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  1. I'm no expert but I'd probably start all over again.
  2. Yea, I had no freezes with this game. Ran smooth as till I completed it. Played online , no golden guns though. On a 160gb slim
  3. Gta6 and gt7. But in all honesty, probably won't buy one for at least another year. Loving the ps4 too much.
  4. I reckon I could get 5 wins in this hexagone mode. Hope so
  5. Anyone know if getting 5 wins in a row in the other mode counts?
  6. Even though I got 141 platinums in 2020, I can't make a top 20 list. Need to stop stacking rata games. Anyway....... in no particular order A way out: fun game I played with the mrs. Story is enjoyable. Mlb 19 the show: Got this game free on plus. Pretty straight forward trophies apart from a tough online requirement. Diamond dynasty mode was highly addictive, said to myself I'd still play this game after the platinum but never did. Kid tripp: Real fun platformer, tough trophies. No death and collect all coins in one game. Luckily you could cheese it and save to cloud after each level. Erica: Interesting game, kinda hot actresses kept my attention. Had enough by the 5th playthrough though Trackmania turbo: Extremely hard car driving game. Getting gold on all tracks took forever for me. This game started my twitch career and also ended my twitch career. One night stand: Fun concept, bit annoying getting all trophies but took around an hour The order 1886: My mate lent me this game, quite fun and not grindy at all which was nice. Red dead redemption 2: Probably the number 1 game I've played, spent hundreds of hours on this game collecting flowers and stuff. Only real glitch was when the panther wouldn't spawn to study and hunt. Dirt 2.0: Hard online trophy but otherwise easyish. Was real hard just keeping my car on the road but does get easier. Still have flatout to complete but that can wait...... Titanfall 2: Didn't think much of the story but running the gauntlet was where I wasted my time. Spent 6 hours to beat that time. Demoralising when you look on YouTube and see someone doing it in 11 seconds. Hidden agenda: Once again my mate lent me the game. Good graphics and a good story. Heaps of different endings. COD modern warfare 2 remastered: Kinda got this a few days ago so not 2020 but thought I'd chuck it in there. Great game, enemy a.i infuriating though, infinite respawn and throwing grenades at your feet. Was real worried about immortal not popping when it should, but it did . Maybe in 2021 I'll aim for 21 quality plats... or maybe not.
  7. Am I the only one that would love to get rid of side quests, they're boring, adds nothing new and a waste of time. Just make the main story better. As for the map size, big isn't always best, it's how you use it that counts.
  8. I'm 37 and showing no signs of slowing down gaming. My wife says when am I going to grow up and stop gaming, but I'm pretty sure she's kidding.......
  9. Just wait for the delta challenge. Then it's top 50%. Daily challenge with the car is around the 15% mark I think.
  10. I believe you but if you still have the damaged disc, make up another account and see if it happens again. Shouldn't take too long to do.
  11. Yea I'll start first thing Monday morning. 200k a year preferred but would consider anything above 180k.
  12. I'm not fancy enough to post a pic but finally finished rdr2! Around 240 hours. Great game but never again.........
  13. Anyone else get really annoyed in the early chapters, dead eye automatically marking the enemies. Getting headshots gets tricky!
  14. Save your game manually, then reload that save. Ride around on your horse, probably to a different town until you get a auto save message. Select yes, then load up any mission. Should work!