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  1. Is there anyway you can save after each inning and quickly hard quit and reload if they get a hit
  2. Probably many moons ago it happened to me.
  3. Ghostbustrs!
  4. I was a master at the ps3 version , had a crack at this last night and immediately sucked. Took a good 5 matches to get the hang of it again, and now I'm kinda holding my own, so I guess it's not that difficult.
  5. Servers are region locked so make sure you're an American or from Europe. Or you can join communities and can join matches from there.
  6. Very unfortunate, but I guess we roll the dice with the vita trick.
  7. I'd only just got round to getting the previous DLC trophy. Looks like I'm playing this game again in the not distant future
  8. Damn that was a good read.
  9. Loved killing people with an upgraded plank in the first. Seems a shame not to include multiplayer this time.
  10. I can't wait. Haven't played a ps4 mlb game before so should be good.
  11. No one is taking your 100% away. Rest easy
  12. Great line up for me. May play the last of us again but will definatly play mlb.
  13. My trophy popped today without even noticing. Was near the end of world 2 start of world 3.
  14. Mines not working either. Keep getting the prompt to buy it instead even though I have the season pass. So annoying. Just deleted the game and reinstalled and it works.
  15. Best memory was definitely achieving overseer. Spent a good 20 attempts trying for it so when I finally got it I was pretty happy. And I guess to a lesser extent playing local coop with the wife. Great fun.