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  1. #30 - DIABLO III: REAPER OF SOULS Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 I have played ALOT of Diablo 3 on my pc. Like atleast 200-300 hours. So when i where able to grab this game at a decent prize, i knew i wanted it to be my plat number 30. I where fortunate enough to have a friend playing with me in the beginning of my/our journey. It really helped alot to grind a Hardcore char to level 70 (we did it in story mode to get rid of that trophy too while at it). Sadly i grinded almost 450 bounties alone in the end to reach the plat. And i have to admit that grind did something bad to the overall enjoyment of this plat. It seems like SUCH alot of grinding on 1 trophy, compared to the rest of the list (sure, 6 chars to 70 can be abit grindy if you don't play seasonal char, but then that's your decision to make the grind hard). The plat is deffently not hard in my oppinion. However, i had played Diablo before. I would deffently recommend the game to anyone who loves these kind of games. The option to Quick Match into open lobbys where nice I mainly played Multishot Demon Hunter and Whirldwind Barbar for the grinding
  2. Currently working on Diablo 3 plat with a homie
  3. As a Dane, who just sad through that whole game, i get where you are comming from. However, the danish players told the journalists afterwards that they did not know the outcome of the Australia vs Peru game until after they where done with their own game (the coaches did know though). I feel like that's a mistake on the coaches part, when the game is 0-0 with like 10-.15 minuts left. But i also honestly believe the Danes where tired in the end, and just wanted to get the result they needed. I somewhat get why they played like they did - afterall, they knew they just needed the 1 point to be sure no matter what. Anf or a team, who haven't gotten to a knockout stage since EM 2004, it matters alot - and deffently alot more than what the viewers/fans thought of the game
  4. #28 - Need For Speed
  5. #27 - Tales From The Borderlands We Had Fun, Didn't We? Complete Tales From The Borderlands Probably the best Telltale Game i have played to date. Loved the story and the characters!
  6. Anyone still playing this? Started yesterday on the PS4 after having played it abit on the pc. I am currently only on Level 54 (since the start always goes slow), but shouldn't take too long before i can ascend my first time, and get rolling from there.
  7. Minecraft: Story Mode One of my favorits so far from Telltale! Easy as all there games are, however there are like 2 trophys you can miss. So guess its not as easy as like TWD - but close Deffently gonna 100% this game when i can find the last 3 chapters for a decent price.
  8. #25 - Energy Cycle Energy CyclePlatinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Not much to say about the game. Used a guide + the exploit. Took like 20 minuts to get the plat
  9. PEGGLE 2 100% Thank the lord for the DLC - would never have gotten the plat. And the DLC is easy also, so getting 100% in this game is simple once you've gotten the plat
  10. #24 - Peggle 2 Platinum Trophy You've unlocked all of the trophies! Probably my hardest plat to achieve so far! (i know - i only have easy plats). Would have been impossible for me to reach the 180 objectives without the DLC for Windy and Jimmy. Just needs the last 4 trials for Windy to 100% this game, so not quite done with the game yet Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 7/10
  11. 23 Rocket League Virtuoso - Unlock All Trophies Man, this game is a blast! Deffently going for the 100%
  12. Rocket League - Far, Far Away Drive a total of 50 KM Took me 80+ KM but finally got it. Just needs to play 1 online match with a friend for Plat!
  13. I guess mine is: FIFA 14 Football Legend Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)
  14. #22 - HITMAN GO: DEFINITIVE EDITION Fun little game. But seems almost impossible to get the plat without a guide. Sadly, because it takes alot of the fun out of this game. And i think this game is actually great if you just sit and enjoy it
  15. AlexJones_Bankai I would choose your Final Fantasy VII