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  1. Apart from the game sucking I had no glitched trophies happen to me
  2. Well well. Looks like we have a gt sport beater. Physics look amazing
  3. That's like, a dollar an hour!
  4. 2/10 for me. To be honest I guessed all the answers.
  5. Guess who has $2.46 in their alt us account. Well not anymore. Thanks for the heads up. Well since I don't have plus it's $2.54 . 8 cents short.
  6. 12gb update. Wow. I thought plus downloaded the updates while in sleep mode. I had to manually set it going.
  7. Just keep trying I guess. I found the one where's there is two of them the hardest. Once you sink one the other turns into the rammer from hell. The one you glitched was hard but the remaining 2 I did pretty much first pop. Aim for the back of the ship for one and use mortar for the other. Keep at a reasonable distance.
  8. Releasing a couple of maps every quarter of a year with the same old gameplay. Sure it's free but sooooo boring.
  9. The problem is having to fire up the game again and get the two new trophies.
  10. This game needs to die quietly. Getting sick of it on my hard drive but knew this shit would happen again
  11. I see what you did thur!
  12. If you do can you make it have 70 bronze trophies. Then I'd probably buy it twice.
  13. I have a solution but it may not be very helpful. Either delete game or eject disc. Now try and forget that this game was ever made.
  14. There's a good guide on YouTube to follow by bad driver which uses the nightmare glitch. Just don't forget to quit and reload after the glitch otherwise the last trophy won't pop
  15. I have a few ps3 games from ps plus that I never intend to start so my backlog isn't that big. Maybe 5-10 games. Currently trying to finish max payne 3 so that will take me a few years at least. Otherwise I alternate ps4 and ps3 time from night to night.