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  1. Yea I'd say it's a good game. Getting the platinum is becoming a tad tedious but it's ok.
  2. I've always been told size doesn't matter.
  3. Just hack the trophies. Way ,way easier!
  4. I thought if you've been caught cheating trophies you couldn't make a session.
  5. Have you been cheating,?
  6. All I want to know is how has the op not had his name banned by Sony.
  7. I think I'm over the whole 3rd person open world kind of games apart from rockstars offerings. They're so unoriginal to me. Side quests, collectibles, unlocking new powers all seems so repetitive. In saying that I didn't mind just cause 3.
  8. Hopefully it wasn't any of the death level trophies.
  9. Is that wrong? Why yes it is!
  10. Nice work. In chapter 2 you can press select to get rid of the lasers on the rifle in the helicopter. Made it easy easier for me. Keep trying and good luck. I actually miss playing this incredible game. Was heaps of fun going for nymhc.
  11. Yea I've cheated. Who cares tho!
  12. I found setting it to 3 laps worked a treat. First lap filling your turbo to the limit then just as you start your second lap apply your turbo or go in the zone. Worked first pop for me when I was struggling on that demolition derby course.
  13. Thanks for the vids. I gave you a lazy YouTube sub.
  14. They could at least make the trophies silver. Don't like the look of the unlocking that room trophy. I want to spend 10 minutes max getting these trophies.
  15. I'm not into trophy milestones at all , however when I start a new game I tend to take it slow but when I can sense the platinum or completion I'll stay up outrageously late to do it.