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  1. Turns out you can fully explore the tutorial map. Then put in a frame and get the trophy. Don't need 9 maps like the ps4 Minecraft.
  2. With the map room trophy. Placing a fully explored map in a frame. Can it be 1 map or 3x3 maps like the ps4 Minecraft trophy?
  3. Was wondering did you do map room with 1 map or 9 maps on the ps3 version? @wackt1
  4. I traded for them with a purple villager. You have to trade 2 things with him first then he has the endereyes. You need to mine emerald first tho to trade for them which you can find quite easily. He'll run out after about 7 trades but just walk around for 10 seconds then come back and he'll have more. There's blaze powder at the brewing hut but you may need to go to the nether to get more via killing blazes
  5. Yea. It's in the top left part of the map. Sort of under the ghast statue thing. There's a real good video on YouTube on how to find it. The end portal that is. Still need to get 12 endereyes to activate it though.
  6. Yep. I got it last night. As soon as you defeat the ender dragon throw a ender pearl at the portal in the sky. Once you go through the portal the end city is right there. Takes a bit of pissing around trying to get 50 blocks high but I worked out you can throw ender pearls up to teleport yourself up higher real fast.
  7. For me it's definitely if the trophies I'm going for require that extra bit of effort or if I start a new game and can't really get into it.
  8. Thought I'd update my progress, I've only tried 4 times but haven't tried in over a week. Attempt 1: Ended at chapter 6 in the cubicles . Went into last man which I passed but where I dove was a nice grenade ready to explode. Instakill. Attempt 2: Chapter 2. Was fluffing around too much in the helicopter trying to protect fabiana. She got a round pumped inside her. Chapter 3: For some reason I was having a nightmare of a run. Not much time or ammo. Got sent into last man standing which I failed due to no ammo. Bit of a relief failing. Got to chapter 8 (which is probably my hated chapter difficulty wise) and got murdered after saving passos. I will get this trophy one day. Even if it kills me but I'm more focusing my time on the mp grind for now and other games.
  9. After flag 20 I saved my progress to usb, then flag 25 then 30 32 34etc just in case things fell to pieces , (which they did) so I could quickly reload the save instead of starting at flag 1. This trophy was a right pain. Extremely laggy, probably went down to 5 frames per second in places and zombies would over power virtually anything in a heartbeat.
  10. I don't do it. Normally just struggle through the game and try and complete it.
  11. Max Payne 3 new York minute hardcore mode. Could take a few more tries I reckon
  12. I voted yes. Its a great game. Not many games I've played through 5 times and still enjoy it.
  13. Congrats. I have only chapter 14 to go in New York minute then its hardcore for me. I picking a lot of failed attempts
  14. Sound shapes for me. Finally
  15. Even though I had my ps3 at launch, I never had internet access from when that trophy update came out till the end of 2010. I still remember playing gt5 after getting the internet and seeing these trophies pop. I was immediately hooked.