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  1. I haven't been gaming properly for a while but I wanted to get Crash as soon as it came out to relive my childhood and just because I love the little guy. But with this game came the realisation that I no longer have the patience I once did for trophies/games and I've never wanted to bash this little bandicoots face in as much as I do now 🙃 That being said I'm only about 10 gems off normal and N. Verted from having all of them, I might try to get my last 3 flashback tapes too, but the N.Sanely perfect and time trial relics can wait, maybe an eternal wait. Despite wanting to throttle the little mammal during my worst moments of innumerable deaths, I've actually had so much fun with this! c:


  2. I've preordered one so should be getting it on release day. To be honest if my partner didn't want one so much I probably would have waited as I don't find myself playing games as much as I used to any more. But I'm excited to see it's new capabilities and how it improves and affects your gameplay experience, especially regarding the controller. I can't wait to see with my own eyes if these load times really are nothing but a blip now, ahh *dreams* 


    I do agree games are expensive but that's nothing new, you can go out for dinner or a night out and spend upwards of £50 easy. I'd say the amount of hours of entertainment and enjoyment you get from a video game makes the price worth it. Plus I'm always one for buying a physical copy and then just selling it when I'm finished, so that helps 😅


  3. Hey guys! Long longgg time no post!


    I thought I'd share my first ever Kickstarter that I launched this afternoon, "Big Cat Cuties" enamel pins


    If these are funded they will become charity pins with a percentage of each sale donated to big cat conservation projects 🐾


    Take a peek! Any feedback or help spreading the word is greatly appreciated 😍





  4. It's always been Ebay for me. I've always managed to sell games no problem for pretty decent prices, some even surprise me. I've never had one not sell. I list it at a starting price that if it only sells for that I won't cry. The double fee of ebay and then paypal is a bit crappy but if the buyer ends up paying though bank transfer it's always a plus. And a bonus is that you get 20 free listings a month and sometimes they have an 'only pay £1 ($1)' instead of the usual 10% cut when you sell something, you can usually list up to 100 items this way as long as it's within the time frame they set. So if you have something rare or expensive you want to sell, defo wait for that deal 😉



  5. I got a feeling that we're going to see your works in the future compile heart games  :angel:.


    Also,  :highfive: for being a Sanrio fan. I guess cinnamoroll is your favourite character, right?


    Aww thanks! That would be awesome! O__O *dreams*


    He is!! how did you know this  D:  :hmm:



    ooops forgot,  :highfive:  yeah!


  6. I'll put in spoilers, in case you haven't seen the new episode yet.


    Well, I guess we were both right  :lol: Shame the mom had to go too, poor Rick  :( 


    This episode showed why I love watching the show. Because going through all the slow episodes is rewarding in the end. Awesome start of the second half of the season.


    haha we were :yay: I know! I thought it was going to turn out to be some sort of daydream because they just kept dropping one after the other lol but nooo


  7. So the second half of season 6 starts this Sunday... who's gonna get the proverbial axe?


    Hopefully Sam, I've wanted to punch him in the face for a while now... " mom... mom... " probably going to get everyone eaten in 5 seconds, shut up kid!! >: ( maybe I'm just a heartless person who has no patience  :angel: Looking forward to it anyways!  :yay:​