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  1. I'm very much interested in one of your keys, I've really wanted to play this game. Hi-Rez makes great games, I really enjoyed Tribes Ascend on PC a few years ago. I know it's a different type of game though. Although I did play Smite some on PC and really enjoyed it.
  2. Although I havent played the newest expansion, the one that came out on June 7th, they addressed guild content. There's something new in the game called Guild Alliances, where up to 13 seperate guilds can form an alliance and pretty much have 1 giant guild. I'm not sure the nature of the content, but they have Alliance vendors and such that have special things. I imagine some things require certain actions to unlock. So while I'm not certain if they have achievements, they do have rewards for completing things, which is largely the same concept.
  3. I played it on PC, this won't be a hard platinum, but it will take a lot of play time to get. You can speed up the leveling process by spending real money, but it won't make it easier or harder, just quicker. But either way, you'll probably need to dedicate a couple hundred hours to this one. But it's super fun to play so it won't be that bad.
  4. Second hand copies won't get the code, sure, but they also said that this deal will last for all copies sold through March 31st. So it's up for speculation that it might be 3 or 4 months after Fractured But Whole before you'll find them listed separately.
  5. Unlikely, PW actually care about their titles on console unlike Blizzard.
  6. Has anything been said on when this will go live? If the trophies are already up that must mean it's extremely soon.
  7. So the Kombat Pack 2 is on sale on PSN. If I buy this, will I have access to the XL DLC trophies? Or Would I have to buy the actual XL pack to get access to the DLC trophies? I'd much rather just pay the sale price of 9.99 for kombat pack 2 than the 24.99 for the XL pack
  8. I just entered! Is this still going on? I've got my fingers and toes crossed
  9. How are you all coming along on Master difficulty on some of these missions? I play most shooters on Hard/Veteran, but I'm having a hard time soloing the survival missions on Master. By hard time I mean, I've deemed it nearly impossible for my personal skill. Does the difficulty scale from 1 to 2 people? I haven't attempted it with a partner, does the difficulty go up with a partner?
  10. I believe this is just saying to obtain all Master difficulty stars, at least, that's what I'm reading out of it. I'm sure the trophy will ding once your progress reflects that you have obtained all of the Master difficulty stars
  11. I played Super Star Wars on SNES as a kid. There is a trophy for beating it on Jedi difficulty without dying, which may seem hard, but didn't I read that this version supports saves? Couldn't you just continually back up your save and reset it if you die?
  12. I received mine on the 17th late at night via e-mail. I was thinking I wasn't going to get it, but I checked my e-mail and there it was!
  13. My last platinum was Prototype 2 on the PS4. I had already obtained it on PS3, but I personally enjoy that game a lot
  14. I just picked up Battlefront this week and I love it! I've purchased Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, and Battlefront this month and to my surprise, I think Battlefront is the one I've enjoyed the most so far
  15. I'd love to go back and revisit some of these titles just for trophies, if they add in support.