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  1. In case anyone else is having trouble getting the Missing Steve quest to appear on the lost and found board, it will only show up once the side mission “Coast Guardian”, located in Venice Beach, has been completed.
  2. Nice work with the lines! I couldn’t get the Red Line to work consistently so tended to try your Green Line most of the time - but it came down to luck mostly. This is my Extra Ball run: I got lucky when I let the ball fall with one barrel left on the top shelf, but managed to get it back up again.
  3. I didn’t find a way to guarantee a way to get the ball onto the upper section. I tried to get a good solid hit to send the ball to the upper left section of the table above the shark, and hope for the best.
  4. To answer my own question, the steps required to unlock the Extra Ball are: 1) Get the ball on the top level 2) Keep hitting the buoy in the top left corner until the red ladder structure has moved twice 3) Hit the ball into the gap on the right beneath the ladder so it runs up it and drops back to the lower level 4) The large shark should now have opened its mouth, “Mission Start” will appear in the upper text box, and 8 barrels will appear (5 on the lower level & 3 on the top level) 5) You now have 60 seconds to hit and destroy all 8 barrels, and doing so will unlock the Extra Ball. If the ball goes out of play, get eaten by the shark, or the time limit reach zero the mission will fail and you will need to try again.
  5. Does anyone have any advice or tips on what to do to unlock the Extra Ball? I’ve seen a video on YouTube that shows it, but without an explanation it’s difficult to work out what they did exactly. Thanks.
  6. No, I didn’t have to reinstall it to get the upgrade. I just selected the “3 dots” next to play game, then view product and the free upgrade was available to download from there.
  7. The upgrade appears to have been fixed! I am now able to download the PS5 version for free on my UK account.
  8. The free PS5 upgrade should be available now. I’m downloading the upgrade on my UK account as I type!
  9. I attempted the 12 player trophy in the very first game I played using multiple tabs on an iPad using Safari, and unlocked the trophy without any problems. I have since tried to using multiple tabs and I get the “only join once for each browser” message. So, using the same iPad I used Chrome to join the game and could add 12 players to a game using multiple tabs. When I tried a second time I got the message about only joining once for each browser. In conclusion, and this would need more testing, you can only try for the 12 player trophy on your first game on an individual web browser. Good luck.
  10. I just opened twelve tabs on my tablet browser, went to the log in screen on each one, and entered a different name to create 12 players. Then just completed a 3 game round and the trophy unlocked.
  11. For the Broken Dream trophy you need to freeze the Alchemist and push him down the map so he gets trapped behind one of the gates at the bottom of the map. You will need to use a frozen clone to fill the gap, so the Alchemist can be moved down. Hope that makes sense.
  12. Mine have just synced up - phew! Hope everyone else is sorted too.
  13. ​I'm having a similar problem, 5 trophies unlocked in Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, but can't sync them to my list. Other people on my friends list aren't having the same problem, which is strange, but hopefully it will sort itself out.