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  1. Thanks man, I hope so. The game itself isn’t that hard, once you get the hang of it. I did make a death compilation that I find amusing to watch.
  2. 1. Start of the wheelchair chair 2. New York, chapter 4 3. Roswell, chapter 6 4. Courtroom, chapter 8 5. New York bunker, chapter 9. Very easy chapter once you get used to it. 6. New Orleans, chapter 10 7. Venus, chapter 11 8. Ausmerzer 2, chapter 12. I highly recommend going for the chapter 2 and 5 glitch skip. Both easy enough to pull off. You might want to split the roswell and new orleans chapters as both are long or making a chapter 3 and 7 save as well.
  3. Attempt 39 - New Orleans, near the end again. Attempt 40 - Chapter 12, second to last boss fight. Climbed the small ladder to a shotgun to the face. Silly mistake. Attempt 41 - Chapter 4, New York. Something about this chapter for me. Didn’t have my silenced machine guns equipped and got alerted. Tried to rush to the checkpoint but got gunned down. Attempt 42 - Chapter 1, the bit where you go down the pipes and there’s 4 guys down there. Lately my strat there has been turning to shit. Attempt 43. - Complete. Finally it’s done. Had a few sketchy moments with the final chapter again, but finally held my nerve and got it done. Only had 44 health while climbing that ladder but somehow made it. Quick review - This game in my opinion is pretty much perfect. I’ve had so much fun playing this game. Sure it made me a nervous wreck at times , but the story, gameplay just everything is sooooo good. Mein leben difficulty is probably the best bit about this game, as you can see it made me have a few playthrough, and never did those cut scenes get boring. Favourite one would be the Venus cutscene. Anyway, I wonder who’s next on this journey…
  4. Attempt 37 - somehow died on the Roswell train. Attempt 38 - chapter 12. This game is slowly diminishing my soul!
  5. Attempt 36 - Found a new place to die in New Orleans, near the end of the chapter. The thing that pissed me off the most, I loaded a save near where I died and completed the game without dying.
  6. Cheers man, my strat is to run to that ladder, which is kinda risky, but I’ve practiced alot and I have a good success rate, the issue I had today was the first set of super soldiers that popped up. Normally they only take 1-3 shots with the upgraded shotgun but for some reason the first one took 5 or 6. I eventually got rid of them, then was waiting for the next set but a random soldier got behind me and took half my life, when I turned round to get him the other set of super soldiers came in from behind me and shot me to bits. Basically it all just turned to shit. I may look into a safer strat because that was heartbreak.
  7. Attempt 33 - chapter 4, New York Attempt 34 - chapter 11, Venus. Attempt 35 - chapter 12, final boss fight. I'm so mad right now!
  8. Attempt 31 - chapter 1 Attempt 32 - New fucken Orleans, I’ve died at the same bit 3 times now.
  9. I'd wait for a sale, they do happen quite frequently from what I've seen. Compared to the main game you'll get it done real quick.
  10. Attempt 30 - ended in Venus. The rng in that first section is unreal. Sometimes the ai won’t notice a massacre going on and other times they notice a footstep. I replayed the level after that and easily passed it. Pretty sure if I make it to Venus again I’ll get through it, I did come up with a better strat if it turns pear shaped again.
  11. Think it’s a little bit of both. I know I can do it, I can easily do any chapter without dying but stringing it all together is proving to be an issue, and if something out of the ordinary happens, more often than not I can’t adapt in time. I’ll keep plodding away, And it’ll just happen I’m sure, just like Max Payne 3. Anyway, did an attempt last night Attempt 29 - Ended in Roswell, in the big room before you plant the nuke, my strat fell to pieces, went on to practice hopefully a better way.
  12. Attempt 28 - Ended in New Orleans, starting to piss me off where I’m dying so stupidly. I start thinking way too far ahead and lose focus.
  13. I might put off attempts for a few days as I’m dirt tired. Attempt 27 - chapter 2 , fell asleep during the long cutscene where you have to put on that power armour. If you leave it to long to put on that super soldier stamps on your head. When I woke up I was dead. Might wait till Thursday for another run.
  14. 3 more attempts last night, I probably shouldn’t have as I sucked. I did have work in 7 hours so I did try and speed run it . Attempt 24 - chapter 1 Attempt 25 - chapter 1 Attempt 26 - chapter 4 Absolute rubbish
  15. Attempt 21 - chapter 1 Attempt 22 - thought I'd be cool and try a new roswell skip but mucked it up. Attempt 23 - died in Venus, at the start, got noticed but was slowly picking them all off but obviously got murdered. It was a dreadful run as well. Somehow messed up the skip glitch in chapter 5 but managed to save it and got my panzerhund blown to pieces in New Orleans so took it slow. So infuriating, all that time just for a little mistake. Maybe next time.... still loving the game though!