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  1. Around 30 is my guess, 20 by my son, 10 by me.
  2. nope, as soon as the platinum popped I was done.
  3. way too much thinking involved
  4. Just got within seconds from tier 1 on a daily challenge, still hanging out for a delta challenge
  5. I guess you don't care all that much about putting trophies in your cabinet. I might be missing something though!
  6. Anyone else having trouble keeping this piece of shit on the road. I've been trying to do what I can with the car in question and am slipping and sliding all over the place. Also waiting patiently for one of these events to pop up but also knowing if it does I'm sure to muff it.
  7. Takes the frustration out of the game this, thanks.
  8. This is gold, thanks for this.
  9. Mine sounded like it was going to take off the other day. And it was in the pause menu.
  10. Do you have the dlc installed for it
  11. So is this only what I need to 100% the game.?
  12. I'll give you a 7.5. Not a bad list.
  13. My son is around 20, I'm around 10, having a blast playing this game apart from the server issues at times. Haven't got infallible or win an episode with 3 but it'll come one day.