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  1. Red dead redemption 2 Track mania turbo Batman Arkham city. As batman would say though, it ain't gonna be pretty.
  2. Think I went 2/4 with my guesses. I'd love a Patriots win next week.
  3. Think I went 2/4 with my guesses. I'd love a Patriots win next week.
  4. So you managed to upload your saves to ps plus but failed to sync your trophies?
  5. Colts Rams Patriots Eagles
  6. 0. Although I'm pretty anal about my completion I'd never hide games.
  7. Just checked your world ranking and I'm only a few hundred points ahead of you. Thought that was kinda cool. Anyways happy trophy hunting. Kill your backlog
  8. Hello neighbor. If you want to be stressed out by sloppy controls and an awful story then this game is for you.
  9. For me or wasn't so much getting the platinum in max Payne 3 but completing new York minute hardcore mode. To be fair it's not that hard just very time consuming just to fail.
  10. Shadows rushed me. Max Payne 3. Finish the game without dying and without running out of time in one sitting. I wouldn't call myself a psychopath though
  11. Only one day to go and I'd say I kinda completed my goal. 2019 may be another story however.
  12. my name is mayo
  13. Rdr2 because that's the only 2018 release I've played as far as I know.
  14. I found the cat would freak out but eventually take the fish. I tried crouching and slowly walking to the cat with the fish worked marginally better.
  15. That's good. Just got all the new dlc trophies via the creative survival glitch. That shit don't work on ps3.