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  1. Yea sorry, my bad. I assumed the definitive edition had the dlc included and you didn't have to download separately. At least faster baby is free now.
  2. Slowly getting there, up to 165 now and it's only a matter of time before I gold it. Can't wait to get up to the next series.
  3. Are you sure? I haven't played the game so I have no idea. Google search says it does
  4. If you download mafia 3 from your library it'll be the definitive edition. Was for me anyway
  5. Not a bad idea, I sort of have the same routine, although lately it feels like backlog backlog backlog apart from the odd rata title
  6. 1. Format vita 2. Sign in as alt account but do not sync trophies. 3. Set up email 3. Download delisted game. 4. Turn off wifi 5. Complete game 6. Close all apps. 7. Turn wifi on. 8. Do the switch account trick through the email, so switch to your main but don't close the email app. 9. Go to settings- account management and if you're signed in, sign out and back in. If you're signed out, sign in and out and back in again. 10. Click on the trophy app, do not sync, the tab should be on the left. Should say ps vita system. Not on the right, where it says playstation network. It may give you a restoring message or an error message. This is fine. Close trophy app. 11. Switch to email app and switch back to your alt account. 12. Open the trophies app and the trophies will sync. Since the vita doesn't sync trophies at the start it doesn't know if you've earned the trophies in that game and therefore they will pop again. You will not stuff up your alt account as the earlier timestamps will stay but potentially you could stuff up yours. But if you're careful with these steps I don't see a problem. Only potential problem is if the alt has ps plus so if the trophies auto sync when you turn the wifi back on once you've completed the game. Is there a way to turn off auto sync.
  7. Could be keen for some crash team racing, although it's still $50 so nah
  8. Yes, my method is the offline method. I only do it that way because once the online way screwed me over but only my alt got messed up. I do the offline method so I can download 3 games at a time, and I like to take my time in a game. Eg, half an hour in bed before sleep or something. And the last reason is I take my vita to work which has no wifi so I don't think the online method would work. If you're careful , nothing will go wrong. Just try it on a dummy account first. I was sceptical at first but after the first try, which I followed hakooms YouTube video you realise how easy it is.
  9. Should do
  10. I've have read that you can redo the trick but personally I haven't. If you follow the instructions to a tee nothing goes wrong. Just my experience. Once you do it once you get more confident in doing it. I'll give you my tips when doing it. 1. After finishing the games close all apps. 2. Turn on wifi 3. Open email and do the trick 4. Leave the email app open , if you close it it screws it over 5. Go to settings, account management and if you're signed in, sign out, then back in. If you were signed out, sign in, then back out then back in. 6. Open your trophies app, making sure the tab stays on this system, and not psn or online. I forget what it says. You should get a trophies restored message. 7. Close the trophies app. 8. Switch back to the email and do the trick back to your alt. 9. Go to trophies app, it normally auto syncs to your main amount. Easy peasy
  11. No I don't, my opinion is offline is better and safer. Online you only have 24 hours to complete the game.
  12. You only sync after the platinum. Well that's what I do. As for the timestamps, yes they do. The only way to screw this way up is if you accidentally sync a few trophies onto the alt first by either having wifi on when you shouldn't, or if you have the trophies app open when you shouldn't when doing the email switch trick. I suppose if the alt has ps plus then the trophies could auto sync, but having the wifi off should never let this happen.
  13. I've posted this in the other thread but I'll quickly do it here. 1. Format your vita 2. Sign in with your alt/ friends account 3. Set up your email app with the appropriate email. 4. Download the games you want, btw I'd love to get hold of plants vs zombies on the vita. 5. Turn wifi off. 6. Complete game. 7. Close all apps and turn wifi on. 8. Open email and do the switch trick. If there are any online trophies I'd suggest to do them first, probably before step 5. I've done it this way for ages now and never screwed it up. The online method I did, think it was midnight deluxe. Got about half way, synced trophies took a break, but it wasn't 24 hour break. Then completed the game but the latter half of trophies synched to my alt. Take a look at closertimhongkongs account. Luckily it wasn't my main.
  14. Off the top of my head, would probably be max payne 3. Although the mp level up trophy was a bit tedious. Overcooked 2 was fun playing with the wife with the odd arguement as well. Hard topic though because I could rattle off about 10 more games.
  15. A couple more is tv superstars. Fun but easy game and racket sports which was an ok and kinda tricky game.