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  1. I'm only in early game and guys like Dutch and Descendants have some absurd cards and some luck required to win at all. Descendants have three of them on the field and you can't equip anything you place on the field with a weapon because they ignore all weapon damage. So that means you have to get someone with 3+ attack onto the field which costs anywhere from 4-10 faction points, but the AI plays Elena turn one on the empty spot buffing the things to 5 damage. So either you play someone in an empty spot and pray you can keep it alive for two turns with equips or you place one dead center, buff with a 0 resource defense boost, then hope for the best. Dutch just throws in his own card which is 10 +3 HP usually and 4 attack which also hits you for 3 attack to your life points even if you are blocking his hit with a character. Having that other soldier on the team just makes things worse because round 2 is essentially summoning whatever you can there and praying. At least on round 3 if you have the guy that lowers faction rep you can place him and that forces him into a round 4 with no points to summon for a second turn in a row, but it's like the stars have to align sometimes to get what you want going. The silliest part is the AI is absolutely dumb, they know some counterplays but then will leave spots where you have a +8 to +14 damage card open as they put one at the +2 damage card with 3 HP for some reason.
  2. The difference here is that this is a rhythm game in a series that's almost exclusively action RPG and it's a lot harder for people to even go above the medium difficulties in rhythm games to begin with. Asking them to full chain 50 Proud songs is already pretty difficult and then asking them to complete all 150 of them is even more so. If you don't have experience in the rhythm game genre then just beating the Standard difficulty songs (Which in my opinion are mind numbing with how easy they are) is like pulling teeth for people. Maybe the list should have asked for 50 All Excellents in total across the difficulties, maybe it should have asked for a couple All Excellents in a couple of the hardest songs on Standard, and maybe you should have had to complete 10 songs on Performer mode on Proud (Not even Full Chain, just complete them) but overall it's just right for all skill levels and Proud isn't an enormous step up over Standard compared to what you usually see in rhythm games like jumping from Hard to Expert in Guitar Hero.
  3. I am absolutely fine with them making the lists easier but not too easy. Have you seen trophy lists from long running rhythm games like the Miku games or Taiko no Tatsujin? Only the cream of the crop can even touch some of those. I've been playing Taiko for years and being able to do Oni even on the easy songs is pretty difficult not only because of constantly alternating notes (Example being something like BRB RBBR BRB RBR) or constant mashing of triplets to octuplets or even higher while alternating (Example being something like BRBBRRBRRBBRRB). It took me years to learn how to reliably do triples and higher without my brain turning off mid-song. The fact that the trophy list of the PS4 version of Taiko no Tatsujin requires 10,000 notes on Oni of songs 7* or above without missing a single hit is completely ludicrous as that means like fifteen or so perfect songs in a row, and 7* ones are generally hard to learn and filled with alternating triples or constant alternating notes that fly by so fast making it tough to even keep up with the beat. Sometimes the beatmaps are complete nonsense that don't even fit the song at times like Saitama 2000. Another crazy one in Taiko is reaching level 50 because as soon as you pass the low 40s it will start going from 7* Hard beatmaps (Which vary from being Oni-tier to being challenging but fair) to 5-8* Oni and songs like Cirno's Perfect Math Class or Night of Knights on Hard at the drop of a hat where your opponent Full Combos the thing 90% of the time. That's why people who have those trophies have my respect, but it feels like beating your head against a wall if you try. 50 full chains on Proud is not exactly something to scoff at as some of the beatmap timings in MoM are weird to say the least, but it's at least reasonable for the average person to complete even if it takes some dedication to achieve it. I can't imagine turning on Performer mode since even some of the early Proud beatmaps are sometimes difficult to follow. 50 full chains on Proud is reasonable enough, heck, 100 would still be reasonable, but you have to draw a line somewhere that regular people who learned how to better themselves and not savants can get the platinum.
  4. You can use LunaTrigger on any enemy that has an armor value higher than the Foundation X soldiers or those Naruto-running robots then simply wait for the armor to regen. There's also a moment in the Desert Sector where you fight a certain Dopant that has an enormous amount of armor that LunaTrigger can back away from repeatedly. Trial also works for sure but you need to land the EX Attack properly and it's kind of finicky to get three in it.
  5. I'm very sorry, I gave you links to the challenge mode of shogi, the puzzle shogi video is here:
  6. 1 to 10, pretty sure these are meant to be guides.
  7. You have to do three playthroughs regardless as they have "All Spells" and "All Miracles" listed. They also stated in interviews that older major bugs have been patched so no Stockpile Thomas dupes.
  8. You use a bow or magic at the top or second floor and roll through the tongue every two or three hits while staying away from the ledge because Adjudicator breaks certain parts of the platform. The bird takes like 100-150 a hit which is a decent chunk off of NG Adjudicator's bar. As long as they left the shortcut in 4-1 you can just make a new Royalty character and run through 1-1 in like ten minutes, go back to the Nexus, get to 4-1, take the shortcut, and kill him. Even if you make mistakes you can just grind on a couple skeletons for souls to buy Fresh Spice from the blacksmith and have some more goes at it. Ah crap, you're right. Yeah, he gives Foe's Ring for Yuria and she's the only source of it.
  9. At least there's no Bladestone, Darkmoonstone, or Moonstone grinding required I guess and no reason to go with Mephistopheles.
  10. I doubt it. The only thing that has used save data to get into the system was the PSP. Everything else is either browser or update exploits. Nintendo is typically the one that gets hit with save data exploits while Sony is everything else under the sun.
  11. I only buy PS+ for one month when I'm in the mood for multiplayer which is rare to never. I primarily play singleplayer games and most of what PS+ gives out I already own as well, plus I don't really "own" my PS+ games either. It's the same deal with XBL, I don't really pay for it unless it's $1 or I want to play multiplayer which is almost never so it's a complete waste of money. What kind of logic is this? "You don't play online so you clearly don't play games on your PS4"? That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Singleplayer games take dozens of hours to complete and people would like to keep their save files safe after all the effort and time they put into them even if they're most likely never going to retread that save again. Why should you be forced to pay someone else money just to back them up when you've had a local solution for two gens now? Even the handheld systems allowed you to backup data locally albeit the Vita requiring Content Manager to do it. Microsoft was also doing this during this gen, you can't back up any of your Xbone save files to a USB at all, they are automatically backed up to the cloud but you don't need to pay for that backup. Problem is that it auto-downloads saves from the cloud as well so savescumming requires a lot of finagling with offline mode to even work on their end. On Sony's side it looks like we still have to manually back it up like on PS3 and PS4 unless you have auto-backup enabled. You also had to pay on the Xbox 360 to backup any save files to the cloud but you could back them up locally, however locally backed up save files would not work on the Xbone itself, they had to be uploaded directly from the Xbox 360. Using save files from the Xbone on the Xbox 360 (So, backwards compatible ones) required you to pay for Gold as well. I'd argue this issue might be because PS5 doesn't have that patch that enables external SSDs to work yet. I wouldn't doubt Sony would do this and I'm not holding my breath on a patch fixing that, but I'd throw that into the air at least as a possibility. It's really scummy they're doing this after letting you back up your saves locally for years.
  12. Not everyone hops on just because of a bandwagon and buys it to have some future rare trophy/achievement in their catalog. I've had both SoM and SoW sitting around on my shelf for years because I haven't really wanted to play them just yet since so many other games have been coming out that I'm much more excited to play so they sort of just flow to the wayside. It's just that now if I want 100% on them I gotta get off my butt and play them.
  13. They've been doing Asian English releases since Climax Fighters so it's at least selling which is nice. It's a shame we don't get English Premium Sound editions but I can understand why. At least you can import the Japanese Premium Sound Edition on Switch this time and it should be in English based on the eShop listing. Based on the gameplay footage we've seen I wouldn't get my hopes up. It'll probably be better than Climax Fighters and Climax Scramble but probably not better than that. It doesn't look like it'll even reach the heights of All Kamen Rider Generation, Battride War, Super Climax Heroes, SNES, or Seigi no Keifu. If anything it'll be the foundation for a properly good sequel rather than a good game on its own. Enemies look very passive, movement looks clunkier than indie games attempting the same sort of combat, Riders have better movesets than in Battride War but it seems like it's really easy to get high combos, enemies did nothing in the footage we saw unless they were wielding guns, SSS requirements look laughably easy as the footage of W in the parking lot had him taking like eight hits and only making a 10 or 20 combo on two enemies and he still got it, and enemies all look like damage sponges with super armor if they're bigger than regular mooks. I'm expecting "good" is as high as it will get and that's fine as long as the sequel pulls a Battride War 2 or a Super Climax Heroes and refines everything. Shame it wasn't W/OOO/Fourze though and also a shame it only has Sougo's actor as the returning VA when Shu and Renn returned multiple times to reprise OOO and W in games.
  14. I just had the displeasure of using the new site. This is genuinely worse than Youtube's random overhauls and outside of it looking more modern and not having to confirm a purchase on free items it's objectively worse in almost every single way. Wishlist is gone so enjoy trying to remember things you wishlisted months or even years ago and either didn't have the money or didn't want to buy at the time. You can't sort anymore period. Because you can't sort it means you can't see what free content was added to the store that week. You also can't sort by price when it comes to discounts. Searching for something doesn't give you the title at all, just the price and the image of the item. Just look at how terrible the front page looks like, it's awful. You literally have to scroll down past an enormous banner for the game they're advertising and then another four to six massive boxes just to get to the small "New Games" section, and then past the enormous Playstation Now banner to get to "Coming Soon" and these enormous boxes for other selections. You can't buy Vita, PSP, or PS3 content despite being able to just a couple days ago and using PS3 links doesn't even 404 you, it just hangs on a blank screen. The PSP store doesn't even work on the PSP itself since 2016 so enjoy. Also enjoy using your download list on the Vita since it's utter cancer and you can only push one download at a time with each download sending you back to the top of your download list. The Vita list also isn't filtered like the PSP's was once upon a time to just show Vita downloads. Your download list only covers GAMES, not the DLC you bought for said games, and you can't push DLC to your system at all without directly searching the DLC. It has to be done from the system itself despite this function working just fine for YEARS. Your download list also only covers PS4 and PS5 games, nothing else. Even PS4 games which have DLC don't show DLC on their MAIN GAME PAGE. Yakuza 6 has like eight or nine DLC packs that don't even show here. Game listings are done horribly as you have this giant banner of the game taking up the whole screen and in order to see anything you have to scroll a full screen down just to get a description of the item, the price, and the features. The features right below the banner are just what would be on the back of the box, not the nitty gritty. Features are missing from the pages as well like file sizes. It has to reload any page you click on at least once because apparently it can't keep track if you're logged in or not. There is so much wasted space in general between all the listings and none of it looks neat, and you have enormous boxes everywhere that push all the other content away. I am impressed at how borderline unusable the site is now when it was perfectly fine (If a bit slow and clunky) before. Edit: I just decided to click on the "Add-ons" tab to see what, if anything, may have been new. Turns out you can't even see anything more than the twelve recommended games they have listed and that's it. You have to manually search your game and potentially know the name of the add-ons specifically in order for them to even show up. Unbelievable.
  15. They've made the grind easier to an extent because there are days during the week where you have guaranteed metal vendors but you still need to grind out the KC from Haters to afford those and you still need to spend hours doing it to upgrade things. Mushrooms were nerfed into the ground significantly from launch. Fun Fungus is almost impossible to find and the few times I checked back and ran around 31F+ I never saw any but they kept giving them out for events. The OG versions of mushrooms like Stingshrooms are also incredibly rare. They've been giving out some fairly good equips but again, you still need to spend the hours grinding metal to upgrade them. Defenses and raids are a lot harder because of the various events that have happened. RPG Defenders seemed to be common enough, otherwise you had high tier equips on basically everyone even at the 5* level which made it almost impossible. Defenses are a bit easier due to the newly added monster system to help you out but a good raider can clear that out no issue. It also makes getting the 100 defenses incredibly difficult and tedious. Then there's of course getting the KC to kit out your various characters in general and pay for higher tier characters, and the decal pool has gotten bigger and bigger with decals becoming a bit harder to get. I've tried to get back into it multiple times just to try and get the trophies but the grind is just way too much, especially if you're an older player with nothing put into things like Longswords or KAMAS. I don't even have any armor upgraded because I used Fun Fungus off of drops in 31+ due to not wanting to deal with the grind for each armor piece. It was already bad enough at launch but the hill to actually do anything feels insurmountable by this point and no matter where you look there's dozens of hours of grind ahead of you just to get past the 40s.