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  1. Worked a treat, can confirm also, bought sly 4 on my us alt account, platted the game on my account eu on the ps3, crossed saved. Did the vita trick to download the vita version of sly 4 for free, uploaded save and trophies popped.
  2. When are they shutting down?
  3. I've been playing this game off and on for since it was free on ps plus and I'm struggling hard. Just finished getting gold on 142 so another 18 to unlock the black series and then who knows. The multi lap races are the worst. Normally if I'm on good pace by the third lap I'm a nervous wreck and somehow screw it up.
  4. 3 or 4 games at a time for me. Although I'm at a stand still at the moment because the games are too hard or have lost interest in them
  5. Does it come with Rachel Riley?
  6. I'd love to get to 100% but will never get there. 99% would be nice but lately I really can't be bothered even turning the playstation on.
  7. I don't know if I could be bothered trophy hunting if it wasn't for this site. I like all the various stats this site gives.
  8. Did anyone have troubles using Robin. I'm finding him slow and prone to being useless. Other than that I'm finding the DLC good. Wish there were more trophies. Playing on the ps3.
  9. Wow. After fluffing around for about 3 hours last night not getting the trophy I watch this video and get the trophy after 5 minutes. Turned out I was missing the 2nd one. Thanks a bunch for this
  10. Did they patch the duplication glitch where you had to upload your save to the cloud? I've been trying to do it but can't get it to work. The YouTube guide of how to do it seems to be gone also.
  11. Says with a 69% completion profile.
  12. Still saying 7% for me. Was 37.99 now 34.99 from the top of my head
  13. got mine using a vita and ps4.
  14. Reading these comments and I'm not too happy what I have installed for myself. I've just golded the first 120 tracks, so still have red and black but I'm having a tough time of it. Definitely the creek levels are the hardest. This game along with (off topic) batman arkham city dlc challenges is causing me close to a nervous breakdown.
  15. Got excited seeing a way out on special but only 7% off is hardly worth it.