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  1. Chibi Elsa "Let it go, let it gooo, can't hold it back anymoreee..." I really loved the movie, i know a lot of people find it too sing songy buti don't mind that at all, plus it looked beautiful
  2. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (PS3) #79 I had already played the Vita version and got platinum in December '12, but i loved the game so much i had to get it for PS3 I liked having the new song additions, but the Module Collector trophy felt like a grind this time around >.< not sure why, still a big fan though hehe
  3. I thought i would get: Careful What You Wish For Complete the grand finale of the Fishy Tales of the Nekomata. just for completing the story for the first time, like the trophy would pop after the credits since it's the first trophy on the list and it's bronze, but it didn't. Is there something else i should be doing to get the trophy or is it glitched on me?? :'( Any help appreciated, thank youu
  4. Thanks so much for the reply, yeah i'll definitely wait to see if it gets patched before i play more, if i did chaos and fury playthroughs n didn't get the trophy i might cry
  5. Aww thank you so much i really appreciate it! That's so intricate and pretty, is that in pen too?! It's so hard to work in pen, well for me lol, it's really great, what did/do you study in particular at uni if you don't mind me asking? Oh and i watermark everything too don't worry about it, you never know who's out there peeking or thieving
  6. hehe thank you! i love your little avatar
  7. Newest little cutie, Peter Pan He was requested at my first art fair at the end of November, that's me all caught up with commissions now *phew*
  8. I never even knew this was possible, that's how interested i am in turning them off However for me, seeing and/or hearing a trophy pop doesn't affect how invested i am in a game at all, it's just a little bonus, especially if you don't know it's coming. I also like seeing the different trophy images and if they have a clever name or not hehe
  9. #78 Tearaway My first platinum in over 9 months, i think that's the longest i've went without one n_n' I really enjoyed this little game, best use of the vita out there so far in my opinion, or from what i've played anyways
  10. I'm from Scotland! 40 mins outside Glasgow
  11. This made me laugh so much, i have no idea why, must just be the choice of words haha I love anything Cherry or Coconut-y! I also love scented candles especially Yankee Candles, at the moment i have a blueberry pie, cherry pie and strawberry shortcake one and oh sweet moses they are good! *drools*
  12. Pokemon X - i bought a preowned 3DS several months ago just so i could play this lol, i wasn't missing out on another pokemon game nuh uh! So glad i did too i really love it, nothing better than playing with a little eevee in amie
    1. Jennifayrie


      It is! hehe i used her face as a reference cause i love her lips xD Thanks guys! x

    2. KanadeAmasuka


      I knew it and yes her lips are amazing and her face structure too with the cheekbones and all xD yeah big fan here <3

    3. Jennifayrie
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  13. Hello Kitty has decided to break bad and try her hand at cooking Walter's finest! Just a simple little idea i had to get back into things after the holidays, i had no time for arty things due to christmas work craziness I don't know how many people are fans of both Hello Kitty and Breaking Bad hehe, but i am so here she is! Hope you like!
  14. Please enjoy - you're welcome! :D happy holidays to everyone n_n

    1. Kurobleidd


      Haha, cute and Happy Holidays to you as well.

    2. damon8r351


      Ahhhh! My epilepsy! :P

  15. ooo i really like the character design, if i have some free time in the future i'd be happy to make her n_n
  16. Ohhh i seee, cool, i'd love to see it n_n
  17. Thank you! You should you should, start 'em young hehe. I have, i always liked colouring and things like that when i was little, but only started drawing seriously about 8 years ago when i was 15, but i've only really started my digital works in the last few years and got into it more in the past few months n_n i hope to improve more on everything Before work got mental for christmas, and i wasn't overwhelmed with arty commissions, i did a few why do you ask? ...if i may ask lol
  18. So i don't even get to pet the kitty Ohh myy
  19. Ohhhkaay, i just bought this (PS3 version) because it's cheap and i thought i'd get to pet a kitty, play with it, or interact on some basic level and it'd be all adorable and stuff (i'm a sucker for cutsie things)... well... the kitties are super cute and fluffy but am i right in saying you pretty much cannot do anything except move the camera around a bit? Then random trophies just kept appearing for no reason except reminding me what i was looking at was kawaii, lovely and pretty etc, whaaat! Sooo disappointed, wah u_u Unless i'm not doing it right or something
  20. Thanks so much for the lovely comments everybody! n_n
  21. Thank you Piggie! x
  22. Updated my arty thread for the first time in ages! Go take a peek take a peeek, here's a link if you like to be lazy - n_n

  23. Sooo i haven't been around here in a long time, and i haven't gamed properly in about 6 months i reckon, so i thought i'd update with what i've been doing in that time to prove i've not just been a lazy bum, if any one is interested at all hehe I've started up a facebook page for my art in the last few months if anyone would like to take a peek, any support appreciated : Here's some examples of recent work: These are a few of my little Disney Chibis! We've got Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Merida (Brave), Mike (Monsters Inc/Uni) and Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-it-Ralph) I've made several of these designs into framed prints, charms and other jewelery which went down pretty well at my first art fair a few weeks ago, woohoo These are just 2 examples of commissions i've done in the last few weeks, both acrylic on canvas n_n Here's a few pokemon pieces if there's any fans around here. If you've played X and Y you'll get the eevee picture hehe, right? And the Oddish Burger is just a silly idea i had And here's a little cutie minion commission i just finished about an hour ago, hope you like him! I scaled all my pictures down just for here, if you want to see anything else please check out my: Facebook: Deviant Art: I hope any arty fans around here enjoyed looking at my stuff Any feedback is welcome too! hehe