^-^*)
  2. New charm (*^o^*) I took the chibi L off of the birthday card i made and turned him into a little charm to list in my etsy store, I think this might be one of my favourites so far... just cause of the extra little strawberry
  3. Keep on drawing! You can do iiit, i bet your art is way better than you think it is I took lots of art classes because of my degree and there were lots of things i hated having to do and sucked at so bad, you just need to get your own style down, adorableness does always win!
  4. Between number 5 and 10 for me, in the end i went with 10 good luck everyone! n_n
  5. hehee thank you! n_n
  6. Thanks so much! n_n
  7. My first full illustration of my character Maru, the tea loving, fat, grumpy sheep! 'cause who says you can't keep it cute while you grump 12"x12" acrylic on canvas, i'll be putting him up for sale at my first market of the holiday season at the end of this month, in the hope that someone will want him n_n (excuse the rubbishy quality, it's my phone u_u' ) Hope you like him!
  8. Omg omg omg my Mimi Pyon Pote Usa Loppy came today!! I fell in love with the Amuse brand when i was in Tokyo, but i failed to win one of these bunnies in the UFO Catchers, so i bought one when i came home, she got here in the mail today ahhhh, and she's a bagpack what evennn, cuteness (unintentional jammie outfit match with bunny )
  9. 4 years late, BUT, i made an Instagram wooo photos! n_n, add me or whatever it is (jennifairyw) so i can creep at your pictures :D x

    1. Jennifayrie
    2. SirNikolai


      Wow i've just seen your work on DA nice job:)

    3. Jennifayrie


      Thank you very much! <3 n_n

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  10. The fact that it costs money.... that is my only reason n_n Although once i come back from my holiday that's what i'll focus on saving up for next, i've been making a small fortune on ebay recently with old toys and stuff so hopefully it won't be too long away
  11. Eeep! Last day of work tomorrow before Tokyo on Tuesday!! I may throw up with excitement... but in a good way n_n *runs around like a mentalist*

    1. Jennifayrie


      If i knew about it before i probably would have tried xD Thanks everybody n_n x

    2. Piggie_Pie


      Im confused (like normal)... so you aren't going to TGS? :'(

      So much sarcasm and rhetoric!!!

      in any case... enjoy your time in Japan

    3. Jennifayrie


      No piggie i'm not going hehe, but if i knew about it beforehand i would have tried to go, however i am going to Disneyland and a Pokemon Center! that makes up for it a bit xD Thank you x

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  12. I bought the DLC packs on my vita and they worked on there no problem at all, i've got that all finished... But now i'm on my PS3 going into the store to download the PS3 version of the DLC so i can complete this one too At first none of the DLC worked, it said i had to start content manager on the vita and link it up, which i did and it still didn't work After installing an update to the game and going into the store and re-downloading them, i managed to get them all working EXCEPT the Brass Sound Pack, it won't show up no matter what i do I've re-downloaded it like 10 times, i've gone into the little store in the game and try to do it that way, nothing, and i've done that content manager thing on the vita Anybody have any ideas what i could do/try? Or is it really obvious and i'm just an idiot, either way heeelllp please, cause going in and out of the store, to game, store, to game... and on and on is becoming a massive pain in the arse :'( wah Thank you x
  13. Ok thank you, i just realised i am a complete idiot and put this in PS4 games instead of PS3 anyway -__-
  14. Thanks! I'll try this, where under settings do you find restore licenses? I'm having trouble finding it
  15. Katamari Forever #91 *runs in screaming* AHHHHMAAAGAAD i cannot actually believe i've finished this!! As a whole i really enjoyed it, BUT, with over 4000 collectibles (which i'm just going to guess is the most in any PS3 game) and absolutely no idea what you are missing or where to look for it, there is only so many times you can listen to..."Naaaa, na, na , na, na, na, na ,naaa" without wanting to punch someone in the face There was a point i thought i'd never complete this. If it wasn't for my good friend google, i never would have found everything, but even the old trusty internet can't completely help with this one I have no idea how this platinum isn't super duper wooper ultra rare, all of those earners must have the patience of a saint
  16. ooookay helllp, playing Last of Us, i just got Scavenger trophy, but i haven't got the trophy for all pendants, comics or artifacts yet, wtf, glitchy glitch? anyone else get this? :'(

    1. Saltyie


      Everyone gets it, I think it's because the game counts a toolbox upgrade as a collectible, so you get the trophy a few collectibles early.

    2. Jennifayrie


      ohhh, i see i see, thank you n_n

    3. Ruhkillmeez


      It's glitched, I think. I don't even remember how I got the trophy, all i know is that while I was on my 3rd or 4th PS3 playthrough of trying to get all collectibles, my trophy popped earlier than expected. I don't know, the trophies were messed up

  17. I'm ebaying Persona 4 Golden for a deeeelightful price if anyone is interested, worldwide shipping ;)

    1. Dr_Mayus


      You're going to love it :)

      I spent 3 weeks in Okinawa and 4 days in Tokyo. One of my favourite vacations of all time (my friend was an English teacher in Okinawa)

    2. Royalredpanda


      Already have this game, but have fun on your trip! :3

    3. Jennifayrie


      Well i'm supposed to be going for 8 days but it ends up really being 6 and a half :( i'll need to cram loads in :D Thank you Panda n_n

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  18. In Skyrim there's a female character in the.. brotherhood? is that the werewolf place again, it's been so long haha anyway her name was Ayala, i think that's such a beautiful name for a girl, though i'd probably write it like 'Ayla' i think. If i ever had a daughter, that's definitely a name i love
  19. I love Hello Kitty and all Sanrio characters, but when i read this i thought, "if she isn't a cat.... then why is she a cat?" O.O Although in Sanrio Puroland (theme park) Hello Kitty is quite tall and dresses in proper clothes, where as the other characters appear small with their big heads and such, so i had my suspicions ¬_¬ She also has a pet cat of her own, Charmmy Kitty, we should have known, all the signs are there Bottom line, after this news, my life will never be the same
  20. Outlast! I find anything in asylums so scary but i'm also always intrigued by it too. I knew i'd be so scared i made my boyfriend play it all and i watched, my theory is as long as you're not holding the controller nothing bad can get you Jumped and even squealed a few times at this one, well... maybe more than a few One i actually played myself was Fear Effect, i was about 10 or something when i played and i remember finding it really creepy and scary, although i can't remember much about it, it was so long ago
  21. A Jesus of fighters and proud !
  22. Aww thanks so much, i'm happy you think so n_n
  23. Number 3 gets my vote, i love the colours and font choice, plus... sparklieees glittery oooo