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  1. I'm very sorry, I gave you links to the challenge mode of shogi, the puzzle shogi video is here:
  2. 1 to 10, pretty sure these are meant to be guides.
  3. You have to do three playthroughs regardless as they have "All Spells" and "All Miracles" listed. They also stated in interviews that older major bugs have been patched so no Stockpile Thomas dupes.
  4. You use a bow or magic at the top or second floor and roll through the tongue every two or three hits while staying away from the ledge because Adjudicator breaks certain parts of the platform. The bird takes like 100-150 a hit which is a decent chunk off of NG Adjudicator's bar. As long as they left the shortcut in 4-1 you can just make a new Royalty character and run through 1-1 in like ten minutes, go back to the Nexus, get to 4-1, take the shortcut, and kill him. Even if you make mistakes you can just grind on a couple skeletons for souls to buy Fresh Spice from the blacksmith and have some more goes at it. Ah crap, you're right. Yeah, he gives Foe's Ring for Yuria and she's the only source of it.
  5. At least there's no Bladestone, Darkmoonstone, or Moonstone grinding required I guess and no reason to go with Mephistopheles.
  6. I doubt it. The only thing that has used save data to get into the system was the PSP. Everything else is either browser or update exploits. Nintendo is typically the one that gets hit with save data exploits while Sony is everything else under the sun.
  7. I only buy PS+ for one month when I'm in the mood for multiplayer which is rare to never. I primarily play singleplayer games and most of what PS+ gives out I already own as well, plus I don't really "own" my PS+ games either. It's the same deal with XBL, I don't really pay for it unless it's $1 or I want to play multiplayer which is almost never so it's a complete waste of money. What kind of logic is this? "You don't play online so you clearly don't play games on your PS4"? That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. Singleplayer games take dozens of hours to complete and people would like to keep their save files safe after all the effort and time they put into them even if they're most likely never going to retread that save again. Why should you be forced to pay someone else money just to back them up when you've had a local solution for two gens now? Even the handheld systems allowed you to backup data locally albeit the Vita requiring Content Manager to do it. Microsoft was also doing this during this gen, you can't back up any of your Xbone save files to a USB at all, they are automatically backed up to the cloud but you don't need to pay for that backup. Problem is that it auto-downloads saves from the cloud as well so savescumming requires a lot of finagling with offline mode to even work on their end. On Sony's side it looks like we still have to manually back it up like on PS3 and PS4 unless you have auto-backup enabled. You also had to pay on the Xbox 360 to backup any save files to the cloud but you could back them up locally, however locally backed up save files would not work on the Xbone itself, they had to be uploaded directly from the Xbox 360. Using save files from the Xbone on the Xbox 360 (So, backwards compatible ones) required you to pay for Gold as well. I'd argue this issue might be because PS5 doesn't have that patch that enables external SSDs to work yet. I wouldn't doubt Sony would do this and I'm not holding my breath on a patch fixing that, but I'd throw that into the air at least as a possibility. It's really scummy they're doing this after letting you back up your saves locally for years.
  8. Not everyone hops on just because of a bandwagon and buys it to have some future rare trophy/achievement in their catalog. I've had both SoM and SoW sitting around on my shelf for years because I haven't really wanted to play them just yet since so many other games have been coming out that I'm much more excited to play so they sort of just flow to the wayside. It's just that now if I want 100% on them I gotta get off my butt and play them.
  9. They've been doing Asian English releases since Climax Fighters so it's at least selling which is nice. It's a shame we don't get English Premium Sound editions but I can understand why. At least you can import the Japanese Premium Sound Edition on Switch this time and it should be in English based on the eShop listing. Based on the gameplay footage we've seen I wouldn't get my hopes up. It'll probably be better than Climax Fighters and Climax Scramble but probably not better than that. It doesn't look like it'll even reach the heights of All Kamen Rider Generation, Battride War, Super Climax Heroes, SNES, or Seigi no Keifu. If anything it'll be the foundation for a properly good sequel rather than a good game on its own. Enemies look very passive, movement looks clunkier than indie games attempting the same sort of combat, Riders have better movesets than in Battride War but it seems like it's really easy to get high combos, enemies did nothing in the footage we saw unless they were wielding guns, SSS requirements look laughably easy as the footage of W in the parking lot had him taking like eight hits and only making a 10 or 20 combo on two enemies and he still got it, and enemies all look like damage sponges with super armor if they're bigger than regular mooks. I'm expecting "good" is as high as it will get and that's fine as long as the sequel pulls a Battride War 2 or a Super Climax Heroes and refines everything. Shame it wasn't W/OOO/Fourze though and also a shame it only has Sougo's actor as the returning VA when Shu and Renn returned multiple times to reprise OOO and W in games.
  10. I just had the displeasure of using the new site. This is genuinely worse than Youtube's random overhauls and outside of it looking more modern and not having to confirm a purchase on free items it's objectively worse in almost every single way. Wishlist is gone so enjoy trying to remember things you wishlisted months or even years ago and either didn't have the money or didn't want to buy at the time. You can't sort anymore period. Because you can't sort it means you can't see what free content was added to the store that week. You also can't sort by price when it comes to discounts. Searching for something doesn't give you the title at all, just the price and the image of the item. Just look at how terrible the front page looks like, it's awful. You literally have to scroll down past an enormous banner for the game they're advertising and then another four to six massive boxes just to get to the small "New Games" section, and then past the enormous Playstation Now banner to get to "Coming Soon" and these enormous boxes for other selections. You can't buy Vita, PSP, or PS3 content despite being able to just a couple days ago and using PS3 links doesn't even 404 you, it just hangs on a blank screen. The PSP store doesn't even work on the PSP itself since 2016 so enjoy. Also enjoy using your download list on the Vita since it's utter cancer and you can only push one download at a time with each download sending you back to the top of your download list. The Vita list also isn't filtered like the PSP's was once upon a time to just show Vita downloads. Your download list only covers GAMES, not the DLC you bought for said games, and you can't push DLC to your system at all without directly searching the DLC. It has to be done from the system itself despite this function working just fine for YEARS. Your download list also only covers PS4 and PS5 games, nothing else. Even PS4 games which have DLC don't show DLC on their MAIN GAME PAGE. Yakuza 6 has like eight or nine DLC packs that don't even show here. Game listings are done horribly as you have this giant banner of the game taking up the whole screen and in order to see anything you have to scroll a full screen down just to get a description of the item, the price, and the features. The features right below the banner are just what would be on the back of the box, not the nitty gritty. Features are missing from the pages as well like file sizes. It has to reload any page you click on at least once because apparently it can't keep track if you're logged in or not. There is so much wasted space in general between all the listings and none of it looks neat, and you have enormous boxes everywhere that push all the other content away. I am impressed at how borderline unusable the site is now when it was perfectly fine (If a bit slow and clunky) before. Edit: I just decided to click on the "Add-ons" tab to see what, if anything, may have been new. Turns out you can't even see anything more than the twelve recommended games they have listed and that's it. You have to manually search your game and potentially know the name of the add-ons specifically in order for them to even show up. Unbelievable.
  11. They've made the grind easier to an extent because there are days during the week where you have guaranteed metal vendors but you still need to grind out the KC from Haters to afford those and you still need to spend hours doing it to upgrade things. Mushrooms were nerfed into the ground significantly from launch. Fun Fungus is almost impossible to find and the few times I checked back and ran around 31F+ I never saw any but they kept giving them out for events. The OG versions of mushrooms like Stingshrooms are also incredibly rare. They've been giving out some fairly good equips but again, you still need to spend the hours grinding metal to upgrade them. Defenses and raids are a lot harder because of the various events that have happened. RPG Defenders seemed to be common enough, otherwise you had high tier equips on basically everyone even at the 5* level which made it almost impossible. Defenses are a bit easier due to the newly added monster system to help you out but a good raider can clear that out no issue. It also makes getting the 100 defenses incredibly difficult and tedious. Then there's of course getting the KC to kit out your various characters in general and pay for higher tier characters, and the decal pool has gotten bigger and bigger with decals becoming a bit harder to get. I've tried to get back into it multiple times just to try and get the trophies but the grind is just way too much, especially if you're an older player with nothing put into things like Longswords or KAMAS. I don't even have any armor upgraded because I used Fun Fungus off of drops in 31+ due to not wanting to deal with the grind for each armor piece. It was already bad enough at launch but the hill to actually do anything feels insurmountable by this point and no matter where you look there's dozens of hours of grind ahead of you just to get past the 40s.
  12. No, absolutely not. It's not even close. For me JFO was far more fun and had way better areas and much more enjoyable combat if only due to the Force powers. In Code Vein I constantly feel like I'm underpowered even with supposedly the second best weapon in the game, materials to upgrade items feel like they're Titanite Slab levels of rare until you're deep into the area where it would have helped you to begin with at which point they drop at Titanite Shard levels, enemies have constant super armor which happens randomly when you hit them so sometimes they stagger and most of the time they don't, there's so many encounters where the game pumps several enemies your way or even some areas where you'll walk in and suddenly you get waves of three medium or high tier enemies thrown at you multiple times, and bosses love pulling out one-shot attacks out of nowhere. There's a boss a bit after Anor Londo that does these dash attacks that he pulls out almost immediately as he turns and if you're hit by them they do around 1800 damage. A lot of the time when I'm fighting these bosses even with the AI I feel like I'm playing the NG+ modes of Nioh with how ridiculous the bosses get in their damage and how little downtime they provide to hit them. I only have around 1800 HP and my Regeneration +4 only heals around 700 HP (Of which I have only five of). Anor Londo is also the major low point of the game, it's easily a place where I think most people would drop the game just from the level design alone and it goes on for what feels like hours. The areas after have been better though and feel more on par with the first third of the game's areas. If you want a comparison to a clone then it's definitely better than Lords of the Fallen. I'd put it on the same level as Remnant: From the Ashes if you've played that. I get a lot of the same vibes from the areas and enemies (Both design and attacks) but worse than something like Nioh or JFO.
  13. They didn't change anything from the PS3 release in terms of gameplay outside of adding back all the minigames they cut. It's the same difficulty as 3 but with more minigames to deal with. Expert AI is still the same for darts and pool, golf wasn't made easier, etc. 3's already considered one of the hardest from the minigame aspect because the AI is completely unforgiving and unless you're hitting triple 20s in darts you're not going to beat it a lot of the time while in pool unless you're able to accurately pocket balls every single time you can move they can just clear the board on a single turn. There's a couple missable substories, moreso because they added over 20 or so substories back. There's one where you have to deal with the suicidal guy I think in chapter 6, and then there's another one later on in chapter 8 I think. This is ignoring the three from the western PS3 release.
  14. No and there's several reasons why. 3 Remastered just came out and Japan had to pay full price for it. If Kiwami 3 was going to happen it would have happened when they were in the process of remastering 3. They already felt like it was acceptable enough to simply remaster instead of make a Kiwami. it also does not have remotely as many issues as Kenzan does, not even close. It took close to a decade for 1 and 2 HD to happen after 1 and 2 came out on PS2. There is no reason they would bother with a Kiwami 3 when a remaster literally just came out within the past year, even less than that in the west. It still took two or three years for Kiwami and another year after that for Kiwami 2 to happen after the HD rerelease, and they specifically said 1 and 2 were quite dated which is why they got Kiwamis. 3's only "major issue" is the minor combat issues carried over from Kenzan. It functionally handles more or less what modern titles play as anyway and they even made it so you can 100% the game in Premium Adventure instead of substories being missable like in the original PS3 release. Kenzan Kiwami was already mentioned as something they wanted to do in an interview ( When it comes to Kenzan there are many issues with missable Heat actions, missable substories, a missable Amon fight, locking you out of Amon if you make a single mistake in a substory, and locking you out of Gion in the final chapter for no real reason outside of "The story said Musashi is going somewhere so Musashi wouldn't go back to Gion, duh". The combat also has issues with enemies ignoring your iframes like the sumo wrestlers, enemies block after every two or three attacks which leads to rough battles, two of the styles are effectively unusable, and enemies stab at you which guarantees you to fall to the ground for about five seconds or longer. They already stated they want to try to fit Ishin into the release schedule somewhere but are facing oversaturation issues especially since they now have Judgment games to localize if more will be made and 7 is coming out soon ( Kiwami 3 is not something that needs to happen any time soon, Kenzan Kiwami would be a far more appropriate idea as would localizing Ishin.
  15. I was wondering why I all of a sudden got a golden name. Thank you very very much, I greatly appreciate the generosity I just didn't know who to thank. If you want some background for my various guides the Ishin guide was something I was doing as I was playing the game myself and took about two or so weeks to fully write out in between doing the things I was writing about. I also spent my entire first playthrough meticulously watching the bosses. I was immensely grateful that KHHSubs had such good guides himself and without him and Salty Yen I don't think I could have finished the game with the enjoyment that I did, but he basically just gave you the general gist of things and told you to go do stuff. I was finding it hard to find any English information outside of his guide and was basically just running around like a headless chicken at times. This was an issue for some minigames or how to actually get to the weapons you needed and I had to constantly switch over to Japanese guides to get the proper information I was looking for. His weapon, armor, and materials section was also more confusing than it should have been which led to me making all those diagrams for the weapons themselves to make them visually more understandable. Some of the stuff I included were also methods I figured out myself, the Dharma farming method for example was something I had to figure out for myself and I had to share that to save people time, same deal with things like the best way to do minigames since nothing I saw was really that helpful most of the time. Yakuza 1 and 2 were because I saw no complete guides at all for the PS3 trophies specifically and I wanted to save people time who were going to attempt doing the playthroughs. There was an incomplete trophy guide but it only helped to get a basis, and no one explained the missables or anything else you had to look out for. They were my first playthroughs of the games as well outside of a couple hours of the PS2 version of 1 a couple years back which prompted me to actually buy the compilation in the first place (Which is why I knew of the missable issue). It's also why those two guides are such a mess of formatting and information in my opinion. There were obviously guides and video walkthroughs to do said things, GoggleBoxFairy (@AD_1983) and his videos were nothing short of a godsend for me to actually make them possible as were The_Patrick's and HeeroXXXG-01W 's guides on GameFAQs. So many things are missable, you have to be really careful, and there's lots of little things you have to know about to do things reliably and optimally so I wanted to make it crystal clear how to follow things. It also works if you're just going for a 100% run normally, I find myself turning back to my own guides while replaying 1 just so I don't miss stuff. Fist of the North Star was also something I did as I played but I already was prepared for the grind and stuff I had to highlight and explain since I was looking at the Japanese guides when Hokuto ga Gotoku released months prior. There's so much with the minigames and Destiny Talismans in that game that had to be explained, the minigames are somewhat difficult, the amount of items you have to gather and the most efficient ways to do so were never explained by anyone so I had to wing all that, etc. The materials were especially a pain since Japanese guides were incredibly vague on how you find pretty much any of them in any reasonable quantities. Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters was just because I felt like doing a simpler one and the game itself wasn't that involved. Don't buy that game or Climax Scramble, they're awful. Buy the Battride Wars instead. I wish I had it in me to do guides for the Battride War games as I was playing them but Yakuza 1 was really what pushed me to start doing them and I forgot a lot of what went into those games or the tricks I did for some trophies so I held out on doing them. I'm looking at maybe doing Yakuza 7 though I haven't decided yet since it's probably going to take weeks or more to beat it let alone explain a lot of stuff and then there's the New Game Plus DLC that has to come out a couple months after release that would need to be done as well. I think I might just stick to Japanese or Asian games when it comes to guides though since finding English guides for those is typically the equivalent of pulling teeth or they're barebones and the more people that can get help the better. Super Hero Generation is another one I've been thinking of doing but that's so text-heavy and it's an SRPG to boot so you need to know stats so I'm mulling it over. Personally I am simply happy that people are getting help from the guides, they do take a lot of time but if even one person is helped by it then it's done its job and I'm satisfied.
  16. Expert is fair for the main story, you just have to make sure you're about in the 40s for anything past Goldpaw and past 55 when you're heading to Broadleaf. Once you get past Broadleaf 60 is basically all you need to be to do the rest of it. I had no problems with it for 48/50 of the tainted monsters on this playthrough which is my first and only one. The drops are plentiful (Even more if you get the Arts of War increases for equipment and treasure chest modifiers on equips), stocking up Roland or Evan is so easy because swords drop basically nonstop, and outside of a couple enemies things are pretty fair the fights just take a while. Your issue with Expert will pop up with the one tainted poison mushroom that has Oliver's outfit and that absurd tainted dragon that's level 69. Even into the late 80s I was dying in a single hit and dealing essentially no damage with every hit. I use Roland primarily so I use the slash that drops defense and even with that I was dealing nothing to those bosses. The mushroom literally recovers 80% of its health when it burrows and you have to luck out into not only finding the right stalk but smashing it with enough damage to break it in the fifteen or so seconds you have. There's also the problem with its awful mushroom adds that do well over 1600 damage a hit, are damage sponges, and chase you down. The dragon on the other hand will, without notice, spin around and slap you with its tail for an OHKO and depending on the character it may or may not miss. Tani can avoid it if you're hugging the body, Evan doesn't seem to be able to, and Roland randomly can if he's directly in the center of the front or back of the body. Once you get it down to about 70% health left it will suddenly buff itself for the next four or so minutes with electricity that spans basically the entire map and one-shots you with enormously long hitbox times even if you have level 3 evade. Pair this up with the fact it can instantly send out attacks and you're in for a world of hurt. I had to drop it to Hard for those two fights but at that point I didn't feel like I was losing my mind and it was a lot fairer. You could probably do it if you were in the level 100 range but there's no real reasonable way to grind to that without Horraura. Expert on the Tainted Monsters added after the first 50 is all over the place. I decided to give Horroura (Level 79) a go at level 130 on Expert. It took well over ten minutes straight of attacks with debuffs, buffs to myself, knights constantly knocking her down, her constantly being poisoned, and relatively decent equips. But even though I was such a high level and taking only about 300 damage a hit my melee hits were only dealing roughly 800 a hit which wasn't even ticks off her health until about 8ish hits in. On the other hand Lymina (Level 71) with the same conditions died in like ten seconds and Elkwhisker (Level 83) took about three minutes at most with most of the fight being chasing him down. For Higgledies I'd recommend using the three Higgledies that have Higgledy Sirrah which are all neutral ones paired up with a "Me Too! Me Too!". They are invaluable on Expert for getting the aggro taken off of you, dealing respectable damage, and they can trigger a knockdown on every single hit they have which is unbelievably good for getting in damage on the sponges that are bosses. They're also invincible, as far as I can tell can't be knocked down, and they're on a timer so you can essentially have up to five of these things on the field in addition to your party members. The Higglidies' passives that use the knights will also debuff the enemy defense and attack which is even better. I would recommend you spend time grinding out Horraura if you are going to be continuing on Expert for the DLC and Faraway Forest. 120 should be acceptable, anything more than that is up to you. The DLC content is absolutely going to require you to be higher level just to survive it, and your only decent way of getting EXP is those amazing fairy spawns Horraura gives you since even into the 100s you only need like six or seven to level and you kill them in two Evenstar casts on Normal. As far as I know the only other reasonable method for getting EXP is doing runs of the Labyrinth when you're past 120. Faraway Forest Edit: If you are playing on Expert with the DLC you have to clear floor 40 to get the floor 30 clear trophy and I believe this also applies to Hard. Floors 31 to 40 are in the 105ish range at danger level 1, 120 to 128 in danger level 5. Blackheart the Winnower at danger level 1 is level 110 and 130 at level 5. I went into the fight at danger level 1 with my party members at 133 and I was taking 900-1600 damage a hit. I was dealing around 800 damage a hit using the 570+ attack weapons I found on floors 31 to 40 and the fight even 23 levels higher than the boss took about eight minutes or so. I'd recommend you clear floor 30, go into 31, clear that, then find the door on 32 and warp out to research the Faraway Forest stuff at the Multi-Dimension Lab as it will allow you to warp straight to 21. One more thing to note is that floors 35-40 do not seem to have a statue at all in the two runs I did to 40 so keep that in mind. The Zeta fight to get the weapons for Blackheart is actually harder than Blackheart in my opinion and she's just as tanky as Horraura for no real reason. Lair of the Lost Lord Edit: If you own this DLC I would highly recommend you progress it as soon as you reach roughly level 60 or 70 at least up until floor 23. Had I known this my late-endgame phase would have been far less stressful and I think it would have made the two tainted monsters I had trouble with not that bad in hindsight. Clearing 23 means you learn of the barrier the monsters of the DLC gets and has you go on a quest to Ding Dong Dell. If you do this quest it will unlock the Martial Methods tab for your equipment and this changes up things drastically. Everyone has Classic Style initially and the quest also unlocks Ding Dong Discipline. This thing essentially acts as a Witch Time if you played Bayonetta which allows you to attack for up to 4 square strings plus a triangle while time is slowed down (Or more with upgrades), and even with only 5 points the damage and time spent in slowdown can be buffed already. If you have Arts of War and stick evade to level 3 it gets even more ridiculous because you can completely mistime everything and it will still count as a perfect dodge. When you're in the slowed down time you are also completely invincible to any hits that come your way even if they hit you, and projectiles dissipate on contact. To top it off, since there's no danger gauge everything is relatively low level up until the 40s and they give you incredibly easy bonuses for orbs meaning you can roll the chests every 10 floors for 500 orbs for a chance at Nascaan weapons. It's highly worth it. Be warned that the floor 100 boss is absurd on Expert. Despite him being level 110 or 120 I barely beat him with everyone in the 140s while wearing Nascaan equips on everyone (Roland has 1603 attack as an example and 1506 physical/1311 magic defense). The boss was dealing roughly 3100 to 3600 a slash, the orbs would do 600 per hit and there's about 15 of them, and the adds are constantly spawning so it's rough to kill them with the boss attacking you. The only reason I won was because of Ding Dong Discipline; I abused the iframes and high damage from the Power Strikes to win. Tale of a Timeless Tome Edit: You're fine when it comes to the main story with the Memory Lanes, just expect the final boss to wipe you instantly if you get hit and he has some pretty mean attacks though he's not that bad. For the Solosseum drop it to Normal and forget you ever heard of the Expert difficulty. There is no reason to subject yourself to that nonsense. Even on Normal several fights take minutes at a time of nonstop Wizard's Companion casting with over 2000 magic attack to kill, and into the mid 20s you're fighting stuff 150-167 already. Don't bother with Expert or even Hard because the Normal fights are already on par with Expert at that point.
  17. You can make the time without having to deal with any Mules, BTs, rocky terrain, or going on foot as long as you just have the roads built and have a specific bridge made but I'm not 100% sure if the bridge itself is needed. Once you start the mission immediately get yourself on the road. Drive until you reach Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. Now, take the road for three more segments of road (I denote this by the gray lines separating two sets of road) and you should reach a sign that says going up will take you to South Knot City. If you turn immediately to your right there should be a stream there with a bunch of rocks and potentially a bridge since it seems like a commonly-traveled area. If there's no bridge on the right there then make one taking you across the small stream though I think you can just drive over it if there isn't one. Then it's a simple matter of following the dirt road up the hill and once you pass the two rocks tight together you just go a bit left and all the way up. As long as you are boosting you will always go up the hill without any hitches, you just need to maneuver around a couple rocks and through some hilly bits of the hill. Doing it this way nets you (In my case) 1570 likes, I just did a second run to make sure what the likes were since I got it several days back. If you want an idea of where the bridge is here's some screenshots: Incidentally this road is also the best way to get up to Weather Station and Timefall Farm barring some weird setup with ziplines but that would mean not being able to carry as much cargo. It's safe from BTs, quick, you can drive mostly straight up, and when you want to drive down there's even a worn down path you can take to lead you right back to where you came up without worry. It has some Timefall on the road leading to the area and about halfway up the mountain, but besides that I haven't had an issue at all using it, it's even easier to clear with a bike.
  18. One thing I'd like to mention is that if you're having trouble with time trials you really have to lay off L2 when taking turns and also make sure you never drift, drifting is almost always a bad thing. There's a couple time trials in the Bikes DLCs with cars that I had a rough time with and watching the ghosts you'd see they were never hitching as if they were pressing L2 or O, they were mainly letting off of R2 and using the grass to slow them down before holding R2 again to take turns, and they were taking turns far earlier than you'd think. There's one gold trophy that required something like 28.350 if I remember right as the lap time and that was utterly ridiculous until I caught onto how early they were turning and how they were never pressing L2 to keep the speed up. Another thing to keep in mind is that ghosts tend to be starting from lap 2+ at full speed. You can get the gold time without being in lap 2, but that's usually why they're far faster than you are even from a start. Even the dev times do this which is why it's usually hard to catch up at the start. I know it's annoying but when it comes to golds if you're really having trouble with all the requirements just do some at first. The ones in Bikes and a couple of the later ones do the double requirements thing and it's an absolute pain. Bikes also has this 15+ minute long race on that desert track and getting into first is a requirement. I can't tell you how many resets that took, it was ridiculous because everyone was miles ahead of me for like five laps. I'd argue most of the issues come from some of the dev times, the clean laps, and the rubberbanding. The rubberbanding is mostly what drove me nuts, unless you get 3+ seconds ahead of someone they will magically speed up to you out of nowhere even though they weren't drafting anyone and will only go away if you purposely attempt to block their overtake. Otherwise the vast majority I'd say are doable after only a couple of tries, patience and repetition is really what they're asking of you and enough attempts at the course will get you at least one or two requirements. The time trials are the real killer, races and championships are fun, the drift missions are fun, and the most fun were those Bikes ones where you had to do wheelies, stoppies, and speed.
  19. When it comes to the Japanese games I've got writeups on how to play every game in my Ishin guide. Just ctrl+F your game in this list for my full tutorials on them since there's a lot to explain. Mahjong looks complicated but it's pretty simple, there's just rules that penalize you if you steal tiles from other players when they discard them. You can either check out my Ishin guide for my own writeup on mahjong, or you can check out the more in-depth one for Yakuza 0. It's somewhat like gin rummy if you have ever played that card game. You never have to learn shogi ever for any of the games. All the moves in 2 for the story are predetermined and you can just pay your way out of it anyway. For the completion list you can always just go to a shogi player, choose challenge 1, Youtube your game + shogi challenge 1 and get a video detailing the exact moves then just do that a bunch of times. If you for some reason want to do something like beat Esper Itou in Dead Souls (Which isn't required for anything but your own satisfaction) or you want to rise the ranks there's a program called Shogidokoro that is a client to play against an AI. Just download the SpearShogi AI (Which is a grandmaster tier AI) and have that AI play against the game AI and it will always win. I have never learned this game so I never bothered to learn it and never plan to. Koi-koi will obviously be the most confusing game to play, it's got a bunch of rules for hands but once you learn what makes special hands it gets to be super simple. Cee-lo is just rolling dice and either getting special rolls or your roll is based on the outlying number when you roll a double. OIcho-kabu plays like baccarat, so you want to reach as close to 9 as possible to beat the dealer or the players. If a dealer equals your hand the dealer wins instead of you drawing. Cho-han is just you guessing if the dice will be evens or odds and then once you guess correctly enough you can start guessing the exact number(s) of the dice or even the distance between the numbers on the dice. Oh, and to answer your question to how I learned them, the answer is simple. I just kept replaying them over and over while looking up the rules on Wikipedia until things started to click. Koi-koi took me like ten games to understand what constituted a special hand and what to keep or discard on top of how the AI plays, Cee-lo, Oicho-kabu, and Cho-han are so easy to pick up there's no issues with them since the most they have is a couple special rolls and you learn them very quickly. Mahjong took me longer because I had to be told how yaku work and not to steal stuff, but once I learned those I started looking at the simpler hands (Full Straight, All Doubles, no 1 or 9 tiles, wind/double wind, table wind, dragon tiles, Full Color Straight, Identical Sequences, No-Point Hand) and once you learn those simpler hands you will notice your wins start accumulating way more because you now know how to turn your mess of a hand into a winning one and what way you should go with it. Still kind of lost on how ura-dora works, but overall I really enjoy mahjong now.
  20. Despite Kiwami being a remake of 1 it adds a bunch of new scenes for Nishiki since he was horribly underdeveloped in 1, references, and substories which tie back to 0 and follow it. Kiwami is specifically expecting you to have played 0 because it builds upon gameplay mechanics, characters, and setups introduced in 0. You can play Kiwami first if you want to, but I'd wholly recommend starting with 0 if you're going to go that route assuming you don't want to touch the PS2 version of 1.
  21. Ryu ga Gotoku (龍が如く) or "Like a Dragon" is the series name in Japan, the series barely has anything to do with Yakuza themselves, it revolves around an ex-Yakuza member and his friends but Sega wanted a name to try and catch the western market when they were localizing 1 so they chose Yakuza mostly for marketing purposes. The release order of the games is: 1 --> 2 --> Kenzan --> 3 --> 4 --> Black Panther --> Dead Souls --> Black Panther 2 --> 5 --> Ishin --> 0 --> Kiwami 1 --> 6 --> Kiwami 2 --> Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise --> Judgment --> 7 Most people nowadays play it like this: 0 --> Kiwami 1 --> Kiwami 2 --> 3 HD --> 4 HD --> 5 HD --> 6 --> Judgment --> 7 Choose however you want to play, just remember that if you choose the latter order you're going all over the place in terms of gameplay polish and the engines will change constantly while the release order is obviously how it was originally done so they learned as they went. The Black Panther games aren't mandatory in any way and they play entirely differently, but the other side games show you how the series evolved (Tons of stuff that Kenzan does are improved in 3 and it references it constantly) and they're referenced tons of times in the series. Kenzan (PS3) and Ishin (PS3 and PS4) are Edo and Meiji era samurai spinoffs respectively. They play like the main games just with weapons as your primary attacking method instead of bare-handed though the games do have unarmed styles. These are both Japanese only, KHHSubs did guides for both games if you want to play through them, though you have to go to his Youtube channel if you want cutscene translations for Ishin. Kenzan has a translation patch in the works but it's all over the place in terms of development right now and would require you to emulate the game or hack your PS3 to play the patch at all even when it does come out. Kenzan has no trophies, Ishin has a full trophy list. There's some talk from the RGG team of a potential Kenzan Kiwami, but right now there's nothing on the table. You will have to rely on Japanese guides if you want to 100% Kenzan though, warning you right now, the one on GameFAQs isn't enough and very confusing. Black Panther 1 and 2 (Kurohyou 1 and 2) are on the PSP and are by the guys who made the Def Jam games. They play like the Def Jam games as well just with Yakuza spins, it revolves around a character named Tatsuya and his adventures. It features Akiyama and Hana from Yakuza 4 along with some references to Kiryu, but otherwise it's its own self-contained thing. Again, this is Japanese only, there's been a translation patch in the works for BP1 for years but that's been stalled because they simply don't have the volunteers. Both games are pretty fun. There was also a TV drama made from these games but the subs for them are crabsticks since they're Japanese into Chinese into English bootlegs, they're a pain in the butt to find, and none of the story is the same as the games. Even from the first episode Tatsuya's character is nothing like it is in the game and the events of why he got pulled into the Dragon Heat are done incorrectly. Dead Souls (PS3) is a shooter spinoff that was the testing bed for Binary Domain. It's plagued by a lot of technical problems (Bad framerate, some really annoying controls if you're used to TPS games, and lots of meandering to get places) but it's alright. If you are going to play it do so after 4. Judgment (PS4) is a new series based in the same universe and town. It's a direct sequel to 6 but doesn't feature any main characters from Yakuza, just some small references and areas, it's mostly standalone. The Kiwami games are remakes of 1 and 2 which were on the PS2. Kiwami 1 runs on the same engine as 5, Ishin, 0, and Fist of the North Star so it plays like those. It takes place after 0 and features more Nishiki cutscenes, more minigames (Compared to 1), lots of quality of life improvements, nothing is missable in the game (1 has several substories and locker keys you can miss permanently), and new substories on top of consolidating some substories. Kiwami 2 runs on the same engine as 6, Kiwami 2, Judgment, and 7 which is the latest engine and plays noticeably different to the rest. It has physics, it has a bunch of quality of life changes, you can climb over a lot of stuff, battles are instant in the world and can be taken all over, etc. Kiwami 2 consolidates substories, replaces the Marietta and hostesses with Four Shine and Majima Construction stories, makes it so nothing is missable (2 could permanently lock you out of the secret boss for the entire save if you made a mistake in any substory and saved), adds a bunch of new substories, there's a new short story campaign called Majima Saga that explains some things and closes plotlines 0 started because they weren't part of the later games, they removed a side area called Shinseicho completely and tweaked everything that took place there to take place in Sotenbori, and Sotenbori is changed up a bit compared to what it originally was. The versions of Yakuza 1 and 2 HD you see are Japan exclusive, it was released on PS3 and Wii U roughly around when 5 came out in Japan. They're still 30 FPS as far as I remember but they have Hard difficulty, load times are way shorter compared to the PS2 versions, you have checkmarks in Yakuza 1 when you buy stuff at restaurants, and Yakuza 2 has item icons in stores. They're basically the definitive version of the PS2 games but they were never released in English and only in Japanese. Both games do have trophy lists. Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 are currently being localized on PS4 as "The Remastered Collection". 3 HD and 4 HD have been released in English already, 5 HD is in January I think, if you want the games physically they're doing a small production run of 3 through 5 HD in one package once 5 HD releases digitally. 3 HD is the definitive version in the west so ignore the PS3 version, there's no reason to play that version unless you know Japanese (Because the Japanese version of 3 on PS3 has no cut content like 3 HD or cut content, censorship, and a bad localization like western 3 on PS3 does). 4 HD replaced a main character's actor and model because of a bunch of drama surrounding his actor, some hostesses were changed because they didn't get their licenses back so they just threw some of the ones from 3 HD to replace them, and they censored one of Akiyama's funniest lines for no reason when it's not even remotely offensive when you play the game for more than five minutes and realize he cares for Hana deeply and is just joking around with her, but other than that it's fine. I haven't read anything about 5 HD having any changes that I can recall, I think some hostesses got changed again but that would be about it. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is the RGG team's take on the Fist of the North Star universe. It runs on the same engine as 5, Ishin, 0, and Kiwami 1, it does feature two characters from the Yakuza series and has a Kiryu skin, but otherwise it's its own thing. Do not play these games in a row, there is a lot that's reused and they're very long games with the shortest one being like 60 hours to 100% (6) and the longest one being 200-300 hours to 100% (5). On average you're looking at 100-120 hours per game if you want 100% and the Platinum as they all require close to 100% or 100%. One thing to keep in mind is that the games reference previous games constantly, so for example Ishin gets referenced a ridiculous amount of times in 0, Dead Souls is always referenced in some way (Judgment even has a minigame with it), and Kenzan is heavily referenced in 3 because it came right after it.
  22. It's entirely RNG, everything I found online regarding how he spawns was tied to having no food and no one surviving besides you at the end. Whether or not he appears is just dumb luck even if you meet those requirements.
  23. This is more for the people who are trying to get this with the AI partners in a simple and easy way on the offline version of Comrades. I was seeing if I could get this through regular play but after nothing from almost 30 hours of play I had to figure out a method that worked alright to get it in a reasonable amount of time. Make sure that you have weapons that are good enough to clear mid to endgame content so that you don't have to worry about dying and you can easily pick off any monster. Create a new Avatar, the stats don't matter, just make sure you equip everything like you would your main. Pick the mission "Double Deadeyes" and make sure you don't pick anything up at the camp, just start the mission. Immediately begin by taking out the two Deadeyes wandering around, then the Havocfangs that spawn. When the Behemoth spawns with its Havocfangs you want to take out all of the Havocfangs to make this easier for you later on. Make sure you whittle the Behemoth's health down to roughly 50%, you can go a bit more if you want but don't go past 25%. After everything but the Behemoth is dead look to the right side of the arena (From where you started the map) and you should see a silver utility pole that you can point warp to. Do so. As long as you stay up on the pole (Meaning don't touch your controller) nothing can hit you even though the Behemoth looks like he can. The Havocfangs can confuse you but you won't get knocked off so don't worry about that if you did happen to miss one. Now you want to wait for your AI partners to die twice, once from them eating their food and once after that. This is to prevent the AI from picking up any of the food that's littered around the map and preventing any stray survivors picking something up if they manage to survive in a dead state near the end of the round. This will take roughly 5-10 minutes easily, they will keep curing each other over and over and the AI on bosses is both slow and whiffs a lot but if you have enough patience eventually the Behemoth will take them all out. Remember, make sure they are fully dead, you don't want them injured where they can be cured back to health, they need to have a 0 on their HP bar and no food. Once the Behemoth has killed everyone just warp in and mop up the rest of its HP. If you do get hit and you're near the woods you can run between the trees to confuse the Behemoth's pathing a bit giving you enough time to recover. If your base HP is roughly 1400 you can survive about three hits while injured. Assuming you did everything right you should go into the rewards screen with no items on anyone, however it's still random if you get Monica or Jeffry. If you do not get the correct person and you have done the level twice then delete that avatar and make a new one. The AI starts gaining more health the more you level and you should be at around level 7 the first run through then 9 or 10 the second so it's better to just refresh yourself so they have less HP. It took me about four attempts to actually get him to spawn this way, roughly 40ish minutes (First attempt was even worse and longer because I was trying on the snake which whiffs its attacks even more), but I can confirm it works at the very least. You have to make sure no one is alive, they don't have any items on their bodies (Indicated at the bottom-right), and that you don't have an item on you when you finish the level for the best chance at encountering him.
  24. Use any person that has double circles in the respective shop's requirement and the highest level of that person (Miracle is a tier 5 for example). Miracle works for most shops but you'll need to use people like the Pleasure King on the love locations even if he's one level below. Managers don't matter unless you're using Real Estate over Shakedown for money for some reason, and security isn't needed at all once you own an area completely. You can't speed anything up outside of getting the time buffs from Bob at the shrine. All you can really do is wait around in your office with the thumbstick held down for stuff to finish so you can pay for an upgrade and then wait again until you have your S. Everything but the Media King's should go by pretty quickly, the Media King's areas are going to take several hours of upgrades.
  25. That means nothing. For a person who doesn't understand what a yaku is a Chi, Pon, or Kan can be the difference between a completed hand or frustration. Telling someone to steal tiles is one of the worst things you can do when they're learning mahjong because they not only don't know specific hands at that point but it also opens their hand making it even harder for them to understand why the 14 tiles they have assembled correctly aren't working. Some yaku can't even be done with an open hand like a Pinfu or an Iipeikou which are very basic and staple hands, and if a person thinks a dora or red dora will net them a yaku they'll also be in trouble despite it counting during the point calculation. Yeah, if you know what you're doing then steal what you need when you need it, but no beginner player should be stealing tiles until they understand how yakus work. It's like telling someone playing Koi-koi to discard cards that don't match hoping for the deck to draw them something good when all it does is feed the opponent's junk pile or even net them a win. The only exception to this is closed Kans (Not stolen ones) because if you can make a winning hand with another dora revealed that's in your favor, but that's up to you to decide if you want to risk that or not. Or if it's really early on in the game. You rely almost entirely on a tsumo because no one is ever going to discard what you need and will rework their entire hand to do just that. Heck, an open riichi can end up disrupting the entire game and let you end the match on a draw up to 2000 points richer. With more tiles in the draw pile you at least have a chance to get what you need, and relying on another player's riichi is much harder to work from because you also end up potentially discarding into their hand too. Except it is always worth discarding wind tiles first followed by dragon tiles. Unless you already have a pair the chance of you drawing the third is really low considering the amount of honor tiles available. Using them as a pair isn't something that should be considered regularly either because you can get way better hands from other drawn tiles or at least push yourself into a much better winning hand direction. Getting a working hand is much easier with the worry-free discards and gives you more options to work from. Identical Sequences, Three Color Straights, All Simples, Full Flushes, and so on can be done much easier and gain you many more points than sitting on a pair of honor tiles. People here aren't playing against others in real life and trolling them by getting a 1 han ron while ruining their hand to see a reaction, they're playing against an AI that can reliably read discards and possibly know what you have in your hand at times even without stealing tiles or declaring open riichi. If you can get a double wind like Double East (Since I doubt people are playing full games), that makes sense, or if you are nearing the end of the round and desperately need a yaku and happen to draw some, but otherwise they should be only considered if you already start with something like double North, you're in North, and within five draws you can get a drawn (Not stolen) North. Or if you're close to something like Little Four Winds, Big Four Winds, or All Honors. Dragons are much more reliable to work with, but again, unless you luck out the honor tiles require more work on your end to get a decent hand and lock you out of some decent ones you can make valued more than just their 1 han.