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  1. Dang, I sure am glad I did the Nurburgring glitch back in the day
  2. I'd never buy anything from ubisoft ever again. Realised what they were up to way back when far cry 4 was released. Not saying they release bad games, but I hate all their different editions and season passes they release with each game.
  3. Did you buy the correct vehicles
  4. Great info there, I think I'm ready soon to practice this game. Still trying to get over my first playthrough on IADI which had over 1000 deaths
  5. Thanks for this info, should make this trophy easier..... As for the prep missions, I've been finding them straight forward until the last one in act 2, the torpedo ecu one. Anyone else have trouble with it, I honestly died so many times, those 2 helis kept respawning and they drove me crazy with their dead eye aim.
  6. Great topic , I'm pretty sure I can get a 99.5% profile, currently 99.01% . I have a fair few unobtainable and too hard trophies that I'll never be able to get, but if I concentrate on my backlog, it should happen. Doesn't help the kids started minecraft dungeons on my account and now have no desire to play it. Stranded on 41%.
  7. I sure am happy I never earned a trophy in this game when I gave it a try. This game blows and the fact it's going to be unobtainable soon.
  8. I have no idea how to enter the expansion pack worlds. Do you press the orange button or something? Meh, don't worry. Managed to use some kind of cheat glitch and got these trophies through that. Thanks.
  9. Nice guide, it was faultless. I did have an issue with the game crashing only at the 2nd bit of dialogue, blue screen and all. Fast skipping and saving every minute or so during the endless text solved the crashing.
  10. Dlc rarity should be calculated by base game owners. It's simply that easy.
  11. Think there's no way of cheesing games like max Payne 3 or wolfenstein 2. Kidd trip you can though, that's all the games I know
  12. There is a way to delete them apparently, forget how though.
  13. good to see you unlocked it in the end. Anyways, I'm going through the most boredom right now grinding mojo and have realised I only have 70 odd more turns in the gift machine but around 80 more unlockables to unlock, should I be worried? Might have to back up my save like you just in case
  14. 20% of the trophies or 20% of the moolah? Either way it's a deal
  15. Thanks for the heads up, just bought 17 of the fuckers