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  1. Uncharted 3. Overseer took awhile to complete but with a really good team we got it done. Finally can put this game to bed.
  2. Is that the mission where you take out the mayor or whatever then you go in the ute and try to escape or something. It froze on me 3 times in a row there. Really pissed me off but I found if I manually saved the game before the freeze would happen, it wouldn't freeze. I found the game ok but the numerous playthroughs not so much.
  3. I dunno man, is it worth the stress? Probably not. I got pretty lucky with treasures but it still felt like it took forever. Now I'm stuck on overseer which needs 2 really good teammates and you need to be pretty good yourself.
  4. Wrong password maybe.
  5. There's a drop level around half way through the game which is extremely difficult. Especially one bit in particular but once you complete that level I found it got easier. The last island is real easy.
  6. Took me literally the next match. Technically I still have adventure treasures and trophies to get so it's not quite party time yet. Must be getting near to 200 hours played though. My experience is the game will decide when it'll drop. It's completely random.
  7. That's like a dollar an hour
  8. Uncharted 2. Started this game way back in 2010, before being able to afford internet, hence the missing timestamps. From memory I sold the game after the platinum, bought another copy years later for the dlc, realized the DLC wasn't compatible with it so sold that copy off and bought the digital version. All in all it took around 9 years. Now onto uncharted 3......
  9. Can confirm this method works with wifi, did it last night, as soon as the black loading screen appeared I turned off the power at the wall to the modem and it worked.
  10. Damn, the amount of time you've wasted to find that out I wouldn't have told anyone.
  11. Flag lifted?
  12. Trouble is, I don't have the time with work, family etc. Time will tell I guess
  13. Thanks for this, although after looking at this spreadsheet I feel like I've left my run too late.
  14. Toy story 3 Minecraft Plants vs zombies (all versions) 100% of the reason is because of my kids, normally if I've completed a game, it's dead to me.
  15. Probably quit gaming and actually get shit done around the house. In saying that though I loved playing mlb the show before trophies, so I'd buy the latest mlb game and thrash it.