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  1. Here's mine: I dabble in everything but focusing on trying to get better digitally at the moment, also doing quite a lot of acrylic on canvas to get back to traditional messy stuff
  2. Yaay i got some votes hehe, whoever the 8 people are i love you It was fun taking part though, i think i'll try some other ones too in the future Congrats to all
  3. i love my new psnprofile haha xD i'm a fairy! it knows me so well n_n

    1. N7-XenoRoxas


      i loved mine! "im a big girl now" ^_^

  4. Hiya! Welcome to the site Pandi (that's what ima call you n_n) Enjoy your stay
  5. -xo

    Hiya! Welcome to the site Lady Misaki *bows*
  6. South Park: The Stick of Truth #85 Looooved this hehe, so funny and fun to play. I imported the US version though, i wasn't paying for censored parts
  7. I'm sellling Suzukaze no Melt days in the sanctuary if anyone is interested, free shipping to anywhere :)

    1. N7-XenoRoxas
    2. Jennifayrie


      it's in japanese only which i didnt know when i got it :( but it is easy enough with a guide

    3. Dr_Mayus


      but it is a virtual novel right? so the whole point is being able to read the story. Too bad if there were english subtitles or dub then I would have bought.

      Good luck selling it :)

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  8. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Limited ed Last one in the shop! Just saw it and it called to me, "pick me.. pick meee.." Can't wait to relive all the memories I haven't actually played X-2 ever so very excited about that too n_n Plus... hard cover art book *drools everywhere*
  9. Invizimals: The AllianceI've never seen this one before
  10. Epic Tale of Sorcerers Soul Sacrifice #84 This one took me some time but it's one of the games i've enjoyed most on Vita so far, it's so much fun The only thing i found difficult and annoying to the point of wanting to punch things was the 'Serpentine Forest Lurkers' pact with the 2 Illecebras aaaaargghh, plus you have to do it twice Luckily today i found lovely random peoples on multiplayer to help me n_n
  11. オールクリア 涼風のメルト - days in the sanctuary #83 Ended up being my fastest so far too n_n I also think this is one of my favourite platinum images,d'aww just look at him
  12. Eternal Light Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII #82 I know this is one game so many people dislike, but i loved it and really enjoyed every minute, i'm a little sad i've finished
  13. I don't know much about him but i was shown this and it made me want to never stop punching him -__-
  14. I can't remember my exact schema set up but with this method i beat him on my first playthrough: Soldier of Peace was one of mine so i could use Artemis's Arrows, i also had the sword equipped that you get for beating the Reaver Omega or The Last One of it's kind. I also had whatever my strongest magic garb was at the time equipped and i used the Succubus Claw sword (it's called something like that lol) I had 2 Phoenix feathers, and i think 4 Turbo Ethers and a few items to cast Bravery. Since you have to stagger him 4 times before he goes down i switched between 2 schemas (including my magic one) using Deshell as needed and spamming him with Fira, making sure to guard when necessary, but i overclocked once during every attempt to stagger and that really reduced the number of times he was able to attack me, just keep doing this and he should be down in no time, don't be shy with overclock lol. I think i had to revive myself once or twice during this stage due to my poopie guarding. Once he was down i used Debrave on him and buffed myself up with a bravery potion then let loose with Artemis's Arrows overclocking constantly, once one overclock ends it's safe to say you should guard because he'll hit you with something. I never needed to restore any of my HP this way. Use ethers to restore your EP as necessary and you'll have that overgrown lizard dead in no time Just to note, by the time i came to fight him i had beaten the main quest, done 40+ canvas of prayers quests and almost all side quests Hope this helps a little bit
  15. So I turned my vita on today for the first time in over a month and all the games ive downloaded from the store have gone, and im guessing so have my saves D': All retail games ive bought and installed from the little chip are still there, and im only using the one memory card at the moment. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a problem thats known and some lovely person here can help me fix? Or do I say goodbye to my saves forever :'( I dont feel like getting to the point I was at in Muramasa again lol Appreciate any help, from a confused, sad, yet slightly hopeful me x Crap, sorry double topic post, on my silly phone
  16. Thanks for the help, i tried what you said quite a few times and checked the memory card part in settings, i think it just wasn't picking it up like you said, but it seems to be fine now, i feel silly lol thanks for the flowers i am now a happy puppy n_n!
  17. Eyepet & Friends Platinum Pet #81 Ohhhkaaay this took me over 2 years to platinum and is my longest one yet haha x3 not because it's hard but you need 2 move controllers which i never had before today When i first played this i actually quite enjoyed it because of how cute and interactive it is, but definitely not for everybody
  18. I don't really regret anything i've bought except Just Cause 2, i was told how amazing it was and that i really had to play it, so i bought it and just couldn't get into it, i hated the way it felt when i played it, and i couldn't get used to the controls at all, but sometimes i wonder if i should give it another chance hmm I felt like that a little when i first found out this game was going to be time restrictive, but now i'm playing it i don't mind at all. Are you using Chronostasis often? I abuse the poop out of it and keep my EP up, that way you pretty much eliminate the time management aspect of the whole game and you can take your time a little more and do things as you like. Although i definitely understand where you're coming from and why people dislike all the time management malarky
  19. For me personally: Nier Forging Master Just grinding for those materials hoping one of those little buggers would drop something i needed and praying while i went digging on the beach i'd find a black pearl, or god forbid an eagle egg at the The Aerie, but ohhh the joy every time i got something i needed Final Fantasy XIII Treasure Hunter The only trophy between me and the platinum, i still need sooo much money to upgrade everything >.< Mugen Souls... lots of things The random drop bounty set things on uncharted golden abyss really pissed me off too ><
  20. My vote's in
  21. I've been on 25 for a while, 14% or 1,115 points more and i'll be 26, which i'm looking forward too, i like even numbers
  22. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 #80 I had this half finished for quite some time, no idea why since it's quite a simple plat, but fun too of course n_n Thanks to everyone who replied in my thread about level grinding, it really helped! Also yay 80 plats! i quite like that number it looks nice 'n fat and happy sitting there
  23. Everyone is around level 70 - 73 now that i've finished all the endings, so all i have left to do is reach level 99 with all characters and beat Delphinus or whats his name. So does anybody have any tips about quickly leveling up at this point? What's best? I tried power level island but it's not that great. What did you guys do? Any help appreciated
  24. Thanks for the tip i'll give that a try! n_n Ohh i didn't know that about the EXP+ thank you! Definitely doing that lol It was good for me to begin with but now i have to clear the whole map of enemies to get every character up just 1 level maybe 2 if i'm lucky
  25. Ohhhh wow, much want O_O